• Just Dance 2022 (Xbox One/Series X)

    • Need a fun way to exercise? Start your own routine with the Sweat mode and keep yourself motivated by tracking the calories burnt and the time spent dancing
    • monitor and improve your performance with the detailed score recap and compare your score with your friends
    • dancing is better together! Team up with your friends in co-op mode and combine scores to rule the dancefloor!
    • use the quick play button to launch a random playlist tailored to your own taste
    • take part in themed seasonal events with temporary free songs and themed playlists
    • Dance until you drop with just Dance Unlimited! New exclusive songs and just Dance all-time favorite tracks are added throughout the year
    • just Dance will recommend customized content according to your dancing habits and preferences
    • pick the perfect pre-made playlist and discover songs that will soon become your favorites
    • personalize your game experience: Choose your favorite songs among and create your very own playlists!
    • no additional accessories are required! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app
    • just Dance 2022 is not Compatible with any camera on Xbox series x
  • Soul Calibur VI (Xbox One)

    • The legendary weapon-based 3D fighting game returns to its roots
    • State of the art graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4
    • A complete roster of returning characters and Geralt of Rivia
    • An epic story mode of the struggle for the two swords
    • Revamped gameplay mechanics for intense showdowns
    • Dynamic fights enhanced by cinematic-styled combat
    • Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018
  • Microsoft Battlefield 2042 – Xbox One/Xbox Series X USK18

    • A world out of the joints – In 2042, extreme weather conditions and conflicts around resources changed the power ratio of the world forces
    • 128 players: inside at the same time – For the first time in the history of Battlefield, 128 players can experience the whole degree of war inside at the same time. (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 support 64 players: inside. 128 players: inside and large cards are available on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation 5)
    • Wide and dynamic areas – Seven giant cards convey an even stronger feeling for spectacular, large-scale battles following a revised design philosophy
    • A cutting-edge arsenal – let your creativity run wild in battle – with a full arsenal of state-of-the-art weapons, vehicles, jets, helicopters and brand new equipment inspired by the near future of the year 2042
    • Specialists – Choose your role on the battlefield and form tailor-made troops with the new specialist system. Battlefield Hazard Zone – Battlefield Hazard Zone is an intense, troop-based experience that combines an engaging gameplay with the best elements of the Battlefield Sandbox. Battlefield Portal – Discover unexpected battles and explore and the huge universe. to move Battlefield on a community platform that gives you the opportunity to change the rules of the war.
  • Power Rangers: Battle for The Grid – Super Edition (Xbox One/)

    • 23 Rangers & villains across generations: the growing roster includes all characters and skins from the Collector’s Edition, Season One, Season Two, and Season three.
    • story and combat voiceovers are authentically performed by some of the original members of the power Rangers cast.
    • all-new street Fighter Pack: The latest addition to power Rangers: battle for the grid introduces street Fighter characters Ryu as the Crimson Hawk ranger and Chun-Li as the blue Phoenix ranger.
    • 9 arenas across iconic locations: battle in a variety of stages from the multiverse, including zordon’s training room and the Command centers from mighty morphing power Rangers, Lord drakkon’s Throne room from boom! Comics’ Mighty morphing power Rangers, and planet Earth: cenozoic era and Tower from the 2017 power Rangers movie.
    • original story: a reimagining of the shattered grid event: the expansive story is written and narrated by Writer/director Kyle higgins and features original artwork by Eisner award-winning illustrator Dan Mora.
    • in Story mode, players experience a re-imagining of the critically acclaimed shattered grid event from boom! Studios’ Power Rangers comic book series.
    • Cross play & cross-progression across five major gaming platforms: power Rangers: battle for the grid is the first fighting game to enable Cross play among PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, where players across all gaming platforms can battle against each other in ranked, casual, direct or lobby matches.
    • play with your friends locally or online: challenge your friends locally in versus mode or take it online with direct matches or online lobbies
  • Syberia 3 (Xbox One)

    • Incredible story-driven adventure set in a fantastical, steampunk-inspired world
    • A brand-new tale that’ll delight both newcomers and series veterans
    • For the first time ever, explore Benoit Sokal’s poetic universe in 3D
    • Classical point ‘n’ click gameplay lovingly recreated with cutting-edge technology
    • Original score by Inon Zur (Syberia 2, Fallout, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia)
  • Cuphead (Xbox One)

    • Experience the classic run and gun action with a pal in 2-player local co-op
    • Includes the “Delicious Last Course” expansion filled with new bosses and brand-new character Ms. Chalice
    • Includes exclusive “Cuphead Funnies” comic collector cards & vintage-inspired “Cuphead Club Membership”, and a hand-drawn reversible coversheet

    Cuphead (Xbox One)

  • PJ Masks: Heroes of The Night (Xbox One)

    • BE THE HEROES – Play as Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko
    • EXPLORE THE WORLD – Visit 8 familiar PJ Masks locations
    • PLAY SAFELY – Use controls designed for little heroes
    • STOP THE BADDIES – Save the day from Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and more
    • SEARCH FOR COLLECTIBLES – Find lots of cool hidden items.
  • Oddworld: Soulstorm – Enhanced Edition (Xbox Series X/)

    • The Day One edition includes an exclusive embossed metal case.
    • Action-Adventure Platformer: Evolving the platforming genre by adding RPG-lite elements with player agency to play as they like, whether aggressively or passively.
    • Narrative: A dark storyline with a twisted sense of humor that shines a light on the ironies that exist in the human condition.
    • 2.9D: Epic environments with massive scale to explore by going into the world, rather than being limited to the traditional side scrolling platformer sense.
    • Quarma (think Karma): Quarma is a real time feedback feature that reflects your actions in the game and your actions will influence the outcome of the game.
    • Scavenger’s Economy: Pickpocket enemies, loot lockers, sift through trash cans to acquire resources. Exchange them at vending machines to get products that give you more agency in how you chose to conquer the game’s many challenges.
    • Crafting: Use scavenged resources and vending machine products to craft items to use as weapons or tools against characters and obstacles.
    • Strength in Numbers: The more followers you save, the stronger the uprising becomes. Gift crafted items to followers. It’s up to you to decide whether they will be aggressive or passive.
    • Gameplay: A 2.9D action adventure platformer. First time playthrough is 15 hours. Achievement hunters and perfectionists can easily play for dozens of hours.
    • Leaderboards: All levels offer a tallying system, leaderboards, achievements and badges.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (XBox One)

    • From the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption
    • The deepest and most complex world Rockstar Games has ever created. 4K Ultra HD not available on Xbox One or Xbox One S consoles
    • Covers a huge range of 19th century American landscapes
    • Play as Arthur Morgan, lead enforcer in the notorious Van der Linde gang
    • Interact with every character in the world with more than just your gun.Engage in conversation with people you meet. Your actions influence Arthur’s honour.Horses are a cowboy’s best friend, both transport and personal companion.Bond with your horse as you ride together to unlock new abilities.According to Digital Foundry; “Red Dead Redemption 2 looks and plays best on Xbox One X”
  • Carnival Games For Xbox One

    • Like a real-life country fair, carnival games bursts with exciting mini-games that you can play over and over
    • Bring your family and friends in on the fun for a true carnival games party
    • Play games, win tickets, and trade them in for new outfits for your carnival guest characters
  • FIFA 22 (Xbox One)

    • GOALKEEPER REWRITE: A brand new goalkeeper system brings a new level of intelligence to the last line of defence, unlocking more reliable shot-stopping and smarter decision-making between the posts. In FIFA 22, goalkeeper positioning personality replicates the different styles of keepers throughout the game – to represent the lightning-fast reflexes of world-class shot stoppers
    • TRUE BALL PHYSICS: Real-world data imported into FIFA 22 takes the game’s ball physics to a new level of realism. Tuned parameters including speed, swerve, air drag, air resistance, ground friction, and rolling friction mean every touch, trap, shot, volley, pass, and dribble will look, move, and fly like the real thing
    • EXPLOSIVE SPRINT: A new gameplay mechanic that changes the dynamic of one-on-one situations, Explosive Sprint gives you more control over acceleration when dribbling or defending. Lure opponents in and choose when to unleash your full speed to get away from the defender as you drive your team forward in attack
    • NEW ATTACKING TACTICS: New Attacking Tactics give you more control over how you want your team to play. Set up your team with different styles in each half of the pitch: keep the ball in your half and explode into attack with fast build up in the opponent’s, play direct from box to box, or line up in your own unique style
    • New ICONS – Mix today’s biggest stars with FUT ICONS: the greatest players to ever play the game. Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Iker Casillas, and Cafu join over 100 of football’s all-time giants including Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo Nazário, Zidane, Beckham, and more in FUT 22
  • LEGO Jurassic World (Xbox One)

    • 1-2 PLAYERS
    • PEGI 7
  • Road 96 (Xbox One/)

    • Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom.
    • An ever-evolving story-driven adventure inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. Made by the award-winning creators of Valiant Hearts and Memories Retold.
    • Moments of action, exploration, contemplative melancholy, human encounters and wacky situations. Set against a backdrop of authoritarian rule and oppression.
    • A stunning visual style, a soundtrack filled with 90s hits, and thousands routes through the game combine so each player can create their own unique stories on Road 96.

    • Country of Origin: China
    • brand: Bethesda
    • manufacturer: BETHESDA

    • Play through an explosive adventure as three distinct characters united by one common goal: revenge
    • Endlessly fine tune your performance through each of the five distinct car classes (Race, Drift, Off Road, Drag, and Runner)
    • Get on a roll and win big with risk versus reward gameplay. The return of intense cop chases means the stakes have never been higher

    • Item Weight: 95.0 g
    • Colour: Black
    • Model Number: 5026555362771
  • Wreckfest – Xbox One

    • Wreckfest (Xbox One)
  • LEGO Ninjago Movie Game Videogame

    • Play the Action-Packed Movie: Players can become their favourite Ninjago character and experience the movie in a new, exciting way.
    • Master Ninjagility and Combat Skills: Players traverse open-world environments by mastering running, grappling, jumping and other unique Ninja skills to defeat enemies and defend Ninjago City
    • Exciting New Locations: The game features eight large, action-packed locations based on the story of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, each with its own unique Challenge Dojo where players can put their combat skills to the test and battle with increasingly tougher enemies.
    • Battle Maps: Players can go up against their friends and family in four different game modes with competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players.
  • Monster Hunter World (Xbox One)

    • Welcome to the new World: Taking on the role of a hunter, players are tasked with going on a research expedition to a newly discovered continent known only as “new world” as they venture on quests to discover more about this mysterious land.
    • Living and breathing ecosystem: Utilize the surrounding environment and wildlife to your advantage. For example, pit monsters against one another to lure the main target creature to the right place, but be careful not to become hindered by the hazards they present.
    • Online drop-in multiplayer: When the battle is too daunting to take on single-handedly, hail up to three other hunters to assist during quests by sending up a SOS flare to a worldwide server full of potential teammates.
    • Hunt to craft new gear: Defeat monsters and collect loot from fallen foes to craft equipment and weapons styled after the monsters that have been slain. Selecting the right loadout can help exploit enemy weaknesses to gain an advantage in battle.
    • Master the beasts: A variety of ferocious creatures inhabit the new world landscape including the series mainstay Rathalos and the all new Anjanath. Players can mount the monsters with the dynamic riding mechanic, allowing them to travel along the monster’s body and deliver locational damage.
    • Seamless gameplay: Players and monsters can move from one map area to another freely and without loading screens whilst gameplay also dynamically transitions between night and day.
  • WWE 2K22 (Xbox one)

    • THE GAME THAT MAY HIT TOO REAL – Hitting this hard has never been so easy. Throw down with the biggest and most realistic-looking WWE Superstars and Legends like The Rock, Sasha Banks, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and more
    • 619 YOUR WAY TO SUPERSTARDOM – Celebrate pivotal moments in Rey Mysterio’s career in 2K Showcase. Booyaka!
    • INTRODUCING MyGM – Call the shots as a WWE General Manager – Take the reins of Raw, SmackDown, NXT or NXT UK and draft your ultimate roster to compete against rival GM’s
    • RISE UP THE RANKS THROUGH WWE – Take on not one, but two MyRISE adventures, featuring unique male and female storylines that let you choose your journey like never before
    • BUILD FOR YOURSELF, SHARE WITH THE WORLD – The Creation Suite is back and better than ever. Be yourself or someone else. Then step in the ring anytime, anywhere in the world
    • ASSEMBLE YOUR OWN FACTION – In a franchise-first, the all-new MyFACTION lets you build a faction that rivals the nWo. Collect, manage and upgrade WWE Superstars, with weekly events and regular updates!

    WWE 2K22 (Xbox one)

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Xbox

    • Exclusive Variant Poster included in every physical edition while supplies last.
    • Featuring locations depicted in or inspired by the 1974 classic horror film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will see teams of Victims and Family facing off against one another in a deadly game of cat and mouse.
    • 3v4 team based multiplayer, a first for asymmetric horror
    • Victims must use teamwork, stealth, and all of their abilities to try to escape from the clutches of the Slaughter Family. With a robust metagame encouraging build crafting, and intense, terrifying gameplay, the team of Victims will find the odds stacked against them as they search for the tools they need to unlock exits and flee the property.
    • The Slaughter Family must lock down the property and hunt down each and every victim. Featuring the iconic Leatherface, Cook, and Hitchhiker from the film, the Family will be joined by new additions Sissy and Johnny, created in cooperation with Kim Henkel, the original writer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The Family must use their special abilities and brutal nature to chase down, corner, and dispatch the Victims one by one, all the while making sure to keep Grandpa fed.
  • Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (Xbox One)

    • Two games in one – Play “Klonoa: Door to Phantomile” and “Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil” in this compilation
    • Anniversary remaster – Discover or rediscover the world of Klonoa in 60 FPS and up to 4K resolution
    • Iconic gameplay – Run and jump while using your Wind Ring to grab and throw your enemies.
    • New accessibility – Adjust the difficultly levels to test your skills & enlist a friend in 2 player co-op, if you need help.
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (Xbox One)

    • Pre-order now and be the first to try the game with an exclusive access to the Private Beta***
    • By pre-ordering this edition, you will also get the Capitol Defender Pack: get ready to fight and protect the citizens of D.C. with your Hazmat 2.0 Outfit and the “Lullaby” legendary SPAS-12 weapon which comes with its endgame blueprint
    • In the wake of the virus, storms, flooding, and subsequent chaos have radically transformed Washington, D.C. Explore a living open world full of diverse environments, from flooded urban areas to historic sites and landmarks, during one of the hottest summers in history
    • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s endgame will introduce brand new challenges and progression systems, unique twists and surprises, and for the first time, raids.
    • After completing the main campaign, gain access to new specializations such as demolitionist, sharpshooter, and survivalist.

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