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  • GO RETRO WITH JLAB RETRO: Let Rewind Bluetooth Earphones take you back in time, the same lightweight design, with the ability to change the foam ear cushions from black to retro orange, an adjustable headband provides even more comfort. Old school headphones look, with today’s technology
  • WIRELESS EARPHONES WITH LONG BATTERY LIFE: Now it’s time to GO wireless. Keep the ’80s/’90s music GOing for 12-hour Bluetooth playtime. Use the included micro USB charging cable to charge back up after you’ve jammed all day.
  • CONTROL IT: With these Bluetooth Retro Headphones, controls are effortlessly and conveniently at your fingertips, with just a click on the GO, you can play and pause your music and answer and hang up phone calls, as well as track forward.
  • SMART VOICE ASSISTANT: For those need-to-know moments, a double click and digital MEMS built-in microphone lets you activate and deactivate Siri, Google Assistant, or other voice assistant prompts as clear as day.
  • CUSTOM EQ3 SOUND: Choose your personal preferences with JLab’s Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost EQ modes – without the need for an app. You control your sound via the retro head phones so your music sounds just right.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by MontyMuttland

    I often wondered why the lightweight and comfortable headphones from the 80s gave way to the lumpy heavy ear-defenders we have today. Part of the reason, of course, was that they weren’t that good. But with modern electronics, smaller components and Bluetooth, JLab have done an excellent job of reviving this retro style. You barely feel them on your head and the sound quality is really good, in fact you could easily forget you were wearing them at all if not for their one poor feature (which robs them of a 5 star rating).
    The large button on the right headphone, which adequately serves as a multi-function control, rattles around in it’s housing while you’re walking. Quite why it hasn’t been spring-loaded or feature some other kind of damping to prevent it rattling is beyond me, as the whole point of Walkman headphones is you wear them on the move. If you’re focused listening to whatever sound is playing, then you tend to forget about the rattle, but if for whatever reason your hearing zeroes in on it, then it’s annoying as Hell!

  2. 03

    by Gareth

    I saw a few reviews saying that the sound quality on these was not brilliant, but to be honest you’d have to be a really picky audiophile to object to it – it’s more than good enough for everyday use, the sound is rich and not tinny. These are good kit and they look great too. They connect reliably and easily and have a good range – I can leave my phone by my desk and go and make a cup of tea in the canteen in the next room and the connection quality is great. There’s only a single control – you click the entire side of the right hand headphone – and although I’d prefer to re-map the 1-click, 2-click, 3-click and long press settings it’s intuitive enough. You have to go hunting for the recharge socket a little – it lives underneath the foam earpad on the right hand phone. I’ve worn them for several hours on the trot and my ears don’t feel any the worse for it, and they sit easily over one ear too, for when you’re keeping an ear out for colleagues, etc. They don’t fold down at all but they’re so light they can just hang round your neck when you’re not using them. If you don’t like orange, don’t worry – they come with a spare set of black foam earpads. For the price you absolutely cannot go wrong with these.

  3. 03

    by Spin

    I’ve had these for a good long while now, I think about 5 or 6 months. These headphones are, honestly, much better than I expected. I bought them because they were cheap and had a cool retro vibe. But they’ve genuinely become the headphones that I take everywhere with me

    Comfort and Practicalities:
    Small and light, so they can fit into bags easily, and surprisingly very sturdy for how much I’ve thrown them around. They’re adjustable and they’re quite comfy, as they sit nicely on top of my ears. (They also come with two different colour options for the ear pads, in case you want a more toned-back look. I’ve gone with the black ones, rather than orange). They’re not heavy, so very good for extended listening. They don’t block sound, but that works out well if you’re more comfortable knowing what’s going on around you.
    The Bluetooth connection was nearly instant and is very reliable – it connects to both phones and laptops very well, and I’ve never needed to re-pair them.

    They’ve got a really long battery life, and only need charging every 4/5 days in my experience. There’s a small charging point on the bottom of the right ear-pad bit. At first, I didn’t think the cable fitted, but if you kind of just push it a bit, it goes in and charges fine (you don’t need to take the pad off, just pull it up a little, out of the way). The charging cable is short, but if you just take them off and leave them to charge overnight (or for about 30/40 minutes) it’s completely fine.

    Sound quality:
    I thought they’d be worse, but it’s actually not bad at all, especially if you have your music quite loud. You can hear every layer of a track, and there’s no tinny-ness or crackling.

    All in all, very good headphones, and I’m very happy with my purchase 🙂

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Retro Headphones, JLab Rewind Wireless Headphones - Retro Headset with Custom EQ3 Sound, 12 Hours Bluetooth 5 Playtime Lightweight Headphones, Vintage Headphones with Mic -...