CARLOCK – Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Car Alarm. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car in Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior. OBD…


  • CARLOCK – Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Car Alarm. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car in Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior. OBD Plug&Play
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Cathy

    It’s a really useful device and it does take away some stress about owning a car. I had to use an extension cable to relocate the OBD port as the tracker would have stood proud and given away it was there. Setup was easy to do in my modern classic car.

    The “diagnostic” side of carlock is limited to checking out the battery voltage level.

    The subscription price is fairly reasonable, though I would like to see a greater discount if you purchase a years subscription. At the time of writing the discount amounts to £1. Yes you read that correctly, one uk pound.

    Overall, I am glad I have carlock. Can it be improved – absolutely; but it’s a pretty good package as it stands. I hope carlock do take the opportunity to develop it further.

  2. 06

    by Frankie

    I was concerned that a small device would not be powerful enough to maintain a GPS signal.
    Within 2 minutes, that concern was gone! It is early days but it connected without fault and has not faulted.
    App is simple to follow, beautiful looking and provides a lot of useful data.
    Brought primarily as an extra level of security, I am very pleased with the unit and the follow up automated communications with the supplier during set up.

  3. 06

    by Grant P Davey

    Hands down, the best tracker I have ever used!
    I have used 4 or 5 different trackers in the past, but this one beats all the rest I have previously used by a country mile! I originally had a spare mobile phone set up with a 4G sim and a GPS app installed, and it worked OK, but the battery life on the phone wasn’t great and I could only charge it whilst I had the ignition on, so after a day or so it would drain the battery life.
    So I looked at an alternative option. I purchased a GPS tracker (i forget the name of the brand) which i hardwired into the car via the fuse box – again, this worked OK, but it had a very buggy app and rarely showed the correct location.
    So I then purchased a ‘mini GPS’ sim tracker that claimed to work with any sim carrier…but it didn’t and I could even get it to work. Lastly, before I got this device, I purchased the Vodafone curve which has a built in v-sim. Out of all the previous ones, the vodafone curve is the best, and works relatively well for a small monthly fee – but – compared to this item, the curve is nothing.

    Now…for THIS item…what a nice, easy and simple device that works…and very well!
    After unboxing, there’s a slip with an activation code to register the device. Then it was just a case of downloading the devices app and plugging into the OBD port of my car.
    No wires. No mess. No fuss. Don’t even have to worry about fiddling with a sim card as it has one built in. Don’t have to worry about battery life either. It pulls through enough power without the ignition on and no reduction in battery voltage and …it just works very well. It even has useful features in the app to enable smart security to detect vibration and you can even set it up to detect harsh cornering/braking/accellation etc.
    You can see exactly when the engine is started and stopped, where the car has been on each trip…and even follow the map LIVE if you wanted.
    Literally the only nag I had was that once I plugged the device into my OBD port, the flap door that covers my port wouldn’t close as the device was sticking out. But this was a very easy and simple workaround…the guys who manufacturer this device also offer an extension OBD cable, and its relatively cheap, too. I purchased the cable, and once I installed it, I was able to hide the device in the dashboard and close the flap door. This device also detects and notifies you when it is plugged in or unplugged.
    I dont have a bad thing to say about it. I gave had it in the car almost a week now…and I love how simple it is to operate.
    The monthly subscription is 100% worth it.

  4. 06

    by Bailey yellop

    Super easy, plug and play this tracker shows me where I went, how fast and if I was driving like a lunatic or not 😆. For a subscription of £6.99 Itl notify you if any motion or vibration meets your car ! Honestly quite cool if you like gadgets get one 🙂

  5. 06

    by Mike Chakufiyali

    The device works well and easy to use, but can not be used in my country of residence, Namibia, hence it’s a couple of pounds into the drainage. I bought 3 devises and later on realised they can not work in my country.

  6. 06

    by Mr R Ahmed (genuine customer)

    Very accurate and the app is user friendly, I am subscribing to the monthly service, it is a no brainer to me, the device is a bit bulky so I had someone move the OBD port and tuck it away out off sight, if my car gets stolen; the thieves would not have a clue that there’s a live tracker following them. Also the vibration/engine start alert is good, but annoying when you forget to unlock it via app, there’s an extra kit you can buy for that but I think I’ve spent enough.

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CARLOCK - Advanced Real Time Car Tracker & Car Alarm. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car in Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior. OBD...