Tower Vortx T17024 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation and 60 Min Timer, 4.3 Litre, Black


  • VORTX AIR FRYING TECHNOLOGY: Exclusive to Tower Air Fryers, Vortx technology rapidly circulates hot air around food, cooking up to 30% faster than a conventional oven. Vortx also cooks food with little or no oil, making it much healthier, too! Lose the fat not the flavour with Vortx Air Frying Technology
  • SAVE UP TO 70% ON ENERGY: Cooking food 30% faster, Tower Air Fryer Ovens use less power than conventional ovens. Save up to 70% on your energy by simply switching to Air Fryer cooking with savings of £241 per year
  • GENEROUS 4.3L CAPACITY: Family-sized air fryer with a large 4.3-litre capacity lets you serve up enough portions to go around the whole table
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Allow you to cook great tasting meals quickly and efficiently. With easy-to-use dial controls, you can adjust the 60-minute timer and temperature (80-200°C) to ensure perfectly-cooked results every time
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Trusted Tower quality with a standard 1 year guarantee and 2 year extension, subject to product registration online
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by jogonewild

    I have had this fryer for some time now and use it most days so feel I can give an accurate review.

    I studied fryers for some time and for my first one opted for the Tower Digital and very glad I did and the extended guarantee is brilliant!

    The machine is well built and as yet no problems with the non stick coating as some have.

    Very easy to clean and the fan and element area is still more as less as it came out of the box with no build up of fat etc at all. There is very little smell in the kitchen even when I have been heavy handed with the garlic!

    I have cooked many chickens up to 1.45 kg with no problems at all and not once has any of them stuck to the basket which I did not expect as they touched the sides.. Most take about an hour. 30 mins breast down then 30 mins breast up.

    My temperature probe has been invaluable to check food is done till I learned what time for different foods and consider it vital for use with an air fryer.

    The handbook or I should say leaflet is not a lot of help but the machine is simple to use anyway.

    I learned ‘on the job’ and following air fryer sites which are very useful and now know how to cook several things at a time in it.
    I have not had any failures–yet!!

    When I have to replace it I will get one with 2 drawers to make life easier.

    All in all a great machine and my oven is rarely used nowadays except for big joints like leg of lamb!

  2. 08

    by Cactus Shoe Plant

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     I am in love with the air fryer. My first ever one. I’ve hardly used my oven anymore. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s tasty. It has not let me down yet and I’ve had it for a month now.

    My only critique would be the front of the handle. It kind of pops out when you lift it but pops back in when you press it back in. It comes off with little force. That’s why I’ve given it 4 stars.

    That being said, I still love it. Easy to clean, I just wipe it with a damp cloth. The basket is 7.5 inches round

  3. 08

    by jogonewild

    Value for money is great. Size is sufficient and does the job pretty well.

  4. 08

    by Cactus Shoe Plant

    Excellent value for money.

    Compact (as we don’t like clutter on the kitchen side)

    Actually looks like a quality item unlike some products that just look plasticky when you get them.

    Great colour. Not too bling.

    Very efficient.

    Can’t comment on longevity as we’ve only had it a few months and our last 2 air fryers have died within 18 months.

    Easier to clean than anything we’ve had before

  5. 08

    by Talha

    I absolutely love this air fryer, very easy to use and clean. I find with having a touch screen air fryer you can adjust the heat and timer easy and holds a lot and cooks everything evenly every time

  6. 08

    by B Williams

    The air fryer looks smart on the worktop. It’s easy to use and it cooks food quickly and it tastes good. While you’d wait for the big oven to heat to the required temperature, you can cook your meal in the air fryer, so it’s great to cook a meal quickly. Most often used for frozen fish and chips, or fish fingers, but I have made my own chips, cooked chicken breasts, pork steaks (cut the fat away). Spray a little oil on the meat or your own chipped potatoes. I use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of meat. You can buy silicone liners but I use baking paper liners to save on washing up the air fryer basket. It’s not too noisy but you can hear the fan. There’s not much smell of food cooking until you open the basket. Food tastes delicious! Oh yes, and it’s great for cooking part-baked bread rolls. Just damp the surface of each roll, place in the basket and you have freshly baked bread rolls in about 4 minutes. My friend has cooked scones in hers so I will try that next.

  7. 08

    by B. Spiller

    When you do not want to fire up your main oven (ours is large so takes time to heat up), this is an ideal alternative. As we all know these devices do not ‘fry’ they are in fact a MEFAO (Mini Electric Fan Assisted Oven). Being small they concentrate the heat in a small area so things cook quicker in a baking style different to a microwave. We have not had this long but it is very easy to use, the display is simple and we like the fact that when you pull the draw out to check on the food it goes into pause mode until you close the draw again. It looks good, runs quietly and we are very happy with the product.

  8. 08


    I’ve been toying with the idea of an air fryer for a while. I have use it successfully for crispy skinned chicken pieces (fits 6 thighs), tuna steaks cook from frozen in 10 minutes and don’t dry out. Mug cake (the sort you would normally microwave) come out lovely with a firm shell and gooey middle. Heating pies and pasties is great, really quick and the pastry comes out crispy not soggy like in the microwave. I had less success with chips and sweet potato fries even after part cooking them, they didn’t crisp up as I expected and didn’t get any colour on them, maybe I overfilled the basket. The air fryer isn’t big enough to do e.g. chicken pieces and chips at the same time for more than 2 people but fine if the components of the meal are done separately, but then, obviously, the cooking time is longer and it may be more efficient to put everything in the oven.

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Tower Vortx T17024 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation and 60 Min Timer, 4.3 Litre, Black