JVC Wired Lightweight Headphones – Black

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  • Light weight Headphone for maximum media entertainment
  • Ideal for portable devices such as MP3, MD and CD players
  • Adjustable headband
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Product Dimensions

‎6 x 6.8 x 6.8 cm, 46 Grams

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Compatible Devices



‎3.5mm Jack

Material Type



‎One size


‎220 Volts

Item Weight

‎46 g

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Janos Kardos

    These headphones are great. I use them to listen to the radio and listen to music on my mobile phone. My Bluetooth headphones tend to break up a bit on the bus. They are very light and they are of pretty good quality for the price. They have a modern appearance with a retro feel. Only had a few days so do not know how long they will last. JVC have a very good reputation for quality so I’m expecting them to last a long time

  2. 08

    by jeaned

    These headphones are very light and easy to wear with a good sound quality although they are not expensive they are excellent value for the money.Very pleased.

  3. 08

    by Colin Bowen

    Excellent headphones. I’ve used these for about four hours a week since purchase about two years nine months ago mainly while editing videos for YouTube. They’re excellent headphones for that job, but also for general music listening. Very comfortable to wear, nice long cable, and have a nice retro aesthetic.

    The foam pads are starting to break down, probably because they rub against the wooden cupboard door that I store them on, and at this price it’s not worth sourcing replacement pads, I’m happy to buy a new pair of these. Well worth the money, IMO.

  4. 08

    by William J. Fox

    For the price they are what you expect, cheap and cheerful. I can’t wear earbuds following cancer surgery on my ear, one of them always falls out. These are comfortable, light, and although well sprung they aren’t tight enough to cause discomfort.
    Being so light they are a bonus during hot weather, not that we had much in 2023, and fairly comfortable. Sound quality is acceptable but a bit lacking in the bass. The ear pads are thin but usable. I don’t expect they are too durable but I bought them for occasional use.
    Recommended as long as you don’t expect £99 headphones for this price.

  5. 08

    by Nigel G.

    Sort of cheap and plasticky, but for 8 quid what do you expect?
    Yes they rattle if you shake them, but when worn they are so light. Could do with a bit more foam on the earpads, other than that the music quality is fine. I am no connoisseur of quality, but sound fine on my minidisc – retro eh?
    Cheap, fold up and fit in the pocket, sound reasonable as well, enjoy 😉

  6. 08

    by Norman Conquest

    Having had a recent poor experience with an entry level german made wired set of headphones, which I had purchased to replace my 1980s Sennheiser HD 50 lightweight ones, I decided to go rock bottom and buy the nearest thing to my 1980s phones.

    Back in the 1980s when the Sony Walkman portable cassette and all it’s multibrand imitations came about, lightweight headphones were the norm and you could buy some pretty good ones. Nowadays, trends have changed and all sorts of other headphone styles and types exist.

    The JVC lightweight headphones from Amazon were a snip at £7 and have reasonable audio quality. Conversely, my HD50s were £35 around 1988, which according to the Bank of England inflation calculator translates to £95, in 2020. So I’ve no gripe with the £7 JVC price tag.

    I gave the JVCs to my daughter because her latest headphones had ‘failed’ (see below). But being foldable and in the hands of a youngster, they have an inherent weakness. The hinge pin can become detached. Each side having a hing pin, which is metal and normally resides comfily in a plastic recess.
    Metal into plastic is not ideal and over time (7 months) and several dislocations later, this hypermobility has got to a stage where the headphones are no longer viable. That said, you could probably make them last longer were you to treat them well, not lean on them, nor wear them in bed/fall asleep etc.

    Finally, these have been the first headphones in which the cat has not been interested and this goes to their credit. Our cat has a reputation for cleaning his teeth by chewing cables. He has chewed the internet adsl cable and several sets of headphone leads to oblivion.

    The old acting adage’never work with children or animals’ might well apply to the personal audio world. Some day a manufacturer will take this on board and there will follow a golden age of headphones.

  7. 08

    by Jonathan Bagley

    Can’t fault these. Stay on my ears but with very light pressure. Bought them because I found in-ear phones uncomfortable and suspected they were damaging my hearing. I use them at my desktop computer. Long 1.5m lead is an important feature. Sound quality fine for me. Very good for the price. I recommend them.

  8. 08

    by alva

    They are just what you require for a portable inexpensive CD player. At first glance they are flimsy, but they are, in fact, quite robust. More importantly they are foldable, fully adjustable and really light weight. The tone and audio range is good and perfect for listening in over an extended period. They are also well priced.

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JVC Wired Lightweight Headphones - Black

£9.50£15.50 (-39%)

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