Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 L 2.3 KW Stainless Steel | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators | 72905, Black Trim…

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  • PATENTED PURE POUR SPOUT: The Architect Kettle has a unique, smooth pouring action that prevents any water dripping down the kettle or onto your work surface
  • RAPID BOIL: The powerful 2.3 kW element boils water fast so you don’t have to wait long for your drink. Concealed in the base of the kettle, away from water contact to reduce damage from limescale, is boil-dry safety feature that switches the kettle off if empty
  • STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE: High quality, stainless steel body with brushed finish. This kettle is a fusion of contemporary design and technical performance. Buy this along with our matching Architect Toaster for the perfect kitchen set
  • INTERCHANGEABLE PANELS: A range of different coloured panel packs are available for your Architect Kettle. Simply unscrew the panels and replace with your new set for an immediate update to your kitchen colour scheme
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: From our founding in 1945 we have continued to provide high quality, innovative kitchen products. Our Architect range has the staples of Dualit products we are recognised for, stylish design, high quality build and thoughtfully engineered features
  • Manufacturer customer care 01293 652 500
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‎Black Trim Brushed Body

Volume Capacity

‎1 litres

Special Features

‎Interchangeable panels

Item Weight

‎1.4 kg

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Mark

    Yes it is a little bit noisy but most of them are in my opinion
    Yes it is a bit difficult to see the level of water but it opens so easily I just look
    in and have noted the best filling spot for two cups of tea.
    It does mark but a tiny bit of baby oil makes it look good as new
    All in all I am pleased with my purchase

  2. 08

    by Amazon review

    The media could not be loaded.

     Very well made – looks fantastic and does the job.

    Here are the two things I couldn’t really find a detailed review of so I’ve put them here and attached a video of the first:
    1) The spout – It’s a funny shape compared to most – and I was worried that it would pour water in a strange way and I wouldn’t like it. Well, it does pour differently, but its very nice. It’s a more controlled pour with a slightly smaller flow. You have to tip the kettle maybe 10 degrees more than a normal spout kettle, but you get used to it in just a few goes. After that, you will appreciate the way the flow stops instantly when you straighten the kettle.

    2) The base is wobbly. Some people have written that they don’t like the base as its not as secure – and I agree with this initially. Yes, the kettle does “wobble” on the base – if you wobble it about! When it’s boiling with a max level of water in it, the kettle does a small “jiggle” right at the max boil rate – but NEVER enough to worry about or to look bad. However, this slightly lose base does make it easier to get the kettle on the charging port in the middle when it’s full of water.

    Other points:
    It’s not too heavy – even with loads of water.
    It makes about as much noise as any other jug kettle I’ve ever had.
    It’s expensive, but it looks and feels expensive – which is kind of the point if you are buying something that is not just an appliance, but something that makes your kitchen look and feel nice (it’s an important room after all!)

    We use a kettle several times a day, and we are pleased with this purchase – time will tell if it lasts.

  3. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Nice looking kettle, by a well-known British-made brand, I wanted to support a hopefully long-lasting product, however. . .

    The kettle handle is a naff-looking silver colour (would have been nice if it matched the steel finish)
    The filler level is hidden behind the handle so not clear
    The biggest issue is it’s not well insulated so it’s noisy and the sides get too hot (other stainless finish brands are insulated so you will not have to worry about burning yourself).

    I would have loved to keep it, but for £90 I felt the design was too compromised.

  4. 08

    by Honest Lawyer

    Having spent a whole bunch of evenings doing research on kettles, and after owning my very own kettle which used an app but is now long extinct, I put my money into this Dualit design.
    I like certain designs of kitchenware that serve versatility, practicality and usefulness when in regular usage. So, a kettle being a simple smallish boiler of a sort needs imho to be able to withstand its own thermal cycles and be able to be handled safely and comfortably through your wash boil and fill cycle by the user. It needs to be free from risks of leaching out chemicals. Regardless of some manufacturer claims to the contrary.
    When it boils it needs to have a safe stable base and not wobble. Result here.
    Oh and I don’t use noise as a criteria for a kettle. Unless it rattles the windows which this does not, then I assume it makes a noise of boiling water. I do however like the quick boil aspect of kettle: this design gets the job done quickly and I would say pretty quietly. At least it doesn’t have some crazed annoying beep at the end of the heating cycle that can’t be switched off that would annoy far more folks I suspect. And I don’t have to plug this into a router to make a brew. To be clear I would rate this a quick boiling and, given the job it’s being asked to do, pretty quiet.
    Another criteria was stainless steel throughout. There is a tiny plastic insert in the kettle that I don’t much care for but another reviewer reports how to easily remove it.
    The body of this is solid whilst being light enough to enable me to float to the sink with it, whisperingly wofting my thumb over the small, ideally placed lid-release button, and filling the thing safely without risk of having my face or hands caught by escaping steam.
    Upon my return to the baseplate I pitch it again the task of making hot water and switch on the handily placed power switch whilst aiming the squat cylindrical escape nozzle roughly in the of my kitchen hob ventilation fan.
    I love the spout. The steam bubbles out as if from a classic steam engine and gets quickly expelled through the ventilation so that I can enjoy this routine daily.
    I use this kettle more than any high-tech thing that promises much but in the end just causes arguments.
    There is a beautiful blue water backlight when it’s in action that completes the look and feel; and in the end that is as sophisticated as any kettle needs to be as it also illuminates the water level.
    This is well thought out design. I would say highly respected mechanical and design engineers have had a strong hand in it’s feature set and evolution. And consequently, I am
    now a Dualit convert.
    Highly recommended.

  5. 08

    by Billy Goat

    Ultimate kettle love the styling…

  6. 08

    by jayneingle

    I’d wanted a stainless steel kettle for some time, Dualit is worth the money & looks amazing.

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Brought this kettle to replace old one, good design, quick to boil, feel of quality. Very happy with my purchase.

  8. 08

    by wayne

    I’ve purchased several Dualit kettles in the past – but only one this style! It is amazing,

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Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 L 2.3 KW Stainless Steel | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators | 72905, Black Trim...

£84.80£85.70 (-1%)

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