Samsung SM-R324NZAABTU Galaxy Gear VR 2017 with Motion Controller (UK Version)


  • The Gear VR’s design and controller gives you a better perspective and the ability to go farther than ever before
  • Is engineered to feel lighter than it actually is, to feel comfortable no matter your facial structure; the foam cushioning offers a natural hold as it blocks light from seeping in
  • Ergonomic design: For a more comfortable and interactive VR experience
  • Use the Gear VR controller as a remote control to navigate your virtual reality with ease or use it as a gamepad complete with trigger to win battles
  • Compatible with Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge and S8, S8 Plus (using USB-C connection)
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by *happygeek*

    I pre-ordered the new 2017 version of the Samsung Gear VR headset, with controller, as soon as it became an option on Amazon. Shame that it took so long to get released in the UK, and shame that we didn’t get the same ‘free headset’ deal when buying a Galaxy S8/8+. However, that grumble aside I can honestly say that it was both worth the wait and every penny of the £119 cost.

    I’m using the Gear VR with a Galaxy S8+, so I cannot talk about how it performs with older handsets. I can say that it is just stunning with the S8+ though. To think that truly immersive, 360 degree virtual reality, can be achieved just by plonking on a self-contained headset with your smartphone inserted is, frankly, astonishing.

    Driven by the S8/S8+ the VR experience is both smooth and sharp. Complaints about phones overheating with Gear VR headsets in the past are gone; I’ve had this on for two hours straight, running everything from movies to immersive gaming apps. The phone has never even got warm. Complaints of jagged graphics are gone as well, possibly thanks to the resolution of the S8 screen I guess, but it’s sharp, clear (once I’d adjusted the focus wheel to suit my eyes) and mind-blowing. The fact that this is made by Oculus, the same people as make the £500 Oculus Rift headset (plus £99 for the controllers, and don’t forget the high spec PC to run it with) shines through; at just over £100 the value is truly palpable.

    I particularly like the fact that you get everything you need in the box, with the exception of a hard case to keep it safely in sadly. I got one from Amazon for £16. Unlike other VR headsets, there are no complex cabling issues to get your brain around, no additional cameras or sensors to be placed, no requirement for a large space to work/play in and no need to upgrade your computer either. It all just works, and works brilliantly. If you have an older, non USB-C, Galaxy there’s even a handy converter included so you can join in the fun.

    The elastic strapping keeps the headset glued to your bonce, without being uncomfortable in any way. I speak as a bald bloke here as well, no sweating or chafing experienced. The headset is also very light, even with the phone inserted, and you really do forget you are wearing it after a while.

    Then there’s the new controller. This takes a couple of (included) AAA batteries, and promises around 40 hours of usage. I’m up to more than 20 and they are still going strong. A rechargeable USB option would have been nice, but the price would have probably reflected that. As it stands, the controller is just fine. Not so small you will drop it all the time, not too big so that holding it is a chore. It fits the hand perfectly, and the controls are easily found when wearing the headset. My only real complaint is that it can lose track a tad too often, and so needs resetting. Luckily this just takes 10 seconds of pressing the home button on the thing while pointing it in front of you, so no real biggie.

    In VR, as with most things tech, the key is in the content. Fortunately there is tons to choose from in the VR store, and while some games are a tad pricey (£7.99 for an app is a little high) there are plenty of good ones under £3 and a myriad of free content as well. It will take some time before I get bored with what’s out there, or go over my meagre budget. I imagine it’s going to keep on coming, and improving, as well. By improvement, I mean the number that really take advantage of the new controller. It has worked well with most things I’ve thrown at it, but games need updating to ensure it is used to best effect. Affected Manor is a good example of a cheap horror game/experience that does this well. The controller becomes your torch to light the way ahead, and you depress the trigger to walk in the direction you are facing. Simple, effective, fun and scary.

    To wrap up then, if you are a VR newbie and have a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ (or even the 7 series as they come onto the market in cheaper deals now) buying the Gear VR is a no brainer. Just do it. There is no better, cheaper, way to get into VR right now. Sure, it’s not the same type of VR experience as the bigger and much more expensive kit can offer, but it’s not that far short to be fair.

  2. 05

    by *happygeek*

    I had been looking at a Gear VR for a long while now and having recently upgraded to a Galaxy S8+, this seemed to be the model to go for.
    It is everything I expected and more. The Motion controller is a fantastic addition and works brilliantly. I can’t imagine using a VR headset with just the buttons and the pad on the side of the headset now. The controller has locked in an odd position on-screen a couple of times but a quick reset soon sorts that.
    From the moment you put the headset on you are transported to a different world where you get totally absorbed. There is no lag in movement so your eyes see what you expect to see and your brain is readily accepting what your eyes and ears tell it (I recommend in-ear headphones for the best experience). Within seconds you forget that it isn’t real, as the previously non-believing friends and colleagues that I have persuaded to give it a go will testify.
    The unit itself is pretty light but feels very sturdy and the head-straps provided feel strong and secure, so this isn’t falling off your head very easily. Overall I find it very comfortable to wear.
    Inserting the phone is simply ‘slot in and click in place’, although I do have to remove the Samsung-supplied protective cover from the phone beforehand. A converter is supplied to enable older phones to connect. Then, as long as the phone is active when you insert it, there is a sensor in the headset that means you just wear the headset to activate VR and you are away. Just sitting in the ‘menu’ environments is awesome!
    I have downloaded a pretty wide variety of content from 360 experiences to 3D film to 1st-person shooters (the controller is a must for these!) and even though home VR is still an emerging technology, I am very impressed with what is available.
    If you are looking at VR and you have a Samsung Galaxy, then this really is a ‘no-brainer’. Welcome to a whole new world.

  3. 05

    by Amazon Customer

    It arrived a day early and in good condition works great, there is some really good content and saved £40 on the price very happy.

  4. 05

    by Robert

    I am unable to get the Samsung Gear to work as it won’t accept my oculus app or the Meta app from Facebook
    This is so disappointing- I’m hoping others may be able to help in this regard
    I know other VR users are experiencing similar problems

  5. 05

    by Ian

    I own a valve index and oculus quest headset so I had quite high expectations.

    The fov is extremely poor, the fit of the headset is quite poor as it is extremely wide.

    The controller is very limited as it does not include a wide variety of inputs. It is also not very comfortable.

    By far the wort issue is the distortion when moving your head, it is nauseating. This headset does not live up to today’s vr standards.

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Samsung SM-R324NZAABTU Galaxy Gear VR 2017 with Motion Controller (UK Version)