TomTom Sat Nav GO Camper Max 7″ HD screen with Campervan and Caravan POIs, Updates via Wi-Fi, TomTom Traffic and Speedcam Warnings, World Maps


  • Specific routing for campervan, caravan and car, avoid low bridges and narrow streets on your route with TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav
  • POIs tailored to campervans and caravans: Find your ideal campsite effortlessly as you drive with detailed POIs from our partners preloaded on your TomTom GO Camper Max sat nav
  • Trusted TomTom Traffic and speed camera alerts: Stay relaxed and in control with time- and fuel-saving traffic congestion avoidance, reliable arrival times, and 1 year speed cam alerts.
  • Largest HD 7”screen and powerful speaker: Safer driving with crystal clear route guidance via your TomTom sat nav’s screen and speaker – smooth motion, exceptional picture clarity, and vivid voice.
  • Scenic routing is the way to go if you prefer fun over fast: this routing feature helps you avoid the boring straights and enjoy the most beautiful roads and surroundings.
  • Most up-to-date TomTom world maps, updated wirelessly and effortlessly: Drive with total confidence with the freshest maps which are smaller in size and faster to update, via Wi-Fi, at no extra cost.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Alan

    Works well usual tom tom quality
    Good experience with seller.

  2. 08

    by Mrs B Smith

    On the whole it’s very good. It doesn’t give you enough time to review all the routes to determine the best one – that might be because I haven’t worked out how to work out routes offline yet. Occasionally there is a minor glitch in the routing or the spelling of a town

  3. 08

    by Craig Simpson

    Well that is 3 hours I wont get back, I had reservations going with TOMTOM due the fact I couldn’t get the app to work on my phone (kept freezing) but was swayed due to the award it advertises here. Booted the unit up, fully charged it and linked with sats, then tried to connect to my wifi, connected but would not connect to the internet, when linked to my phone it crashed my wifi connection on my phone. Then spent about an hour to get the software to work on my laptop, nightmare. Finally got that to sort of work but the software is not keen on windows 11. Next after that thought I would try sync routes from the smart planner, not having it. Properly had enough at this point.

    I will add I am very IT literate and love my gadgets. I maybe unlucky but the software and connection issue in todays market is awful. Boxed and now sent straight back, will try a Garmin now and see how that is, I could buy a cheap phone and performance would be far superior, only got this for the camper van programmability.

  4. 08

    by Paul

    Good large screen and very clear but does not justify Whig’s price

  5. 08

    by John H.

    I bought this expensive piece of kit expecting 21st century technology. Whilst I’m sure the hardware is very good and seems to be solid and very well made, I’m afraid I was sadly disappointed (maybe having owned an iPhone for many years, the bar has been set too high?). I remember the good old days, when sat-navs first appeared on the scene. Great at navigation (most of the time), but try connecting and loading updates and software etc – frustrating to say the least.
    I never actually got to try this latest offering from TomTom on the road since I was unable to successfully load Caravan Club POI’s and sent it back working on the philosophy my time is more important. It should have been dead straight forward and it was not.
    Some annoying points: I was unable to login to the device when it is connected to a PC (ooops, try again later); The accompanying PC App, constantly takes you out to another web page where you have to login again). Loading POI’s is not in an obvious place and the software tries hard but fails at being intuitive (maybe it’s me, but I’m normally very tech savvy, so I think not); the touch screen I found jerky and a poor experience when compared with a modern phone screen. Click on the wrong link and be taken to pages of pages trying to flog you expensive subscriptions and add-ons. Sorry TomTom, I know this is not the price of an iPhone, but it only has to do a fraction of what an iPhone can do and for me, it sadly failed I’m afraid.

  6. 08

    by Wanderer Afloat

    We bought this on the recommendation of “Wandering Bird” a motorhome reviewer who has an excellent web site with lots of helpful information about owning and using a motorhome. So far we’re delighted with it. It takes away the crippling fear I had years ago with my first motorhome when I’d duck and cringe every time we approached a low bridge. You input your van’s height, length and width and it plots a safe route avoiding low bridges and narrow unsuitable lanes. It’s a game changer and really reduces the stress of driving a large vehicle, leaving you more relaxed to enjoy the journey.

  7. 08

    by Chris London

    Easy to setup, just entered my campervan dimensions. Was already useful on a trip to Norfolk by avoiding a restricted width road. Would have been a nightmare otherwise as I’m pretty sure i would have missed the road sign. Very easy to use and good quality display and speaker. Only thing I don’t like is that you have to connect your smartphone via bluetooth to get live traffic and other updates. That was quite tricky to set-up and seems to fall over quite a lot. But not a massive problem and I would definitely still recommend.

  8. 08

    by Gary Owen

    Excellent sat nav for motorhome, no more narrow lanes or low bridges to worry about

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TomTom Sat Nav GO Camper Max 7" HD screen with Campervan and Caravan POIs, Updates via Wi-Fi, TomTom Traffic and Speedcam Warnings, World Maps


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