Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B 23L Easi Flatbed Digital 800w Solo Microwave, Freestanding, Black [Energy Class e]’


  • The easiest and most instinctive microwave with 4 simple buttons that allow you to Microwave, Defrost, Start and Stop/Cancel.
  • No complicated auto cook menus or power levels.
  • Flatbed technology removes the need for a turntable to offer a microwave with more useable space – ideal for large plates and casserole dishes.
  • The flatbed surface is easier to clean, so food debris and moisture can be wiped away with ease.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Busy Bee

    This microwave is so easy to use. 4 buttons. I’ve had previous microwaves with combi grills and lots of settings I never used. This microwave is perfect, defrost, microwave, start & stop. The flat bed is good as can get large plates in it. What more do you need?

  2. 08

    by Janglyj

    I searched a long time for a microwave which was simple to use, without the twirly plate. Having found in the past that a £60 microwave from a supermarket is just as good as spending £100 + on a microwave. I found the grills, and all the bells and whistles were a waste of time unless you have no cooker. This is not the cheapest microwave but it is good looking, easy to keep clean, spacious inside, flat bed microwave. The buttons are simple and straightforward. The cord is a metre long before the plug. It has feet so easy to clean underneath and easy to glide across the worktop leaving no marks. Should you want to move it. It’s more powerful than my last microwave (the one with all the bells and whistles) It has a coating on the inside so shouldn’t go rusty and flaky like previous microwaves. I dry round the inside anyway and leave the door open a bit to let steam escape after cooking. I have used this microwave for a while now. I am very happy with it. I very much recommend it. Particularly for those of you who want a quality microwave without the faff.

  3. 08

    by angela baron

    I love the fact I do not have to attempt to fit the glass table in it any more. I am slowly getting used to my food no longer revolving.
    I am partially sighted and although the colour of the front is black which normally I would not consider, the controls, all 4 of them are so simple I no longer have to read, I know where the start button etc is.
    I would have preferred a white microwave but the ease and simplicity of this one makes up for that.
    The inside is so easy to clean although I am extra careful re what I put in my new machine.
    It is larger than my previous one- obviously needs more space to allow room for the vents so it has a new place in my kitchen which fortunately is not a converted cupboard.
    If your hands, like mine, can no longer grip, this is so easy as it is touch control.
    Would I buy again, most certainly.

  4. 08

    by Andrew De Ath

    Bought for my elderly father who struggles now operating anything too complicated. He loves this as its very easy to use, works well and looks very smart.

  5. 08

    by Janglyj

    A good ‘flatbed’ (i.e. no turntable) microwave with easy to use controls at a reasonable price and with very quick delivery by Amazon.

  6. 08

    by Monkeyman

    I recently purchased the Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B microwave and I couldn’t be happier with its performance.

    First and foremost, the simplicity of this microwave is what sets it apart. With just two power settings for defrosting and cooking, it makes meal preparation a breeze. I no longer have to fumble through a complicated array of buttons; the straightforward interface makes it incredibly easy to use. Even my elderly father-in-law can confidently operate it without any assistance.

    I love the absence of a turntable, not having to deal with a rotating plate not only saves time and effort but also provides ample space to accommodate larger dishes. Cleaning is very easy. Without the turntable, I can effortlessly wipe down the flatbed interior, ensuring a spotless microwave after every use.

    The 23L capacity of the Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B is perfect for our family’s needs. Whether it’s reheating leftovers, defrosting frozen foods, or cooking a quick meal, this microwave handles it all with ease. It can accommodate large dishes, making it an ideal choice for families or even when entertaining guests.

    The digital display is clear and user-friendly, allowing me to adjust cooking times and power levels with precision. The microwave’s 800w power output ensures that my meals are evenly cooked and ready in no time.

    Moreover, I appreciate the sleek and modern design of the microwave and it doesn’t take up too much counter space, making it a practical addition to any kitchen setup.

    I highly recommend this microwave to anyone in need of a reliable, user friendl, reasonably priced and easy to clean microwave.

  7. 08

    by Alison

    Great performance. Looks sleek and extremely simple to use and clean

  8. 08

    by SR64

    what could be simpler, 4 Buttons, easy to understand and use, this is simple and effective, without all the complicated programs, its on or off, cooking or defrosting, so simple its great to use. its weird not seeing things go around as in a conventional microwave as there is no turntable, so no glass to clean or break! Easy clean, easy to use, this is a great microwave, a useful size for family (we are 4) we can put in rectangular dishes not just round bowls or plates, its a dream to use,, even teenagers get this! at 800W the power is good too.
    hope it lasts a long time 😊

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Russell Hobbs RHEM2301B 23L Easi Flatbed Digital 800w Solo Microwave, Freestanding, Black [Energy Class e]'


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