Srhythm NC35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.3, Foldable Over Ear Headset with Build-in Mic,50+ Hrs Playtime,Multi-Point Bluetooth Connection Voice Call


  • World-Leading Digital Active Noise Cancelling (ANC): Advanced noise cancellation technology effectively quells 90% of stable low frequency background noise when in noisy environment airplane/subway/car/office/factory/crowd etc.(not 100% sound canceling).ANC ON,World OFF.ANC works well in both wired and wireless mode
  • Elegant Appearance & Tiny Lightweight Folding: 194g/0.42 lb ONLY ! Light for head relaxing and portable for traveling storage,Multi-point rotation ear-pads with adjustable headband. Ergonomic international standard size
  • Fast Charge & 50+Hours Enjoyment: Charging 10 minutes to use 3 hours.High efficiency and energy-saving Bluetooth 5.3 to prolong playtime up to 50 hours after 1-2 hours’ full charge.Built-in sensitive microphones for easy communication under Bluetooth mode.Support Siri voice control.3.5mm stereo audio cable as back-up when in low battery.Extra Charging protection
  • Ultimate Sound: Clear mega bass from unique designed sound chamber and 40mm HD premium speakers.Professionally stereo drivers’ and other frequency bands’ improvements make music grace to find the rhythm of your soul.Sometimes quality just needs to be heard
  • Superior Comfort: Extremely comfortable memory protein leather with skin-friendly breathable feel.Exclusive Designs of Air Pressure Balance to reduce sound wave pressure of active noise reduction. Wearing much more comfortable than all other brands. Designed in Japan
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Mehira Mohammed

    I’ve never been a big headphone person because I thought they look big on my head and would give me a headache after awhile (4-5hrs🥲). I wanted to invest in good quality but not break the bank😤. These are one of the most comfy, prettiest (blue-green😍) ones I found out there that match my checklist:
    • Easy connection between devices
    • Good quality mic for calls
    • Comfort (12hr day on my head with short breaks and no headache🤯)
    • Versatility in transport (to be compact and light😮‍💨)
    • Long lasting playtime
    • Noise cancelling/ spacial awareness
    • USB-C charging
    • Durable
    I haven’t had them long, but in the time I have these have been great for everyday consumption. If you play music with lots of strong base I don’t recommend unless you can alter the tuning in your music app because it comes off static-y and irks my ears😪. Quite jarring tbh🙄. idk how to explain it but if you play it religiously, like you wanna feel it in your veins, these are good🙂. Be warned the louder your volume the easier others around you will hear EVERYTHING YOU ARE HEARING🫠, just less so but can still be annoying on the bus/train🫡. Noise Cancellation is so good the headphones don’t even need to be on for you to notice the decrease in environmental noise around you🤭. One thing I will mention is that although there, spacial awareness is weak and you will still have to lower volume/ stop music or remove one ear-cup off your head in order to have a proper convo with someone🫤. But it’s enough to let you know someone’s trying to talk to you with the help of peripheral vision (this depends on how loud your music is and how blind you are) 🗣️🎧🕳️👩🏻‍🦯
    **subject to availability- refer to brackets for more**👆🏼👁️👄👁️👆🏼

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    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ve attached a video review to this Amazon review as I was very impressed with these headphones – check it out.
    The build quality is good, protective case is great and sound quality is very good…..price is excellent.

    As an owner of Bose QC35 headphones that is what I always use as a benchmark for headphones but can a pair of £60 headphones really stack up to a pair costing £200 more?
    Well….if cost is not considered then there is a world of difference and the Srhythm NC35 fall short everywhere (as almost all other headphones do) except battery life (40 hours) which is approx. double the Bose headphones (20 hours).

    HOWEVER……considering that these headphones are only around £60 they are well worth buying since they offer exceptional value and a short summary of Pros and Cons below should help you decide whether they would be suitable for your needs:

    Price – £60 won’t break the bank.
    Comfort – I find the NC35 just as comfortable as my Bose headphones, maybe even a little ‘lighter’ feeling on my head.
    Build Quality – They are solidly constructed and fold up neatly to fit inside the storage case.
    Security – The storage case is very well made and will protect the headphones during transit no problem. It holds all the necessary cables and has space for more.
    Pairing – Paired no problem and the process took about 15 seconds, very easy to do.
    Bluetooth Range – 10m-12m no problem, no more and no less than my other bluetooth devices.
    Battery Life – Excellent battery life, fast charging and I ran my headphones for close to 4 (long) days before they needed charging up.
    Sound Quality – Rich, spacious and immersive, maybe skewed slightly more toward treble than bass but not to the point where I feel I need to EQ the output from my phone. Both music and spoken sounds are good quality and sound ‘clean’.
    Noise Cancelling – OK for lower frequencies e.g. footsteps, keyboard, traffic but not so good for higher pitch sounds. It works even when headphones are not playing music.

    Phone Call / Microphone Quality – I have made and received many calls while wearing these headphones and a few times the person on the other end of the call said they could hardly hear me, sound wasn’t too good at their side of the call. I tried boosting the volume but that didn’t seem to make much difference.
    Call sound quality coming through to me was good but I can only assume that it is a slightly weak microphone preventing my voice getting through on phone calls properly. If you are not going to be answering calls through these headphones that will not be a problem.
    Button Placement – I prefer the buttons to be on the outer lower edge of headphones for easier location and operation but that is a personal choice.
    Noise Cancelling – This is limited to having an effect on lower frequencies so while it does work to some extent you will never feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension when it is active.

    So the summary would be that I would recommend the NC35 to anyone wanting a relatively cheap, light pair of good quality headphones for listening to music and podcasts with the caveat that if you use them while at work the phone call quality could be an issue.
    No work, no problem.

  3. 03


    There’s a lot to like about the NC35 headphones. They’re affordable, come with their own case for keeping them secure, and use type C for charging too (Finally!!! Most companies are still using micro-B). The headphones are foldable too, but be careful with this as it is a common weak point in headphones like this.

    These headphones are not going to stand up well next to noise cancelling Bose or Sony headphones; but those are more six to eight times more expensive, so it is not a fair comparison.

    The controls are simple to use, although the buttons are small. The multi-function button lets you switch on and off by holding it down, whilst a quick press will pause and play music. The quick press also answers and rejects calls etc.

    The navigation buttons let you adjust volume. If you hold them in, they let you skip tracks back and fourth. The LED light goes green when noise cancellation (ANC) is activated and red when the battery is low. Red and blue is used for bluetooth pairing and blue on its own indicates music playing (though this is green when ANC is being used).

    Bizarrely, the ANC green light stays on even if the headphones are off, so you need to press the ANC button again. A strange design flaw,.


    * Overall package is good. It comes with a portable carry case, type C charging cable, type C to 3.5mm connection cable, and a two-prong audio connector for flights (though it is becoming less common to need these, it’s still good to have it).
    * Manual features six languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. It highlights all controls and what the LED lights indicate.
    * It won’t win any design awards, but the headphones are comfortable when they’re on and fold up for storage.
    * The headphones use bluetooth 5.0. They connected to my phone in seconds (look for NC35 when connecting).
    * Type C connection is particularly useful for Android users as it means you can charge it using your smartphone charger.
    * Charging appears to be quick. They apparently provide around 40 hours of playback after one or two hours of charging. For reference, the battery is 800mah.
    * Sound quality is good and noise cancelling does appear to isolate your music.


    * Control buttons on the right earcup are small. Larger buttons would have been better.
    * Design is fairly boring. This might suit many people, but those that are looking to stand out from the crowd will not be inspired.
    * Build quality could be better. It is mostly made from plastic and the part where the headphones twist seem vulnerable. If you take care of them and utilise the provided carry case, this shouldn’t be an issue (Expensive headphones break too!).

    Are these the perfect headphones? No, they are not. Though they do provide fantastic value for money. It comes with every cable and adapter you need, an unbranded carry case, a type C connector for charging, and of course, good quality sound. Therefore, it’s difficult to be too critical given the price it’s selling at.

    I’ll mostly be using these with my phone and tablet around the house and will get good use out of them.

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Srhythm NC35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.3, Foldable Over Ear Headset with Build-in Mic,50+ Hrs Playtime,Multi-Point Bluetooth Connection Voice Call