Haier HWD100-B14979 Freestanding Washer Dryer, Direct Motion and LED Display, 1400RPM 10kg/6kg Load, White

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  • Haier’s Direct Motion Motors have been designed and built to last. Operating without a belt, the motor is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibration, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption
  • An exclusive Haier material that protects the most sensitive areas of your washer-dryer. Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas such as in the detergent drawer and porthole gasket for a more hygienic laundry cycle
  • This clever function in Haier washer-dryers diffuses steam and detergent inside the drum, relaxing the fibres of your laundry and improving the removal stubborn dirt and stains. And that’s not all – the steam also makes ironing your clothes much easier, or even not necessary at all, leaving you more time to do the things you love
  • Experience a professional sanitizing experience thanks to the unique I-Refresh function, to achieve an even deeper clean without using intensive wash cycles
  • This washer dryer, using the washing cycle only, is in A class. In compliance with the New Energy Label and comparing with the G class, reduces consumption by up to 51 percent, saving energy, money and protecting the environment
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Product Dimensions

‎53 x 60 x 85 cm, 81 Kilograms


‎10 Kilograms

Annual Energy Consumption

‎1360 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Maximum Rotational Speed

‎1400 RPM

Noise Level

‎72 dB

Annual Energy Consumption per washing program

‎1360 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Installation Type


Part Number


Special Features

‎Direct Motion Motor, A Rated Energy Efficiency, ABT Treatment Kills 99.8% of Bacteria, Steam & i-Refresh programmes for easy iron & anti-allergen clothes treatment



Access Location

‎Front Load


‎220 Volts


‎Energy Star

Included Components

‎1 X washer dryer, 1x energy lable + connection hoses

Batteries included


Batteries Required


Item Weight

‎81 kg

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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Nothing Boxxx

    UPDATED Oct 2023: had this machine for 2 years. About three months ago the auto dryer function started acting weirdly, adding a lot of extra time to dry just a small load; stuff was dry but the machine thought it had to keep going, often for hours so could only use the fixed drying time option. Had engineers out three times, they replaced various circuit boards but nothing worked. Finally it was fixed by replacing the whole dryer heater unit. It turned out it was blocked with fluff and this was throwing off the sensors hence it not being able to tell if stuff was dry or not. The unit is completely sealed so cannot be opened to clear it of fluff. Fortunately it was under warranty so the fix was free but now I know what to expect in two years time. It’s a fault in the design – my old Hotpoint never had that issue after 9 years – but I will keep the machine as I do really like it otherwise and my review below still stands though I have knocked off a star.

    My first Haier product which replaced a 9 year old Hotpoint WD. Easyish to install – tho machine is very heavy so needs a couple of people to manoeuvre, plus there are lots of bolts and bars to remove when you unpack it. Had a fault when delivered but fixed by the Haier within a week so all fine now.

    Machine is very good for both washing and drying functions:
    Very quiet, even on spin
    Light in drum – who knew this would be so handy
    Programmes – good range and easy to set; most can be customised with spin speed and temperature, including the super quick Express Wash which is very handy (my old Hotpoint didn’t allow this)
    I-Refresh is incredibly handy for cushion covers, coats, jackets etc – basically anything you can’t wash, it’s a bit like having your own dry cleaning facility
    Drying – way better than my old machine, dries a full load of cottons in less than an hour using auto function
    Big drum – means fewer washes; also means that quick washes are more effective as clothes have more room to move
    Slim – fits easily under the counter
    Looks – very sleek and modern

    Watch out for:
    Cant interrupt programmes halfway through not even drying which has to complete before you can unlock the drum
    Eco wash takes ages – washes at 40’ and lasts over 2.5 hours; seems to use just as much water and way more movement than a standard wash, so not really getting how this saves money
    Instructions – no information on what the programmes actually do! Trial and error and some videos on YouTube. Also note the manual is wrong on the different drying levels – the T-shirt is ready to wear not cupboard dry (which is the hanger)
    Drum – the front door is plastic and a fingerprint and dust magnet, you’ll be cleaning it frequently!

    Overall a very impressive machine!

  2. 04

    by Paul B

    I don’t generally write reviews, let alone a positive one. So impressed with my new washer. For comparison, my previous machine was an LG Direct Drive one. At 10 years old I was expecting it to pack in at any time. So when I saw this on offer on Prime Day I thought it was time to buy, rather than wait to buy in an emergency. Managed to sell my working old one too, so a bonus.
    An extra bonus is that until the end of the year, Haier are offering this machine with an extended parts and labour warranty of 5 years instead of the usual 2 years. This isn’t clear on the Amazon listing, I happened upon it when researching the machine. You have to register it to qualify. All in all a no brainer for me.
    Practically, the machine is excellent, quick, quiet and efficient. A step up in all departments. The drum light is surprisingly useful, as is the app. Pairing my washing machine to my WiFi was something I never thought I’d be doing. 😂
    The customisation of the additional wash programmes in the app will also come in handy I’m sure. Extra rinses, spins etc.
    Whilst aware of the brand, I had no first hand knowledge before. It turns out they are a huge company and actually own the brands Hoover and Candy now too for the past 5 years or so.
    I took a chance on a Beko hear pump tumble dryer around 10 years ago when they were relatively unknown and it’s been faultless. I’m hoping for a similar experience, but with a 5 year warranty I’m fairly relaxed about it. So far so good.
    I’d certainly recommend it.

  3. 04

    by RichH

    First, I’d like to state that I’ve read a lot of reviews before buying this machine and one of the most common complaints was that smart wash and dry never seems to dry clothes. I find this to be false. I’ve tried multiple different loads in the machine now, and what I find is if you wash sheets or towels or big think jumpers, the clothes don’t dry correctly because they don’t have the space to rotate freely and it all clumps together into a soggy ball. This is true just using the washing cycle too. If you put too many sheets in, it doesn’t spin them properly. You have separate these items out, but then the rest of your laundry will dry correctly.

    Overall, the machine is very silent. The only noise I’ve experience is if you load 2-5kg into it, the water sloshing around can be noisy as there is not enough clothing to break or silence the fall of the water. I had to get up at 1am because it sounded like I’d left something in there that shouldn’t have been in there. The inbuilt light allowed me to see what was taking place and I could see it was the water making the noise. A+ for features there. My kids also love activating the light and watching what is happening inside.

    Quality is amazing, the door opens and closes lightly, I don’t have to slam it to get it to shut and I can open it with 1 finger. It also comes with a handy guide that tells you how much electricity each cycle uses on average, the water it uses and also things like how much soap to use depending on wash size, as well as what kind of detergent (tablet, pod, liquid etc) is best for certain types of loads.

    Another great feature is the Auto weighing. I can use most of the cycles and the time is always different because the machine figures out how long is needed.

    One slight down side is the booklet doesn’t explain the modes very well. It describes “Cotton 20” as a cycle, which there is a mode for that but then it says “Cotton 40-60” and on the machine, there isn’t a mode for that. You have to select just “Cotton” not “Cotton 20” which.. I don’t understand why have those separate… But select “Cotton” and from there adjust the temperature. The booklet also doesn’t explain the smart wash and dry. Useful. Not going to down vote the machine for the booklet though, the machine itself has been a game changer for us. Weve all but binned our laundry basket. Stuff gets thrown into the machine, and in the morning.. fresh dry clothes!

  4. 04

    by Paul B

    Bought this machine because of the positive reviews online. Its looks good, has easy to understand touch controls and dial and good size drum. However, what stands out is the noise or lack of. I was amazed how quiet this machine is, in wash mode you just hear the splashing of the water and in full spin is quieter than my kettle!

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Haier HWD100-B14979 Freestanding Washer Dryer, Direct Motion and LED Display, 1400RPM 10kg/6kg Load, White

£551.00£609.40 (-10%)

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