Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances Bosch WNA134U8GB Serie 4 Freestanding Washer Dryer with AutoDry, Wash & Go 60, IronAssist and SpeedPerfect, 8kg/5kg load, 1400rpm spin, White


  • AutoDry: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.
  • EcoSilence Drive: extremely energy-efficient, durable and quiet.
  • Wash and Dry 60: wash and dry small loads efficiently in just 60 min.
  • Sportswear: ideal for washing and drying textiles like microfibre, functional fibres and synthetics.
  • SpeedPerfect: perfectly clean in up to 65 percent less time.
  • Included components: Drain Hose
  • Installation type: Free Standing
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by tracy

    WOW. I absolutely love my new Bosch washer/dryer. Our old washer/dryer (not a Bosch) gave up the ghost slap bang in the coldest part of winter at just over 3 yrs old, We were advised it would cost more to fix than a new one! So I set about searching for my new machine (I get quite excited about buying white goods!) I knew I wanted a Bosch (all my other appliances are Bosch) and it had to be delivered FAST. Amazon we’re the only suppliers who had it in stock & could deliver within 2 days of ordering, so BOOM I ordered on the Monday & had my brand new sparkling machine on Wednesday morning.
    The first revelation came a couple of hours after it was fitted as to how flipping quiet it is, even on a mega spin.
    The second revelation was the moment that I unloaded that first load of washed & dried clothes, not only did they not smell anything like a damp dog anymore they smelt clean and fresh – really clean & really fresh and they were actually really really clean & our whites are much whiter & brighter – I kid you not! Turns out that old knackered – NOT BOSCH – washing machine hadn’t been cleaning our clothes properly for an age and also it had a small very smelly dog living in it – somewhere🐾🤢.
    So to cut a long story short I would 100% recommend this Bosch washer/dryer to everyone, 😍.

  2. 08

    by Brian M.

    Excellent cleaning and drying processes in one machine.Very quiet, so can be used at off-peak time’s to save cash, without waking your household or neighbours.!! So many adjustments can be made to the many programs.This is a fantastic machine.

  3. 08

    by BJ

    Easy to use, convenient controls and quiet. Fully recommend

  4. 08

    by NM

    I’m so happy that I have already recommended this to a friend. It washes efficiently, the capacity is amazing, it sturdy, silent and the drying is also good.

    I’m very happy with this.

  5. 08

    by Aikaterini A.

    Absolutely brilliant, use daily as both me and my wife wear work clothes, mine are usually quite gross by the end of the day, dries really well on the 6 hr eco wash dry cycle, most importantly haven’t lost any socks to the washing machine fairys.

  6. 08

    by luke cunningham

    Living in an apartment with just a washing machine, i purchased this to replace it.. It was very easy to install myself and wow so quiet. it’s a larger drum than my previous one, and lots of settings that you can tweak to suit you.

    the mixed load is probably the one that i and many will use.. 1 hour wash that you can choose spin settings / temperature etc. (this only takes 4kg so be sure not to overload it) if using towels / jeans /bed sheets then use the cottons setting.

    The speed perfect is great too.. just 46 mins on 40 degrees mixed loads and things come out great.

    It is a difficult machine to get your head around at first… with so many options – but there are 3 dry levels… i must admit i just use cupboard plus which is the dryest one… it will say about 3 hours at first but will shorten depending on how many items are in there and how dry it becomes. Also if getting out hot it will feel damp at first so take them out to air a little and you’ll notice it is dry shortly.

    the 15 / 1hr dry setting is also very handy.. couple of t shirts / or underwear. (up to 1kg) and it’s washed and dried in an hour.

  7. 08

    by Aikaterini A.

    I bought this to replace separate washer and dryer. The wash is great and it isn’t noisy at all. The dryer isn’t as good as my old one but in all honesty I only bought for the odd time i need a speedier dry than hanging out. I do think the depth measurement needs to be changed on the description. I had read reviews and so allowed for 65inch, which would have been ok however the water pipe fitting sticks out another 2inch at the back meaning my cupboard door now won’t fully close! A bit annoying as I will have to remove some of the plasterboard at the back to make it fit. The door fits proud at the front so it is deeper than most washers and deeper than the description states.

  8. 08

    by NM

    It’s a good machine as you would expect. It’s big and annoyingly the amazon listing does not show the correct depth. It’s depth from back to front of the door is 66cm not 59cm. For some reason they have design the door as a dome, not concaved like you would expect. It’s actually deeper than the bigger 9/6 model. No idea why Bosch would do that. Mine’s in a cupboard behind doors and I had to alter the doors to make it fit. If you fit in under a kitchen unit it will stick out quite a bit. If you want a smaller machine look at the AEG alternative or Bosch’s 9/6 bigger brother with is slightly smaller depth.

    Another annoying thing is the Aqua­Secure tap valve is huge and according the the instructions must be pointing down or no more than 90° either side (Flat). Not great if like me your pipe’s come up from the floor and are in a tight space. For all the above reasons I would NOT get this machine again.

    The normal stuff… It washes and dry’s well, as it should for the money. Eco wash takes nearly 4 hours and the standard cotton wash isn’t much quicker. It is very quiet and the My Time Dry is very handy. 60min Mixed Load setting will work for most. 4 stars in all. Amazon should correct the dimensions on the listing.

    Update: It’s being replaced. It thumps at low spin speeds like it’s out of balance. It’s perfectly level and have checked it many times. I tried methodically loading the machine in different ways but the same thing keeps happening. Amazon are replacing it, so lets see if it’s a one off or a common fault.

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Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances Bosch WNA134U8GB Serie 4 Freestanding Washer Dryer with AutoDry, Wash & Go 60, IronAssist and SpeedPerfect, 8kg/5kg load, 1400rpm spin, White


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