KIWI design Head Strap Accessories Compatible with Quest 2, Elite Strap Replacement for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR

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  • Enhanced Side Straps: The side straps of our elite strap adopted upgraded polymer material which is eco-friendly and has extreme tenacity and sturdiness that could stand over 100,000 times bending so you don’t have to worry that the side strap will snap.
  • Optimized Wearing Design: With the 52° adjustable hinge, just gently flip up Quest 2 and you can check your surroundings without the trouble of loosening the knob to take off the head strap. Also, this design is very convenient for you to put on or take off the head strap, especially for people who wear glasses.
  • Enlarged Head Support: The whole head strap weighs 350g, it has larger head support than the official one, fits head circumference 17.7-29.5inch, the enlarged head support can better fit and cup your head, which will make the head strap more stable and comfortable.
  • Upgraded Cushions: The widened 46mm top strap pad and the thickened 16mm head cushion can effectively improve the comfort and reduce pressure when wearing the headset, and the soft PU leather surface makes it very easy to clean the cushions. Note: Please use the cloth that came with the package or tissue to wipe off the sweat on the PU leather cushions in time to avoid mold, do not use chemical liquids such as alcohol and detergent.
  • Easy to Carry & Store: Our head strap can fit in the official carrying case and most carrying cases on the market so you can rest assured to take it on your travel and won’t worry about the storage. Note: Please detach the back bracket first to put it into the official elite strap carrying case!!!
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Maris Savickis

    Can’t really fault it. A little more expensive than some, but the feature to be able to tilt up the Quest so it sits on your forehead, allowing you to see while paused and move around with the gear still on, is a winner – and it really does work.

    I’ve got a pretty large head, and this fits great. he padding is extremely comfortable – compared to the OEM strap this is heaven. Solid, stable, secure, comfortable and feels pretty well built. Worth the extra.

  2. 08

    by Maris Savickis

    I recently purchased the KIWI design Head Strap for my Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my VR experience. The Elite Strap Replacement truly enhances the support and comfort, making extended VR sessions incredibly enjoyable.

    Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend this product:

    Superb Comfort: The enhanced design of this head strap greatly improves comfort during extended VR sessions. The padding and weight distribution significantly reduce strain on the head.

    Secure Fit: It provides a secure fit, ensuring the headset stays in place even during active movements. This is a huge plus, especially for more intense games or experiences.

    Adjustability: The adjustable design allows for a personalized fit, catering to various head sizes and shapes. It’s easy to adjust and provides a snug yet comfortable feel.

    Durable Build: The build quality is impressive. The materials used seem durable and capable of withstanding regular use.

    Improved VR Experience: Overall, this accessory has significantly enhanced my VR experience. It’s made longer sessions more enjoyable and reduced any discomfort I used to experience with the default strap.

    In conclusion, the KIWI design Head Strap for Quest 2 is a fantastic investment for anyone seeking improved comfort and support during VR experiences. I highly recommend it to fellow VR enthusiasts—it’s a game-changer!

  3. 08

    by Glenn (Uk)

    Overall, the head strap is great. It is comfortable, and easily adjustable, with a nice cushion for the back head rest, and top strap. It is easy to assemble, with good instructions (however they do not say to/how to remove the old strap from your quest, but I had done it before).

    The feel of it is good, but has a couple issues to get used to, but are in no ways deal breakers from what I have used of the product so far. The strap provides little counterweight to the quest, so when adjusting the top strap before the back one (something you should always do), it falls forward. This could be fixed by getting a battery pack for it, to provide some extra weight to the back. The angle adjustment is great, but my head can get in the way of it fully tilting up, and as easily as shows. However, it does make it easy to put on/off. I had to apply a decent amount of pressure to prevent it from shaking when shaking my head, but when playing beat saber this shaking was unnoticeable, and thanks to the cushion head strap, I had no vr face after use. You could use it lighter with practically the same amount of shaking, but you get a bit more light leaking in. Solvable with a different facial interface I am sure though.

    TLDR: Good headset. Easy to install, with good comfort. It just takes some time to adjust to from the default one.

  4. 08

    by Jonathan

    it’s durable and comfortable and the strap being movable is nice although it’s a bit loud tightening

  5. 08

    by Basexperience

    Item arrived well packaged and damage free. Quicker than the expected delivery date so that was a bonus.

    Kiwi Design Elite Strap
    Straps for VR are a very personal thing, what some people may find comfortable, others not so much. However, I bought this for my Oculus 2 since the stock strap seems no more than some knicker elastic that has to be over tightened to provide any support. Most agree that the stock strap is one of the first things you need or should replace, this is where online video reviews come in.
    This strap has a pretty universal loved rating, it’s strong, light and above all the comfort level is amazing. It’s a replacement for the official elite strap since there has bee. ‘issues’ with them Kiwi made their own, and its a thing of beauty.
    Easy to use, just clips onto the standard arms of the Oculus and off you go. Once in place and tightened there is zero movement even on my big bonce it just hugs your head in a memory foam cloud.
    It could be cheaper sure, but you only really get what you pay for so as far as value for money goes, I’m more than happy with the price. The only negative is the adjustment dial sticks out a little making movie watching a little uncomfortable but for gaming, working out I don’t think you’ll find a better strap unless you want a halo style then is this obviously isn’t for you.

    In short…. If you need a strap (and if you’re still using stock you probably do) then buy this one, it’s comfy and so easy to use you can’t help but join the masses and love it.

  6. 08

    by Glenn (Uk)

    No question, this (or similar design) is what the Quest should have shipped with. It’s so much more comfortable, secure, and easy to adjust. Easy recommendation.

  7. 08

    by Ash

    Bought for dad loved it as he’s housebound and uses it almost everyday to go around the world !

  8. 08

    by Andrew

    relieves the discomfort i had when wearing the original strap which comes with the Quest 2 – even after an hour it still feels ok — obviously not the most comfortable for lying down flat on one’s back, but perfect for rhythm games like Beat Saber

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KIWI design Head Strap Accessories Compatible with Quest 2, Elite Strap Replacement for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR

£38.00£45.10 (-16%)

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