Kuject Link Cable for Quest 3/2/Pico 4, 5m Long Cable for Virtual Reality Headset, USB 3.0 Type C to C Cable for VR Headset, High Speed Data Transfer Charging Cord for Gaming PC…


  • Experience More Games: The Kuject link cable connects to Quest 3/2 or a Pico Neo 4 to PC and lets you play all Rift S and Steam VR games. Kuject accessories allowing you to explore a broader virtual world
  • Better compatibility: With the extra USB-A adapter, it can be compatible with a variety of computers and laptops with USB A or USB C ports. We do not recommend playing while charging with this cable, as computer ports usually only provide a maximum of 2A current
  • Outstanding Transfer Speed: Supports USB 3.0 transfer speed. Tested at data transfer rates over 2000 Mbit/s, with low latency and minimal signal loss, stable and fast data syncing ability, providing a smooth VR gaming experience for you. The included magic tape can help you secure the cable and Quest 2 for a more stable connection
  • Long and Flexible: This 16 ft long cable allows you to move freely without restriction while playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, immersing you more in the virtual world. The data cable adopts an L-shaped design, better protecting your Quest 2 interface
  • Lifetime Warranty: The port housing of this cord is made of high-quality alloy and will not heat up after long-term use. The 8mm flexible TPU material allows our connecting cable to bend freely without breaking. Additionally, we offer friendly customer service with a lifetime warranty to ensure a smooth experience using this cable
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Mark H

    I purchased this cable as i wanted to play some of my pc vr games throught he headset and keep the headset charged whilst playing.
    Having looked at various cables i decided on this one due to other good reviews and i am not disappointed.
    Making sure the cable was connected to the Thunderbolt 4 port on the pc motherboard at the rear of pc, it worked straight away, play games through headset via pc vr games, whilst keeping the headset fully charged.
    There are other cables out there and some have it where you plug in your charging cable that came with the headset.
    You dont need that one.
    I really recommend this cable, then you dont need to connect other cables to other cables if you see what i mean.
    Well worth the money for what this cable does.

  2. 08

    by Martin B

    Snagged this for my Quest 3. Plugged it into USB-C port on my NVidia 2060s GFX card. Cable bandwidth tested at 2.8Gbps/USB3. Started play at 100% battery over PCVR link, played for an hour, battery still at 100%. Seems like job done! Only just got it so can’t give an opinion on long term durability and sturdiness.

  3. 08

    by Alexander Hill

    The connection with the headset is good and you can loop the cable through the headset to keep it from ripping out. I have had perfect connection the whole time I have used it and it seems good, sometimes the Oculus Link on the Desktop complains about it being USB 2.0 but it doesnt feel like it is actually. The problem is that when you plug it into your pc it doesnt feel secure, I have not actually had a problem with it but it doesnt feel right.

  4. 08

    by Ben

    The material for the wire is nice and thick, it’s fantastic for what I need it for! Must buy

  5. 08

    by Brian C

    I’ve been using my Oculus Quest 2 for some while and had it connected to my computer via the Oculus link wireless option having previously used the official Oculus link cable both with no real problems. The only issue I had was that used wirelessly the inbuilt battery in the Quest 2 did not last long enough for my 2 to 3 hour glider simulator flights. I added a back up battery but even that was occasionally not sufficient. I spotted this cable that is supposed to charge the Quest headset whilst it is being used and thought I would give it a go. The first thing to notice is that the official Oculus link cable has a USB C connector, but this cable has a USB A connector, so if you have only USB C ports it’s not going to connect. The second thing I noticed was my frame rate dropped considerably, down from 55 FPS wirelessly to around 33 FPS with the cable. The real killer for me however was the fact that each time I used the cable my previously faultless program crashed. Every time I used it I would be five minutes in to a flight and the graphics would fail spectacularly. So my decision is to send it back and return to my trusty wireless connection, I will just have to ensure that my quest and back up batteries are fully charged each time before use.

  6. 08

    by ParalyzedPirate

    The Kuject Compatible Link Cable is perfect for VR enthusiasts owning Quest 2/3 or Pico 4. Its 6-meter length offers impressive flexibility and freedom of movement, enhancing the immersive experience without compromising on quality. The durable build ensures a reliable connection, while its compatibility across different devices makes it a versatile choice. With smooth data transfer and minimal latency, this cable truly elevates the VR gameplay. A worthy investment for those seeking seamless performance and extended play sessions.

  7. 08

    by Ethan

    Gave an ok signal when being used with my Oculus Quest 2. But was getting a bit of lag here and there. Which was not present on the computer monitor. Although it states it charges it the battery would still deplete at a similar rate to usual.

  8. 08

    by Steve

    Much cheaper than an official cable but still does what you need.
    Was able to play steam games on the Mete Quest 2 using this cable easily enough.
    Cable does catch the top of your ear slightly, but you can try to fasten this out of the way with a small velcro strip.
    Charging wise, it charges the headset fine when not in use.
    When the headset is in use, it does still charge but depending on what you’re doing it might not provide more than you use (Tested using a USB-C port on the PC)

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Kuject Link Cable for Quest 3/2/Pico 4, 5m Long Cable for Virtual Reality Headset, USB 3.0 Type C to C Cable for VR Headset, High Speed Data Transfer Charging Cord for Gaming PC...