Breville Curve White Electric Kettle | 1.7L | 3KW Fast Boil | White & Chrome [VKT117]


  • Add eye-catching finishing touches to your kitchen with the Breville Curve Collection, featuring a curved texture design with high gloss finish and chrome accents
  • 3 KW concealed element for rapid boiling, 1.7 Litre capacity makes 6 to 8 cups
  • Illuminated rear water window for accurate filling and energy efficient boiling; smooth spout for easy pouring
  • Removable, cleanable limescale filter, concealed element for easy cleaning
  • 360 degree rotational base, push button lid, non-slip feet and cord storage
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Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎9.13 x 6.42 x 10.39 cm, 1.1 Kilograms

Volume Capacity

‎1.7 litres

Power Wattage

‎3000 watts

Auto Shutoff


Special Features

‎Boil Dry Protection, Cordless, Concealed Heating

Item Weight

‎1.1 kg

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4264 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by Linda

    I bought this toaster to replace ours. Its lovely looking. It’d easy to work and toasts perfectly.

  2. 01

    by adam sartain

    Nice looking toaster. Toasts well. Only issue i have is, you are only able to use 1 double side when you toast just 2 slices all the time. I like to use both sides so I’m not burning the elements out on just 1 side. You can only toast on the other side when you have 4 slices to toast. Other than that it does what it’s ment to do.

  3. 01

    by Paul

    I bought this matching kettle & toaster set to replace my aged Delonghi set, where you can toast INDEPENDENTLY with either left or right arms, not a big ask as all my previous toasters for the last 40 years have worked that way also. I’ve had Dualit, & too many more to mention in over 40 years & never come across anything like this. This story is a good ‘un!

    PART ONE: The first one was faulty, where the left arm would not engage, so only half the toaster worked. This was returned to Amazon who replaced it.

    PART TWO: The second one, worked for one minute then died halfway through mid toasting. I then changed the fuse, and not only was it still dead, but it’s knocking out my RCD unit in my hall cupboard repeatedly?

    I was back on the telephone to Amazon, who after speaking to two different operators, and having to repeat myself 7 times (& not because I love to go on & on I can assure you), they told me that their “policy” was that I could return it, but I would have to wait for them to receive it, before they’d refund me? After that, I would have to re-order a third one. I said why not just collect this second one & send a third one? They told me this was against their “policy”. How daft!!!!

    So at Amazon’s request, I have now returned the second for a refund, & am not impressed as I’m without a toaster! Reliablility & quality control seems really poor, which since this saga I have since read loads of other reviews on here, & I’m not the only one experiencing multiple issues.

    If I try a third one, & should that turn out faulty, I’ll also have to return the matching kettle, & get a refund. Come on Breville, get your act together, as the products look nice, but don’t work or blow up as other reviews on here indicate. There’s many competitors who can build toasters and kettles, so why are you cutting costs to produce such unreliable products. You’re bound to lose out in the long run if you continue making duff products.

    PART THREE FINAL & MOVEMENT: After receiving a third toaster where the left arm will not engage, I telephoned Breville UK directly & spoke to customer service. They sounded disinterested to say the least. Here’s the craziest part. The customer service agent then advised me that The LEFT ARM WILL ONLY ENGAGE & work, if you press the Right Arm FIRST. I have my toaster in the right hand side of my kitchen in the far right corner. As a long term back pain suffer, I wake up stiff & sore every day & cannot stretch in the morning to make coffee & toast. It’s closer for me to use the left side of the toaster, & have no need to use the right side of the toaster to make my usual 2 slices of toast most mornings. Once in a blue moon, I do use 3 slots to toast crumpets, or if a family member wants two pieces of toast as I’m doing my two. Breville said “well that’s how it works” with a couldn’t care less attitude, & told me this is stated in the handbook, which I have no need to read to push a toaster arm down! I replied “whoever designed this toaster whereby only the left two slots will work if the right two are deployed, must have been either drunk from the night before, or totally incompetent. Why hinder your customers who 50% of the time are going to place this either in a left or right hand corner?

    Also in closing, what is the point in having two seperate arms, if the right hand side only allows the left hand side to engage if BOTH ARMS NEED TO BE DEPLOYED?? I only want two slices of toast from the left slot, & if there’s nothing in the two right hand slots, that no doubt would cause the elements to burn out & ruin the toaster altogether. ONE WORD – AVOID as the design is not only flawed, but you’ll be forced to toast more bread than you actually need or want.

    I have since bought a matching Tefal Avanti Classic in Silver 4 slice toaster & kettle set directly from Tefal UK. Yes, you guessed it hallelujah, the left arm & right arms work independently, which is how everyone in the industy builds their 4 slice toasters. Breville makes stuff that looks nice, but the way it works is a total & complete failure! See attached photos to show the toaster/ kettle placement in the right hand corner of my kitchen. Hope this review helps other in deciding what to buy.

  4. 01

    by Drayfus

    This is a really lovely kettle which looks great in my kitchen. There’s a handy blue light when it’s heating and seems to heat very quickly. Hopefully it lasts a lot longer than my previous kettle!

  5. 01

    by Allan Jones

    Quickly boils water, looks nice, is sturdy and makes a nice cuppa.
    Had no issues so far with kettle.

  6. 01

    by Bella

    Had one for many years then it broke down so got a different one but poor item so went back to breville toaster.

  7. 01

    by Carol hooper

    had to return as one side (two slots) did not work. shame, it looked great

  8. 01

    by Paul

    Love the look of this toaster it works well and you can do one or both sides perfect for a large family

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Breville Curve White Electric Kettle | 1.7L | 3KW Fast Boil | White & Chrome [VKT117]