Sony WI-C310 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic, up to 15h battery life, Blue


  • Stream quality sound all day
  • Wear all day, keep on listening
  • Easy hands-free calling
  • Easy operation with buttons
  • 15 hour battery and 10 minute charge for 60 minute playback
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Musebeliever

    I have recently gone through a lot of earphones which I returned instantly due to their poor quality. I find that these a the best compromise I found for this price point. Excellent clear sound with no static. Contrary what some reviews, there is a skip function! You just have to hold the + button. Very comfy (enough to fall asleep with them) and sturdy. Just ordered another backup pair.

  2. 08

    by Rocky

    This wireless earphones is surprisingly REALLY GOOD. the battery life really last long.
    The price is worth on what it features, and great value as well. Sony is no doubt still
    One of the top brands when it comes to tech. Bluetooth connectivity, easy to connect and fast as well.
    Very straightforward functions. It’s not heavy and material used is great. The sound
    Produced is so beautiful, and great bass. Great for gym users or while walking/ running ,
    chatting or simply listening to sounds.
    I’m thinking of buying again in different colour.

  3. 08

    by Frederick Shawe

    Nice headphones with a decent sound level and audio range. However, not great for running – the cable is too light and as one reviewer has also said, the magnetic link between the earbuds is not strong enough to keep them together

  4. 08

    by Holly

    Battery life is amazing, they’re very comfortable in my ears, sound quality is amazing. Very easy to use and setup, wish I got them sooner.

    The only down side is you gotta remember to disconnect them from the last device you used them with or they won’t work with another one. It won’t even register they exist.
    It works really well with my phone, tablet and mp3 player. Laptop not so much though. It’ll crackle and disconnect and send a loud notification sound to say it’s been synced again.

  5. 08

    by Duck Lamond

    The string is too long (flaps about, gets caught on stuff, adds weight) and the ends are too heavy with no collar clips/magnets or any other attempt made to stop these from slipping off your neck and getting lost. Comes with a wee packet of exchangeable bud rubbers that are all the same size. Totally useless. They constantly jump out of my ears and fall on the floor or inside my T-shirt.
    The last pair I bought were so low quality that they’d go to white noise if the volume was set to the upper three settings but I wish I’d just bought another pair of them instead of this Bain of Isoldur nonsense.

    “The cursed earphones abandoned their owner at the worst possible time, tangling themselves in his tool belt and distracting him so that he fell to his death..”

  6. 08

    by Whap Goblin

    Good, solid bass earphones, amazing battery, swell Bluetooth.
    I’ve been debating with myself about leaving this review.. and it’s been a hard one.
    As they come: great sound, 3 different silicone ear buds to choose from. Amazing AI voiceover when charging/connecting/pairing/low battery. On Gods: I would be honoured to marry that woman when I hear *whoo-p-din-din*”low battery” and if you are a melomaniac angy like I am, let me make this abundantly clear:
    “One” and I mean it “Uno(!)” alert you will hear telling you that battery is low. No more annoying interruptions after.. Sony will disconnect about 1,5-2h after that voice(tested by falling asleep while YouTube black hole)
    So why 4 stars?
    Ehh.. Japanese perfectionism disregarding human filth.
    We are animals and animals we are filthy. There is but a small “paper” filter between earphones and that nasty wax of our ears. Long story short: it’s not to be cleaned, if you think you are going deaf, get a toothpick and carefully remove that small paper thin block.
    Problem? It gets waaaay louder after .
    Nothing more to say, so I’m just gonna use remaining space to say that I love you “random Citizen” and I hope life will straighten itself closer to you, so you can find or keep joy in your life. Stay sharp.

  7. 08

    by Judy Collins

    I bought a second pair cuz I lost my first pair, and I wanted the same again. They have a great sound quality and are comfortable to wear. Highly recommended.

  8. 08

    by dion hartnett

    In my opinion, these are hard to beat for the price. I got these to as a replacement for my Beats Flex earphones which stopped working after 3 years of reliable service.
    I was initially looking at another pair of Beats, but wasn’t very happy with how much Apple have raised the price since I got my pair (much like all their products these days)
    I took a chance on these and I’m super glad I did! The Sonys I picked up are just over one third the price of Beats and I honestly can’t tell any diffence in audio quality.
    Battery life is impressive too.
    Overall, a great buy for the price!

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Sony WI-C310 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Mic, up to 15h battery life, Blue