OHREX Sat Nav 786, 7 inch, with UK EU Maps 2024(Free Lifetime Updates), GPS Navigation for Car Truck Lorry HGV LGV Motorhome, Speed Cam Alert, Post code, Lane Guidance


  • 【World Maps & Free Lifetime Update】Pre-Installed with the latest 2024 Europe UK Ireland maps. Maps of Australia,NZ,USA or Canada is available to install free anytime. You are suggested to update maps every season.
  • 【Map UPGRADE】About map update: For Window system pc, you can connect OHREX Sat Nav with your computer directly. But for MAC, you need to use the external TF card, this TF card can help you complete map updates successfully.
  • 【Intelligent NAVIGATION FEATURES】(1) Supports Postcodes, Address, Coordinates & POI, (2) Driver Alerts, Active Speed Camera Detection, Street name Broadcasting, Current Speed, Lane Guidance & Estimated Arrival Time, (3) Intelligent Route Planning Fast & Economical, (4) Turn-By-Turn Real Voice Broadcast in over 40 Languages (5) Automatic Day & Night Mode Switching, (6) Multiple Vehicle Modes : Car, Truck( Lorry), Motorhome, Emergency, Bus and Taxi.
  • 【FM transmitter】Built-in FM transmitter can provide GPS sound to your car stereo. Latest touchscreen technology, no need for styluses, HD display providing clearer viewing for poor eyesight, can be seen in bright sun light, say goodbye to sunshades
  • 【OHREX SUPPLY】Ohrex supply regular maps upgrades and any question inquiry for sat navs. British brand, established professional technician team in London, has been recognized by hundreds of thousands of consumers.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Ian H.

    As with all reviews on a product this sat nav had quite a mixed bag when it came to people’s opinions. I’ve yet to test this out on the roads and see if it avoids low bridges and weight restrictions so I’ll not judge it on that just yet.

    As for the build quality it feels very robust and not too heavy. The holder is a bit cheap feeling but does the job its meant for. Sound is a bit tinny but the model I bought has the option to tune in through your fm transmitter so it speaks through your car.

    Good sized screen. The interface is very straight forward to work with…. Similar to other cheap sat navs on the market. And the GPS seemed to lock on fairly quickly. Shows all local points of interest and provides telephone numbers etc for local businesses. All in all for the price tag I’m very impressed. I’ll be testing it on the road over the next few days and decide whether its worth keeping or not.

    Maybe I’ve just been lucky or the people leaving the poor reviews don’t know how to operate it correctly. The instructions are there for a reason.

  2. 07

    by richard

    find this product very good value for money, and once I got it set on uk settings it has performed very well indeed, easy to use, very clear screen and with the option of linking the sound output into my radio it has help me, (as my hearing is not as good as it use to be) I can turn up the volume as high as is needed.
    Good online back up via my computer from OHREX if required, and they are very quick to reply. lost my set up booklet, guess it got scooped up with the Christmas wrapping paper, I just sent them a text and within moments I received an online manual no problem. They have a team ready to respond to any issues you may have. plus an online “club/help line” where you can find the answer to most things you need to know and keep in touch with latest developments.
    This unit I am using is not connectable to the web, but then none of my old satnavs were, so not a problem for me. enjoy.

  3. 07

    by john r.

    Brilliant sat nav. very good quality and loads of extras. For the price it`s an absolute bargain. Would recommend to anyone.

  4. 07

    by david henderson

    Positive points – it does the job, tells you to turn when you should and it undoubtedly has a lot of features I have not explored. Battery life is also fine, has the option to vary routes if you are driving an HGV – I’m not so I can’t verify accuracy on that point.
    Negatives – doesn’t like it if you don’t follow the instructions and can take quite a while to accept that you won’t detour back to it’s chosen route. It did lose satelites on one occasion but you are able to reset it. To set a route is easy enough but you have to click through a number of screens to get there. My guess is if you take the time to set it up properly rather than just plug it in, this can be avoided.
    It also shows speed limits which are not updated for a while – miles not a few metres. My previous satnav showed your speed and the speed limit – handy when you are driving in Europe with a British car.
    I’ve had it 6 weeks and made a couple of long trips in Europe. Would I buy it again? Yes probably. It’s always difficult to give a fair review until you have properly used the item. You can plug it in and use it without reading the manual, which I did, but you probably get a lot more out of it by taking the time to open the book.

  5. 07

    by Moomins

    I’ve been using this sat nav for almost a year so I thought it’s time for a review. I previously had tomtom, garmin and seat sat navs and this is better by a country mile.

    Good bits :
    * large touch screen thats easy to read whilst driving.
    * The screen is good quality and it’s super accurate.
    * It updated itself after a new bypass was built and other roads but I don’t know how though.
    * Connects to audio through the car stereo I presume through bluetooth.
    * You can alter literally every setting to how you want it.
    * Voices are actually nice sounding.
    * Lane guidance is good and works.
    * satellite connection is always reliable.

    Needs improvement :
    * It’s a little slow to catch up on roundabouts if you drive too fast so just drive a bit slower.
    * Window holder needs an upgrade as it’s a bit flimsy where it clips onto the sat nav.
    * It doesn’t like being connected before my daughter starts her older car. It crashes a lot on ignition start up. My van is new and I don’t have that problem.

    Overall, I’m still really happy with it a year later and has never sent me down tiny roads in my van. I bought a separate case and my sat nav is still like new. I’d buy this again too as it’s got masses of features for the money.

  6. 07

    by Ryan McCarthy

    Very well priced, phenomenonal value for money in fact! Though I find it bit of a fuss to use. It’s not as simple as my Garmin, and I have to tighten up the mount every day or it swings about all over the shop when I corner. Despite these trivial issues it’s brilliant value for money and when another vehicle is added to my fleet I’ll probably buy another one

  7. 07

    by Rob Z Tobor

    When this arrived about 10 days ago I was quite pleased, it looks well made and the screen mount was ideal for my car. And it responded really quickly to changes I made on route. However by day 3 is lost signal for the entire day and has done so a couple of times since. What was the final nail in the coffin was a trip to a location 18 miles away and it calculated the route at nearly 50 miles. Had I not known where I was going this would have been seriously annoying. And I still dont know where it wanted to send me as even at the location it said I have over 30 miles to go and yet had the correct location listed as the destination.

    I really wanted to like it but if you can’t trust your satnav then it’s time to send it back and get a different one. It seems well made and is easy enough to use, but I (and I guess most folk) need a device we can rely on when we are travelling on unknown roads.

    As I said I wanted to like it and sending it back is frustrating as I found the 7 inch screen ideal.

    Maybe I was just unlucky and got a rebellious device.

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OHREX Sat Nav 786, 7 inch, with UK EU Maps 2024(Free Lifetime Updates), GPS Navigation for Car Truck Lorry HGV LGV Motorhome, Speed Cam Alert, Post code, Lane Guidance