Geepas 2200W Illuminating Electric Kettle | Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off | 1.7L Cordless Jug Kettle with LED Lighting for Hot Water Tea or Coffee | Swivel Base with Auto…


  • BLUE ILLUMINATED LED LIGHT – Sleek and stylish design with clear housing, give you a precise observation with water volume and boiling process, and while the kettle will illuminate blue during heating water – An elegant addition to your kitchen.
  • BPA FREE, CAPACITY 1.7L, SAFETY, DETACHABLE FILETER IN SPOUT – The 1.7L large capacity allows this kettle to serve about 8 cups of water for you and your family each time. The boil-dry protection automatically switches if the water runs out during use. To be able to use the appliance again, fill the water tank with cold water up to the MAX indication. When the kettle has finished boiling it will automatically turn itself off, preventing any damage.
  • AUTO LID OPENING, WATER GAUGE, AUTO SHUT-OFF & BOIL-DRY PROTECTION – Designed with a simple one touch, push button opening lid, enabling you to quickly open with one hand when you want to refill your kettle. Super-sleek body and easy-grip, features easy to read water level markings. Automatic shut off function upon boiling and the boil-dry protection prevents it boiling if there is insufficient water present.
  • 360° ROTATIONAL BASE, CORD STORAGE, PERFECT POUR – To keep the kitchen tidy, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience & the handy 360° base means it can be comfortably used by right & left-handed people. The perfect pour spout allows you to get a streaming flow of water straight into your cup. Say goodbye to splashes and spills on the kitchen worktop.
  • DETACHABLE BASE, ON/OFF SWITCH WITH LIGHT INDICATOR – To keep the kitchen tidy, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away at your convenience. One look at enough to understand what state the kettle is in.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Diamondal

    You put fresh water in and switch it on. The water boils. It’s not a conversation piece. End of story really.

  2. 08

    by Mrs K Rafferty

    This kettle looks really nice and the light is a nice touch, it is also light weight which if you have problems with lifting the fact this kettle is light weight made me think it would be nice to use – I was wrong.
    Now the problems – 1)the lid is very temperamental and at times just won’t open, at other times it can open so quickly you can get splashed, if like me you refill the kettle after each use, you can end up with being splashed with hot water from the rapid opening of the lid.
    2) The kettle is very quiet when in use and does not boil for long resulting in water not quite hot enough for tea, if however you drink coffee then this point would be a plus.
    3) The kettle is made of very thin cheap plastic, when the kettle has very briefly boiled the handle gets hot.
    4) If you have needed to fill the kettle to the maximum level, water escapes from around the lid, so when pouring water you can end up with hot water on you.
    5) Whatever plastic is used is so cheap it actually makes the water taste horrible. I lost count at the amount of mugs of tea I had to throw away because they tasted awful that they were undrinkable. I bought new tea bags, opened another bottle of milk and even bought a water filter so only filtered water was used but it was plastic from the kettle that was changing the taste of the water.
    So this is why the kettle is now in the bin, I was thinking of donating it but there are too many things wrong with it to donate it.
    Now saying all this only means I had a bad experience with this kettle, I am severely disabled and due to the amount of constant severe pain I am in I live on tea, so having a kettle that works safely and how it should work is quite important to me, sadly this kettle failed on many levels but I could have had a faulty kettle, it is a really nice looking kettle and at night the light is bright enough that you do not need to have the kitchen light on.

  3. 08

    by Becky Smith

    I bought this kettle as my old faithful Morphy Richards sprung a leak.
    The new kettle arrived and I always boiled a kettle full of water before using It.
    Let me give you a “Fast Boil” morning.
    As soon as I come downstairs the kettle is full and gets switched on, I prepare the teapot and wash my mug. Kettle, which lights up a lovely blue hasn’t even started making a boiling sound. I wash the dog bowl and feed her. Dog wants to go out I let her in the garden and I smoke a cigarette (kettle still hasn’t made a sound). I take my morning tablets with a full glass of water (lots of tablets). Dog comes back in, I sit and have a look on Facebook and kettle is just starting to bubble. So I’ve managed to do all of this in the time it takes to boil so THERE IS NO FAST BOIL!! My old one could boil at least twice in the time it takes this one to boil once.
    Pros – very light to lift (this surprised me) even when full. When you pour it doesn’t come out of the lid at the same time. When it is lit up blue you know it is on. Mine also came in brown and gold rather than black and silver which didn’t bother me.
    Overall good value for money, but just a little bit of false advertising with the fast boil statement.

  4. 08

    by Ali

    Love the blue light up and that you can see fill lines on both sides of it,
    Not like others, would definitely buy again

  5. 08

    by Raife

    Was really impressed when it arrived, looks the part but unfortunately seems to be quite cheaply made and has given up the ghost after a little over ten weeks. The lights work, however the element appears to have gone which is a little disappointing as it makes quite a strange lamp!

  6. 08

    by mrs lyn hurst

    Bought this kettle as my previous one blew up and tripped all the switches in the fuse box!
    Love it, boils quickly, makes a great coffee and cup of tea and very easy to use and it matches the black bread bin recently bought on Amazon.
    I would highly recommend to new buyers.

  7. 08

    by heico

    At first this kettle seemed great = lightweight, very quiet, and well illuminated. However, the artificial/disinfectant smell did not diminish and flavoured the drinks. Also the release button for the lid did not work any more after couple of days. Had to return the item but received a prompt refund.

  8. 08

    by Angie Thomson

    Needed a new kettle as my previous one had broken.Love this kettle ,easy to use and great colour.

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Geepas 2200W Illuminating Electric Kettle | Boil Dry Protection & Auto Shut Off | 1.7L Cordless Jug Kettle with LED Lighting for Hot Water Tea or Coffee | Swivel Base with Auto...