Bowers & Wilkins PX8 Flagship Noise Cancelling Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 & Quick Charge, 30 Hours of High-Resolution Playback and Built-In Microphone -…


  • A NEW REFERENCE IN HEADPHONES: Px8 noise cancelling headphones combine its high-resolution 24-bit DSP brain with all-new 40mm Carbon Cones that deliver outstanding resolution, capturing nuances in your music that other headphone drive units miss.
  • CANCEL THE NOISE, NOT YOUR MUSIC: Bowers & Wilkins Px8 headphones use six microphones for active noise cancellation that shuts out unwanted intrusions while preserving sound quality. Careful positioning and angling of those microphones ensures outstanding call quality too.
  • THE NEW LEADER IN HEADPHONE DESIGN: Px8 over-ear headphones combine cast aluminium arms for superior durability, plus sumptuous Nappa leather plus perfectly crafted memory foam earpads for effortless all-day comfort. Diamond-cut bright metal detailing perfectly finishes the luxurious, premium look.
  • SMART, INTUITIVE, EFFORTLESS: Use the Bowers & Wilkins Music App to adjust noise cancellation, select your EQ preferences or launch your phone’s voice assistant. And with 30 hours of battery life, you can listen all day long on just one charge.
  • CARBON CONES: The Px8’s new Carbon Cone drive unit reduces distortion, resulting in massively improved clarity. Coupled to a fully optimised drive unit ‘motor’ system’, with revised magnet, voice coil and surround, the result is unparalleled accuracy and realism.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by paul f mcnamara

    I’ve owned a pair of B&W loudspeakers for years ,so I sort of know what sound quality to expect and these headphones certainly don’t disappoint in that regard, the tone of them… at least to my ears was excellent nothing sounded to overblown or too bright, and the look of the design of them is excellent they are very comfortable to wear for long periods, and the clamping force is pretty good even for people like me that wear glasses which can be somewhat of a bug bear.

    Now the bad thing: I only had these for three months ,and the leather that covers the headband padding started to peel away in one strip, it didn’t rip, it quite literally just slipped away from the headband, so I’m assuming that it wasn’t stitched or glued on, and was just tucked in. At £600 a pair I would certainly expect better than that, I contacted B&W with the assumption of getting them repaired as they come with a 2Yr warranty, but was told to contact Amazon for a full refund, which I did and greatly received a few days ago.

    I’m disappointed because, bar the headband padding issue they are a fantastic pair of headphones and I really liked them, but them falling apart after three months with little use, and at this price tag is totally unacceptable, …at least to me anyway.

  2. 07

    by Neil Woolrich

    Being a music enthusiast I have always admired certain brands and have aspired to own a premium set of headphones.

    Build quality
    Upon receiving the Px8 it is very difficult to be anything but impressed when first taking these headphones out of the case. The headphones design is understated yet timeless and the incorporating of premium materials really add to the overall experience.

    The build quality feels solid which is reconfirmed by the weight, these headphones are very comfortable and wouldn’t have any concerns with wearing for long periods.


    Before going into too much detail there had been some indications on YouTube reviews of these having some issues with lagging when watching videos, I am pleased to find this doesn’t seem to be a issue and have found the audio to be on point with video playback.

    Now to where these headphones absolutely excel, the sound on these are simply breathtaking, yes sound can be very susceptible and not everyone will have the same preferences however these headphones deliver deep rich sound whilst also maintaining clear vocals with zero distortion at the medium to high range.

    Yes I recognise these headphones are set at a premium price point however when compared to the AirPods Max the px8 do justify the increased cost with the inclusion of a decent carry case alone however being a iPhone user and finding it difficult to recognise any benefits with the Dolby Atmos transfer I had decided to go with the px8 and honestly have zero regrets.

    Simply a stunning piece of equipment to truly complement any music collection.

  3. 07

    by paul f mcnamara

    Bought these for use with my Macbook Pro so installed TIDAL hifi plus for the music. I read the reviews here & watched some vids with regard to breaking them in & its true, give them time to bed in and they get better.Although straight out of the box they sound great.

  4. 07

    by Neil Woolrich

    These headphones ooze quality from the moment you begin to unpack them. They are well finished and of excellent design. They are easy to set up with the B & W App and you are up and listening very quickly. Pairing Bluetooth can be hazardous at times, but perseverance usually pays off. They are comfortable, not too heavy (which was a worry), and they sound amazing, clear controlled with pitch and pace and bringing out the dynamics of the music without making you listen to the equipment rather than the music. B & W are a well established and respected company and excel in many of their products. If you listen to MP3’s etc. on your iPhone I would buy some cheap headphones, but if you listen to quality Vinyl, CD or HD downloads or streaming, these are worth considering……

  5. 07

    by Agent 47

    Get the headphones in record time delivered to KSA. Beautiful looking headphones, made of luxury materials. Still need some time to try them out to have a better review regarding the sound quality. As per the few days I have them sound quality is amazing. Very good clarity and crisp vocals. Great headphones for anyone who wants to pay the premium price.

  6. 07

    by John Lloyd

    I upgraded from my Sony XM5s – well made, comfy, and sound better than the Sonys. But the bass just doesn’t hit it – the mid-range is a bit too harsh even with a DAC and Tidal. Upgraded to a pair of Mark Levinson 5909s as on offer elsewhere and only £100 more – OH MY GOD THE SOUND – THEY ARE AMAZING AND MAKING ME LISTEN TO MY WHOLE COLLECTION AGAIN IN TRUE BLISS.

  7. 07

    by John Lloyd

    Well what can I say about the bowers & Wilkins px8’s; other than profusely foaming at the mouth. These headphones look stunning; after coming from the Bose 700’s which are a very good pair of headphones for the me the let down was the little rattle you get if you walk a bit fast. (Due to it being made of plastic) no such isssues with px8’s. The audio is bright and vibrant. Now I’m no audiophile I’m not going to bamboozle you with terminology and expert advice. But I like the soundstage. And the app is pretty decent. Might not offer much in the sense of the equaliser but it is good enough. I find these headphones great. Haven’t quite tested the battery yet. So not sure on the 30 hour battery life. Though i find most claims from headphones to be true and if not it’s not always far off. Now off course the big question can you justify paying such a price. This is the big one right? I myself found them worth it. The noise cancellation is decent (might not beat Sony) but they do a very good job. And yes there are cheaper decent headphones out there. The aforementioned bose 700’s which are a very good pair of headphones or the Sony m5’s. So this comes down to affordability. I myself would recommend these. You’ll be riding the Victoria line or Piccadilly line the envy of other passengers 😀 (or maybe not) hopefully I’ve been helpful. If I haven’t I apologise greatly.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX8 Flagship Noise Cancelling Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 & Quick Charge, 30 Hours of High-Resolution Playback and Built-In Microphone -...


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