Eyglo M3 Adjustable Strap Compatible for Oculus Quest 2,Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap,Head Strap Reduce Head Pressure,Fits the Head Comfortably,Oculus Quest 2 VR…


  • 【Adjustable Design】The headband adapter employs a rotatable adjustment method, allowing each wearer to find a comfortable angle. This flexible and adjustable design ensures that you can achieve the most comfortable angle for your headset, greatly improving your gaming experience and overall comfort.
  • 【Enhanced Comfort】The ABS headstrap and TPU cover combine to create a more comfortable experience.Compared to standard head straps, ours is lighter and more breathable. This means you won’t feel too stuffy during VR use and can enjoy extended gaming sessions without discomfort.
  • 【Unique Head Strap Design】 The M3 straps are exclusively designed for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. The ergonomic design resolves squeezing issues with the original Oculus Quest 2 headband.It provides an alternative to the Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap.
  • 【Easy to Install and Use】 It is easy to install and disassemble, convenient to replace, and effectively reduces and balances the gravity pressure. It helps balance the VR headset’s weight ensuring that you feel more comfortable.
  • 【Easy to Clean】We use ABS and TPU materials, which can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is no need to worry about the problem of difficulty in cleaning.
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20 x 12 x 12 cm, 340 Grams

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29 Sept. 2021



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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Steven Pentleton

    This looks great.

    We use it as a family and often pass the head set around, this makes it loads easier. You only need to turn a wheel to adjust quickly.

    Easy to fit
    Fast to adjust
    Fast swap when changing players

  2. 08

    by Mrs. Bryony A. Shaw

    Quest itself. Even with a counter balance, it is still too heavy. This Halo strap elimates that pain as the headset does not rest on your forehead, but instead the weight is on the top of your head, supported by a larger head strap. Wearing the quest for more than 15 minutes no longer hurts my head. It isn’t quite as stable as the Elite Strap as the quest doesn’t read against your face, so does move around a little. You can adjust the strap to tighten it which helps, but too tight and the back of the strap moves up your head and is uncomfortable. However, I would rather this as it is more comfortable, unlike the Elite Strap.

    Build quality is good with the arms that clip onto the quest being sturdy and not causing the headset to slip down. The back support is a rubber material that is comfortable and can be removed and flipped round (which I did as it is a slightly different design each way, so was more comfortable).

  3. 08

    by cathy

    Ok so firstly (unless you have previously purchased a replacement head strap for your Oculus) you have to go through the slightly nerve racking process of dismantling your original strap away from the main body of your device, the side arms are a lot stronger than you’d think but there are online videos if you need a bit of reassurance your doing it correctly.
    What I preferred about this replacement head strap is that you can just slide the headpiece onto the side arm rails, you don’t actually have to click them into place, I found this made it a lot more adjustable around the eye socket area which is where I tend to feel the most pressure. The portion that sits on the front of your head is well padded and allows the weight to be evenly distributed. I found it best to get those two parts positioned just how I wanted them before tightening the back area with the winder.
    I tend to play energetic movement games that require a lot of motion and did not have any issues with slipping. Also I did not have the urge to keep pushing up or adjusting like I have with some of the other straps. Occasionally I like to sit in a chair and concentrate on my puzzle game and I was able to lean back comfortably with this headset so I will probably have another go at watching movies.
    In summary I think it’s great value at the price and certainly the most comfortable one I’ve tried 👍

  4. 08

    by darren giles

    good cheap replacement to the oculus elite strap, the cost can be felt i nthe materials, afew screws will need to be tightened over time.

  5. 08

    by Tom H

    Used on my friends quest 2 whilst i wait for amazon to sort their stuff out and for me to get mine 🙁

    Works amazing on his, super comfortable.

    Cant wait to get my own quest and use it. super nice headset

  6. 08

    by Oliver

    I find the design of straps like this to work quite well as long as they can kind of hook under the back of your skull. Unfortunately this doesn’t quite do that as well as it could and I find the unpadded back pad a bit uncomfortable and I find similar straps with padding at the back work better.

  7. 08

    by Jon

    Item arrived faulty, so couldn’t even use it.

  8. 08

    by gogo cat

    this is an adjustable strap for oculus quest 2 vr headset, a good alternative to the official elite strap; when compare to the elite strap, this model is a bit heavy and bulky, but i can say that it’s surprisingly comfortable to use

    it’s easy to install, but i feel it’s a bit strange that it’s not snapped firmly to the headset, doesn’t give me much confidence when my head move during the game, anyway it’s still staying well so far

    i didn’t like the middle head strap of the elite strap, i’m glad that this strap doesn’t really need a middle strap to work (it’s included for extra protection anyway)

    there are 2 adjustable hinges, so i could adjust both front and back cushions to best fit my head shape, also the back knob is easy to adjust and it helps the strap to best fit my head circumference

    overall it’s made of good quality material, comfortable to use for longer play time

    i’m very happy with this product, would recommend

    hope you find these information helpful

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Eyglo M3 Adjustable Strap Compatible for Oculus Quest 2,Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap,Head Strap Reduce Head Pressure,Fits the Head Comfortably,Oculus Quest 2 VR...