Zanussi AutoAdjust 8kg Wash 4kg Dry Freestanding Washer Dryer – White


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – Save time and reduce your energy and water consumption thanks to the AutoAdjust feature, which automatically adjusts the cycle time, water and energy, according to the size of your load
  • WASHED AND DRIED IN AN HOUR – When you’re short on time, clothes can be washed and dried in just one hour using this speedy cycle. There’s no manual intervention needed, just wash, dry, and wear
  • STEAM CYCLE – Reduce wrinkles and refresh your favourite clothes with steam. The short 25 minute cycle helps relax fibres meaning there’s less need for ironing, and it can even be used as a shortcut to refreshing items you might have only worn for a few hours
  • MINIMAL ENERGY USE AND NOISE – The improved technology of the invertor motor allows quieter cycles and consistent results for longer, so you can leave loads to wash and dry overnight without disturbing the neighbours and using less energy
  • QUICK PROGRAMME – The speedy 20 minute cycle means you can get more done on your schedule. Ideal for late evening refreshes and weekday washes
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Talisman

    Very slow washing machine with a basic eco cycle taking 3h 14m excluding any drying. Front panel buttons slow to respond. Very disappointing all in all.

  2. 08

    by Pete

    The washing machine is missing water hose and spanner , so I had to buy a tool to take the bolts out and wait additional few days to find the right type of pipe.

  3. 08

    by lynn m.

    The spanner for removing the transit bolts on the washer/dryer was missing. To date despite numerous calls and emails to Zanussi I have not had the issue resolved. Instead of simply installing the appliance which I am more than capable of, I had to call a professional (at my cost) who had a suitably sized spanner to remove the bolts before the appliance could be used

  4. 08

    by Sharran Green

    I never like getting a new machine as I always find it difficult to take to the new programmes, but I must say how easy it is with this machine.
    There are so many quick programmes as well as longer eco ones to choose from it is easy to find something to suit.
    For clothes that just need freshening up there is a 20 minute steam clean and as it’s steamed no or minimal iron is needed. The 1 hour wash and dry programme is very useful for half a load of light weight fabric. I have been sticking to the 90 minute flexi wash for a crammed full load and the 1 hour auto dry programme. I have found that it washes and dries really well reducing the amount of ironing time needed. My old machine made ironing difficult when I had put too much in the drier but I haven’t had that yet with this machine.
    As with any machine you need to play with the programmes and find one to suit with washes from 20mins to 3:30 hours there is something for everyone and with drying programmes from 30mins to cupboard dry you really can’t go wrong

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    I’ve had a few Zanussi products over the years, parts do fail eventually but can usually be repaired easily. This item while initially working normally, started to fail on drying. This was after 14months so 2 months out of manufacturers 12 month warranty. No error codes on machine, it would complete drying cycle but everything as damp as it went in. Tried it a no of times then contacted Zanussi the response from them was extremely poor for a £500+ appliance to fail 2 months out of warranty with no explanation of what the fault could be and no offer from then other than an expensive service visit and full price parts which would be more than 1/2 of the initial cost. I was astonished at their poor customer service and won’t be buying Zanussi again. Luckily Amazon were as good as their word on 2yr warranty which I didn’t realise we had and had it replaced with another brand.

  6. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Once I had figured out the instructions I was very pleased with this item, and it’s washing and drying results. Some of the programs are longer than I was expecting, but there is a quick wash option if necessary. Another quality product that I have come to expect from Zanussi. So far so good…

  7. 08

    by Franc

    Zanussi design looks very basic but the washing machine has actually all the functions that other brands at the similar price range. I was afraid it would be less convenient to use than the Bosch which I previously had, but it’s fine and you get used to it pretty quickly. It’s really silent, even during the 1600 spin. The spinning quality is great, it dries well too.
    On the weaker point I would say that for 8KG I was expecting it to have a larger drum. It’s just 52 liters (same as 7KG model) comparing to 69 liters on the next, 9KG model. Thanks to that it’s a little shorter and better for smaller loads, but if you want to wash a duvet or considering it for a larger family, I would definitely recommend going for a larger model.
    The other thing is that you are not allowed to adjust the programs, everything is set at the beginning and after pressing the START button you cannot change the temperature, spinning speed or even add extra rinse. It is annoying as all other washing machines I had allowed such adjustments and I just don’t get why should this be restricted.
    Also, the cycles are quite slow. Yes, you can adjust them using FlexiTime but still selection for cottons for example is 3:05h through 2h40h down to1:30h. I would be very happy with a 1h cycle as 20 min express wash doesn’t seem enough and obviously there is a large gap between 1:30h and 20 min. Also, it would be nice to have a longer cycle of you can adjust, why not add a 5 hour for stubborn stains? The spin only cycle takes 16 min regardless of the spinning speed. It’s very efficient but it’s quite long and frankly, why couldn’t they allow to use flexi time on it is a mystery to me. For sure 8 min spin would be less efficient but certainly just enough for lighter loads.
    Overall I am happy with it as it does what it should do. The most important thing when choosing Zanussi was its quality, reliability and EU production so I’m counting it will pay off and I will be still happily using it after 5 or more years. Time will show, I will update this review if anything happens 😉

  8. 08

    by hertsj

    The first washer drier Amazon delivered and fitted was faulty. I rang them and they were great. Refunded immediately my fitting charges, picked up the faulty machine within 2 days and delivered a new one within 4 days. Great customer service, thank you Amazon.
    I have used Zanussi washer driers for years. They do a beautiful job of washing and drying and the wool drying fixture is just lovely and dries wool items perfectly. I would have no hesitation in purchasing a large item from Amazon again, given the customer service I received on this occasion.

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Zanussi AutoAdjust 8kg Wash 4kg Dry Freestanding Washer Dryer - White


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