TomTom Car Sat Nav GO 620, 6 Inch with Handsfree Calling, Siri, Google Now, Updates via WiFi, Lifetime Traffic via Smartphone and World Maps, Smartphone Messages, Capacitive…

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  • World Maps: Get maps from around the world and update them for free.
  • TomTom Traffic: Accurate traffic information enables your TomTom satnav to intelligently plan routes around traffic
  • Updates Via Wi-Fi: Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom satnav via built-in Wi-Fi, no computer needed
  • Compatible with Siri and Google now: Get full access to your personal assistant with your phone safely away in your glove compartment.
  • Hands-free calling and smartphone messaging: So you can keep your hands on the wheel and your phone safely away in your glove compartment.
  • Important : We recommend charging your device from your home via a mains plug. The 12v in your car will not provide enough power to charge fully therefore the device will need to be plugged in continuously.
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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by VYV

    We spent hours researching sat nav’s. Tried a couple which were more like tablets, not dedicated sat nav as it turned out, fell off windscreen etc. etc. etc.

    I have an aversion to maps, and as my husband does most of the big drives, he was looking for something to help him!! We did have an old tom tom, and Garmin in the car, but fairly old now, and the tom tom had stopped uploading maps to our old machine. Our main problem was ending up on roads which just were not suitable. To be honest it didn’t happen to often, as we used common sense, and got used to the garmin (in particular), and it’s obsession to go well out of it’s way to where we were going.
    So after hours of research we settled for the tom tom 6200. Were going to get the tom tom professional, but settled on this. Firstly the 6 inch screen is helpful, nice clear graphics, it goes on the windscreen and stays there. We have a Dacia Logan, so are getting the round discs to place it safely on the dash board a bit closer. The 5 inch would fit anywhere on the windscreen. We changed the size of the writing on the tom tom to large font, and that was a helpful addition. It can be paired up with computer etc., although the tablet took some working out. We wanted this to work so we could plan our own routes, and transfer to tom tom. This feature works really well. With the voice recognition we found changing the “wake up” call to something other than tom tom wake up, was a good idea. Even discussing the tom tom in the car, puts it into command mode.
    We live in Wales, so don’t really know how it would go just by programming here, as I believe Wales is one of the hardest places to navigate staying on “proper” roads, and we see semi trailers often enough in a bad place around here, to make me wonder if anything other than a good map and common sense should be relied upon. Fortunately we know most of the routes to take, even down to smaller lanes, but definitely would not be good for semi trailers or larger vans. I gather here, even putting a post code in can take you into a six mile radius of where you want to be.
    We also tried Google maps – ok in itself. We have the sim in the tom tom on the 6200 for traffic updates, that works too.
    What is confusing is the life time offers of maps etc. It appears the life time is 5 years, and with the 6200 you are supposed to get lifetime maps, traffic up dates, and speed cameras.
    So all in all, this dedicated tom tom looks like it will come the closest to what we want and need!!!! My husband who has a technical mind found the setting up fairly easy, except for the pairing up with the tablet to plan the routes he wants to use, but he got it to work very well eventually. It also saves the routes you work out on the tom tom for further use.
    I am not sure if there is much better for the cost. Maybe the professional?
    Did try to get in touch with tom tom when we were trying too decide on which model to buy, but were unable to make contact!!!!!!!! So feel fairly confident we made the closest to right choice, and overall: so far so good.

  2. 02

    by Tone

    At the time of writing this l have not had the opportunity to fully use it (on the road that is) due to resting post operation however, l have taken the opportunity to play around with the menu/setting up. Okay, the effectiveness of this unit to warrant the price tag will be found out on the road so what l will comment on are first impressions and setting up. The device itself warrants 5 stars as its a quality built unit with very easy to use functions/menus, it easily blue toothed to my IPhone (you will need to download the Mydrive free app). This allows me to add favourite addresses or POIs on my phone and my IPad which then sync’s seamlessly with the 6200, however adding these to the unit direct is just as easy too. I also liked the ability to customise the device easily without needing a degree in computer programming! My one gripe however as mentioned by a previous reviewer was for the wifi signal to disconnect from the 6200 whilst in the same room as the router (Virgin TiVo) whilst other devices were connected but found turning off the Tomtom and back on seemed to reconnect it to wifi?? The initial setup found the router with no problem but l am unsure whether this unit doesn’t like the TiVo box (unlikely) or whether it needs a software upgrade or tweak ( the device is fully up to date l should add) from Tomtom. I also don’t think this is an issue with my device as the previous reviewer has the same issue so it is likely to be a minor issue that the manufacturer may need to look at? Provided it does what it needs to do on the road the wifi issue is something l can live with for now as the device ticks all of my boxes for quality etc etc but will be interested to hear what others have to say on their reviews. 4 stars because of the wifi dropping off twice since setting it up last week.
    Update – now used it for several journeys and cannot fault the directions provided along with the traffic details in the side bar, Bluetooth phone calls work well via my phone. Updates to maps etc is seamless as and when updates are required, not found any faults and wifi seems to be behaving itself now…..

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TomTom Car Sat Nav GO 620, 6 Inch with Handsfree Calling, Siri, Google Now, Updates via WiFi, Lifetime Traffic via Smartphone and World Maps, Smartphone Messages, Capacitive...

£159.40£169.00 (-6%)

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