Tower T17088 Vortx 9L Duo Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish, 2600W Power, Black

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  • DUO BASKET TECHNOLOGY: Complete with two large 4.5L baskets, providing ultimate air frying versatility. Use one basket for smaller portion cooking or both baskets at the same time to cook full crispy and healthy, large enough to feed up to 8 people at once. The combined 9L capacity can feed up to 8 people at once
  • SMART FINISH FUNCTION WITH MATCH COOK: When cooking different foods with different cooking times in each basket, the Smart Finish function will finish cooking both baskets at the same time. The handy Match Cook button quickly sets both baskets to cook at the same temperature
  • 4 WAYS TO COOK WITH 10 PRE-SET MEAL TIME CLASSICS: So much more than just an Air Fryer! Air fry crispy, delicious heathy foods, roast succulent chicken, pork beef or lamb. Create cakes, tarts or pies with the Bake function or grill juicy steaks like a pro with the crisper grill plate. Choose from 10 one-touch pre-sets to take the guess work out of cooking
  • SAVE UP TO 70 Percent ON ENERGY: Tower Air Fryers are powerful and cook food up to 30 Percent faster than conventional ovens, yet they also use far less energy. Save up to 70 Percent on your energy by simply switching to Tower Air Fryer cooking, which could reduce your energy bills by £259 per year
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Trusted Tower quality with a standard 1 year guarantee and 2 year extension, subject to product registration online
  • CABLE LENGTH: 96.3 cm
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Anne Flowers

    This is a wonderful piece of equipment for my daughters kitchen. Is easy to use, my grandchildren are able to cook their own meals.

  2. 07

    by Aspiring minimalism

    Great air fryer. This is my second one now and the large drawers are great. It is quiet, cooks very quickly and it’s reliable. I’ve had this air fryer for about a year now and I’m very happy with it. In fact, I want another one! I barely use my oven any more.

    People say not to use *certain* oil sprays in the air fryer or it will lose it’s non stick nature. Is this a rumour? Not sure. But I did use the oil spray that shall not be named and my trays are not non stick any more. I’m not entirely sure if it was the oil spray, or the air fryer. I wish the drawers were dishwasher friendly. I’m knocking a star off for this and the fact that my trays aren’t non stick any more.

    If you’re reading these reviews and still looking for an air fryer… this one is good but don’t be tempted to spend a lot of money by all the fancy buttons and settings… I hardly use them. A basic air fryer does the same as this one. The only reason I wanted this one is because it had two drawers and large capacity. You don’t need any of the fancy settings to actually cook food.. my previous air fryer was not digital and still did the exact same thing as this one. So don’t feel as if you need this one, or the bloody ninja for the “settings” or digital nature, unless you are after large capacity drawers.

  3. 07

    by John Willis

    We’ve had a Phillips air fryer for about the last 2 years. We used it lots and loved it.


    It was difficult to clean, had a single basket and was noisy.

    The tower solves all those issues.

    Quiet when running. Two baskets make cooking 2 foods at the same time easier (and matching end times is handy too!). Plus this is much easier to clean.

    We’ve actually added silicone liners so it’s even easier now.

    Good air fryer and it cooks food really well.

    Every bit as good as my mates Ninja. But cheaper.

  4. 07

    by faron Hall

    This is probably my best piece of equipment I have ever bought for my kitchen and does the hob of a microwave’ oven ‘ grill ‘ fryer ‘ and cooks food beautifully and quicker than it takes the time for your oven or fryer to heat up can cook anything in this and the auto settings are amazing too you can cook a meal in this dual draw airfryer x I love it and you have options to both sides to set to finish at the same time just press the presets qnd they will cook and finish at the same time both perfectly cooked x best pork chops I have tasted in a long time and jacket potatoes at the same time comes out perfectly cooked with no massive washing up of pots pans or baking trays ect and a very clean oven & grill because I don’t use mine no more since I purchased this brilliant and glass at front lights up so you can see your food cooking to check it unlike other brands you don’t have to keep opening the draws and checking your food isn’t burning if you do not put it on preset x love it and a decent price for a double one with a lot of extras than the more expensive brands I was looking at and I seen this and was half the price of some of them and a lot better x

  5. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    very good item that I would think is as good as its more expensive rivals. very well made and after a little practise easy to use. very limited instructions for usage but good online information that tells all you need to know. very reasonably priced but watch for special offers for an even better bargain. RECOMENDED.

  6. 07

    by Coleman

    We have had air fryers before but this one is far better. It has 2 good sized compartment and it is so easy to use and keep clean. I do line ours with kitchen foil so you only have to clean the grid but that is just my preference. With the timers I tend to just choose the chip program then adjust it to suit. The smart finish and match functions are a useful addition.

  7. 07

    by J Baker

    If you have not used this type of device before, they are a lot more than a fryer, they are actually an oven. They have been around for over 30 years, it is only recent tech advances and cost of energy and cost of oil which have made these trendy. They are esseentially a high power fan type oven.
    They cook a lot quicker than a conventional oven because its a small space to heat and the fan creates a lot of air flow. You can also reduce the amt of oil you use.
    For example, roast potatoes cook, depending on how large you cut them from 10 to 20 mins. Which is a big saving on the electric. When you by an air fryer, buy an oil sprayer as you will often use a few pumps of oil. This makes things crispy. I brought one from Amazon. When you do buy a spray make sure it is for oil, I wated money on a few which could not handle veg oil.

    This actual device, has some great features, it has lots of presets which are useful guides, like other devices of this kind, I own 2 air fryer ovens, this bin style and one which is more like a normal oven and has a rotisery.
    This has 2 advanced options which is match cooking, used when cooking things which need the same time and temp in both bins. Also match finish. You set the temp and time for each bin, and press this button they will finish cooking at the same time, which is really handy.
    Something else about a bin style fryer, you need to take the tray out and give it a shake from time to time, which you may think is a pain. In reality its not. The cooking time is so much shorter than a normal oven its no big deal to pull out the tray and shake it. Im normally preparing and cooking other parts of the meal whilst the oven is cooking so Im in the kitchen anyway.
    The build quality feels good, I did look around in shops before buying some of the cheaper ones do not feel they will last very long. This one feels good.
    Something else to check is the quality of the non stick. That is key, according to a CH4 documentory I watched about air fryers. They did a test on many models and this one rated very highly. On the cheaper ones the non stick often peels off after only a short time and use. This one looks to have a good quality of non stick, thats by observation and what the test said in the documentory.
    The cheapers are ok, but think about how long you want them to last and how often you use them. The mid price may be better value for money.
    Another thing about air fryers is they cook so quickly and are so easy to use, I find my self using it a lot more than I would have ever used a normal oven. In many ways its taking over from the microwave. Especially when reheating things, i.e. left over pizza comes out nice and cruncy rather than the limp slice when heated in a mirco wave.
    This has a preheat button which is excellent and further reduces cooking time and makes the food cook better. Preheating a normal oven is always a good idea but takes in mine, 10 mins. This air oven preheats up to 180C in 3 mins which is a lot more convienient and costs a lot less.
    I cannot stress enough but the reduced cooking times and the money you save on oil and elec.
    When cooking normally you would use a good glug of oil for roast veg, in this fryer a few pumps of the spray is all you need. Which also means its better for your health.
    I did look at the ninja in a real shop and compared the 2. The ninja you appear to be paying a lot for the name. The quality did not feel as good as this device.
    I would also reccomend, buying some liner trays, again I brough them on Amazon they are made from a type of paper and makes cleaning very easy. Ive been warned not to use normal baking or waxed paper in an air fryer as it may fly up in the air flow and is a fire risk. This warning applies to all air ovens/fryers.
    I also brought a wire rack on Amazon which lets be double decker things. The one I brought was around £14 is has a stand frame and also a 2nd frame with 4 skewers. It works well for kebabs etc.
    Overall this is a great device and is priced well for what it is. As I said I did look at some which cost a lot more and decided on this one.

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Tower T17088 Vortx 9L Duo Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish, 2600W Power, Black

£95.00£120.10 (-21%)

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