Tower T17076 Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation, 60-Minute Timer, 11L, 2000W, Black

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  • VORTX AIR FRYING TECHNOLOGY: Exclusive to Tower Air Fryers, Vortx technology rapidly circulates hot air around food, cooking up to 30 Percent faster than a conventional oven. Vortx also cooks food with little or no oil, making it much healthier, too! Lose the fat not the flavour with Vortx Air Frying Technology
  • SAVE UP TO 70 Percent ON ENERGY: Cooking food 30 Percent faster, Tower Air Fryer Ovens use less power than conventional ovens. Save up to 70 Percent on your energy by simply switching to Air Fryer cooking with savings of £198 per year
  • 10-IN-1 COOKING: Cook a variety of delicious dishes, including crispy pepperoni pizza, mouth-watering sizzling steaks and golden brown sausages
  • MORE FOR LESS: Features 5 more cooking functions than the Tower Xpress Pro so you can create the perfect steak, deep and thin crust pizza, juicy burgers, nutritious kebabs and deep-filled toasties
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Trusted Tower quality with a standard 1 year guarantee and 2 year extension, subject to product registration online
  • CABLE LENGTH: 82 cm
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Model Number



‎Black 10-in-1

Product Dimensions

‎34 x 32.5 x 38.2 cm, 5.81 Kilograms


‎11 litres

Power Wattage

‎2000 watts


‎240 Volts


‎Glass, Plastic, Aluminium

Auto Shutoff


Special Features


Item Weight

‎5.81 kg

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18301 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by Debbie

    Love it , easy to use , easy to clean, so pleased I bought it

  2. 01

    by just little old me

    This is so good i bought one for my daughter as well as her more expensive one bust after 4 months.

    Easy to use, Easy to read and work, My only gripe is im not sure how to clean it properly, The roof has some grease on and its not easy to get off,

    My favourite bit is the rotisserie, I do all our joints on here as there are only two of us. But have done a meal for five. Plenty of room. I honestly havent used my oven apart from Yorkshire puddings.

    Brilliant air fryer and excellent value for money.

  3. 01

    by HAS

    Had this for 2 weeks now and we love it , haven’t used our main oven since . Had no problems with cooking everything in it. Plenty of room for dinner for two . Still getting used to adjusting cooking times as it cooks quicker than the oven but it’s pretty easy really . Easy to clean , cant fault it so far

  4. 01

    by Simples

    A little late to the air frier world, as this is my first purchase. It has effectively made my existing oven redundant except for larger portions. Very quick to heat up and reasonably quiet. Comes with an array of accessories and ample number of shelfs for such a small cooker. The pre-set programs are also helpful, however depending on portion size, the cooking times vary from a traditional oven, you will have to experiment a little with various temperatures and times.

  5. 01

    by Derbhla Carbery

    I cannot praise this air fryer enough and recommended it to other family members. It has enough room for food for two hungry adults and one very active teenager and we’ve only used our normal oven once since buying it over seven months ago. The preset steak setting cooks the best steaks we’ve ever had (lifelong omnivore foodies), marinated tofu crisps without as much oil as frying it so healthier, fish doesn’t dry out and healthy snacks are a lot cheaper not having to heat the oven for one tray. The touchscreen controls are easy to use and the presets work great. The 1.3 kg limit for the chicken rotisserie is fine for our size family, but a larger family might struggle with such a small roast (tip: I put potatoes and veg on the drip tray when using the rotisserie and have whole roast done at the same time). You do have to cut normal sized shop pizzas in half to get on trays, but it doesn’t affect the taste and is going to be cut into slices anyway, so no problem for us. Garlic bread baguettes don’t leak the butter when cooked in this and crispy, so better than cooking in our oven. When using our normal oven the electric meter reading would be about £2.56 an hour, but with this air fryer it’s about 79p an hour and the time to cook meals is quicker (totally recommend getting an air fryer conversion chart for temps and times). Cakes and cupcakes cook fine on top two levels (although I do find switching over halfway through stops any being burnt on top from being near the element). Cleanup using the dishwasher for trays/accessories/door and a quick wipe with a damp cloth held with tongs when it’s still warm (followed by a dry cloth to dry any big drips) sorts out the inside of the fryer nicely.

  6. 01

    by Derbhla Carbery

    As with a certain Paint Advert, It does what it says on the tin), It Saves Power & Cost while due to rapid warm-up times & shorter cooking times,
    Very easy to clean,
    At first buy a good Air Fryer Cook book, And Trust it, as cooking times do differ from those of a Normal fan Oven, And your food will look & taste great.

  7. 01

    by HAS

    What is it with Tower??? The quick guide printed on the top of the airfryer (see my photos) shows 5 products to be cooked at 200°c, and 3 others at 180°. Illogically, the temperature dial (see my photos) is marked:
    160 * * * * 200
    So 180° is probably halfway between the two centre spots. Why not mark it? What temperatures do the spots indicate??? (Certainly not 10° intervals, nor yet quarter divisions between the two marked temperatures.) This is a problem on smaller Tower air fryers too, not just a one-off. Do other manufacturers mark temperatures logically, or do they all simply decorate their dials with meaningless spots designed to confuse? (At least on this model the spots indicate equal intervals, unlike Tower’s 2.2 litre version where the scale changes mid-way!!). Surely a logical temperature scale is not rocket science. My mother’s oven manages it. My halogen oven and induction hob manage it. Thermometers manage it. What is Tower’s problem?

    This airfryer looks elegant, fits onto my work surface more easily than my unwieldy halogen oven, has a viewing window and easy access to whatever is cooking, and it seems to do what I need it to (I agree with another comment about the rotisserie fittings getting in the way of spacing the shelves evenly, though). As I get older and creakier, I’m finding it harder to use my heavy halogen oven safely, and this style of airfryer, with a drop down door for access, seems ideal. But the visual and mental gymnastics required to set an accurate temperature prevent me from giving it 5 stars, sorry.

  8. 01

    by daniel r

    What can I say about this product apart from I am in love. Its fast,it quite, ( well to me it is ) and it cooks so well. I have yet to try the spinny chicken cooker thingy but plenty of time to experiment. Another plus is the digital control so simple to work, also big bonus it has preset programs which for my teenager who has just mastered how to open a tin of beans old school style (With a tin opener) it’s brilliant.
    I bought it as my oven decided to pack in and it was a cheaper option than a replacement cooker and though you won’t cook a turkey in it you could definitely roast a small joint of meat or dare I say a medium chicken. Comes with different wee tray/shelves and metal skewers and two silicone mits so no more burns to the fingers. I really haven’t a bad word to say about it.
    Well its beeping away here I have a lovely lump of haddock an chips ready for my tea. Just thought I’d share that. 🙂
    Tomorrow I’m gonna try bake in it.

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Tower T17076 Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation, 60-Minute Timer, 11L, 2000W, Black

£78.50£126.40 (-38%)

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