Dualit Classic Kettle | Polished Stainless Steel with Black Trim | Quiet boiling kettle | 90 Second Boil Time | 1.7 L Capacity, 2.3 kW | 72796


  • FAST PATENTED WHISPER BOIL: The Classic Kettle is the quietest kettle that Dualit has designed and drastically reduces boiling noise. Designed to be not only quiet but fast, it can boil enough water for two full cups in less than a minute and a half.
  • STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE: Unlike plastic kettles the Dualit classic kettle features a high quality, polished stainless steel body with black trim. The handle features a soft silicon grip for comfort and lid has a heatproof ring and finger guard to protect users from hot water or steam.
  • NON DRIP: With a precision engineered, non-drip spout you don’t have to worry about water dripping onto the kettle or your work top, meaning a safer experience for all users. This Dualit Classic Kettle is truly built to last and is fitted with a revolutionary patented replaceable element.*
  • DUAL MEASURING WINDOWS: The BPA free windows feature cup measures on one side – perfect for tea drinkers! – and the other side measures water in litres – so you only need to boil the amount of water you need helping reduce water waste and improve the environment.
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: From our founding in 1945 we have continued to provide high quality, innovative products to make your life easier and more stylish. Our Classic Toaster has been hand built in the UK since 1952 and now we bring you its perfect partner, the Classic Kettle.
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Mark Chisholm

    Bought to replace our older Dualit that we have had for ten years because whilst still working well it is looking tired and of course styles change.

    This one taps into the latest style of using copper for a bit of added retro look, which I rather like. There is a sort of ‘industrial,’ look about it that is a bit steam punk in its execution.

    In use it boils very fast and most noticeably – or rather not – very quietly. So much so that you have to be standing right by it to hear it. The lid is a bit stiff to open which I’m sure will ease over time but when it is open the top is clear for filling with an easily read level gauge down the side.

    If I do have a niggle then it is the manufacturing of this. It’s not cheap for a kettle and yet whilst Dualit proudly brandishes the ‘Designed and Engineered in Britian,’ tag lines everywhere, the reality is that this is not made in the UK. It is made like most things overseas in some low labour cost country. And if this only cost twenty quid then fair enough but when you are forking out close on £120 then I fail to see how there isn’t enough slack in that price to enable UK manufacturing to still allow a decent profit to be made. This is a real bugbear with me when ‘traditional,’ British companies play on their Britishness and charge accordingly yet are actually selling you stuff made in the Far East.

    Anyway, rant over, the actual product is well made, stylish and works very well. But pricey.

  2. 05

    by Jessica W.

    Unbelievable quality!

    I recently invited a friend over just to show off my new kettle. I suppose that does say something about my life – but more so about this kettle.

    It’s really comparatively quiet, it looks beautifully retro without being kitschy, it boils water fairly quickly. But what I love most about it is how smoothly the water pours out. Not. A. Single. Drip. It’s a full, round, solid pouring. Very oddly satisfying.

    I’m enamoured of a kitchen device. There, I said it.

  3. 05

    by L J S

    A beautiful stunningly designed kettle available in chrome with a different coloured metal strip at the base. I chose a copper stripe. The lid is attached easy to open. Fast boil. BPA FREE. Dualit’s Whisper Boil very quiet. A lovely pourer no drips. A sturdy on/off switch. The kettle is a good weight & the base so will not get knocked over. A measure on both side of the kettle one side in litres the other in cups.
    I also bought a matching copper Dualit 4 slot toaster also available as a 2 slot excellent quality the best toast I have tasted

  4. 05

    by AC

    Hard to find the perfect kettle these days. All seem to be built cheaply. This kettle is not cheap, it has a heft and look that suggests quality. I bought it to replace our 6 year old Dualit Architect kettle, which was operating perfectly until suddenly the button stopped engaging.

    Stainless steel finish looks good
    Limited plastic in the boil chamber (only cup display, hinge and filter are plastic)
    Extremely quiet! Our Dualit Architect was noisy that you couldn’t watch TV or have a phone call in our open plan living space when it was on – this kettle is so much better – it really is a whisper boil, totally unintrusive.
    Having both ml and cups measure has been unexpectedly useful
    Apparently replaceable heating element (but I’ll believe it if/when we see it)
    Really quick boil especially for two/three cups

    Not a fan of the manual pull lid, suspect it’ll become loose in future, but haven’t been burnt by it yet
    The handle has a plastic back bit which can flex sightly and feels cheap, let’s the whole kettle down in terms of quality
    Still not entirely plastic-free in the boil chamber, which feels like a missed opportunity
    Activation switch does not feel robust at all, this was the failure point of the Architect so I’ll not be surprised if this is first to fail

    Dualit promote themselves as a premium quality brand – but they clearly aren’t committed to repairability or longevity, only a 1 year guarantee for a kettle of this expense is pathetic. Also the product brochure included with the kettle includes £400 coffee machines which include the description “depending on the failure, we *might* be able to repair this”. Really disappointing to see the brand haven’t woken up to the need and demand for repairability and reduced environmental waste – I would definitely pay a little more for something I know could be repaired in 10 years from now.

    Summary: I researched ages to try to find a powerful, reliable, kettle. Something that should last at least as long as our previous 6yr old Dualit. This kettle isn’t perfect and let’s itself down in a number of silly areas, but we’re happy enough with the product so far. The quiet boiling is it’s nicest feature from my perspective.

    Time will tell – I will update this review if it begins to play up.

  5. 05

    by Katie

    It seems a little silly to get so animated about a kettle but here we go…..
    I was looking to replace my Delonghi kettle which had lasted an impressive 15 years, and though I was happy to get another one, this Dualit caught my eye in my search and I’m very grateful it did. My husband’s forever telling me that I buy things that look great but don’t serve the purpose, but with this Dualit even he would admit that you definitely get the best of both worlds – aesthetically pleasing AND a damn good product! I love that it has the cup gauge on the side (I definitely use less water when filling it now), I love the flip lid (it was always a bit of a fight to pull the lid off my old Delonghi), I love how sturdy it feels (not heavy, just that satisfying sturdiness that comes with a quality product), I love the spout design (I know, I know, it’s just a spout, but this one just makes pouring so…well….tidy), I love that it’s Bpa free (husband couldn’t give a monkey’s but I’m in to that sort of thing), I love the quietness, the quickness, the chrome and copper – it looks utterly charming and I’m unashamed to say that it gives me a little bit of joy every time I pick it up and use it. Oh and let’s not forget that it’s made by a British company. So all in all what I’m trying to get across is it’s well worth the investment. Now I’m off to make a cup of tea…

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Dualit Classic Kettle | Polished Stainless Steel with Black Trim | Quiet boiling kettle | 90 Second Boil Time | 1.7 L Capacity, 2.3 kW | 72796


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