DAB DAB+ Digital FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System, USB charger, USB MP3 player, Premium Sound, Alarm, Equalizer, Remote Control (AZATOM Trinity WALNUT)


  • DAB/DAB+ & FM RADIO – Built around the leading British DAB+ and FM technology provider, secures you optimum Digital Radio performance, with easy set-up and quick auto-scanning. Store up to 80 pre-set stations (40 DAB and 40 FM) as favourites or rapid access to full list of available stations.
  • CD PLAYER, BT 5.0, USB. AUX – Bring back to life your CD collection with our hand-picked, auto loading slot-in CD player, combined with modern BT 5.0 technology to stream from music services such as Spotify and Apple music via Smartphone/Tablet or MP3 music files from USB Devices. Charge your Smartphone/Devices with its USB 1A charger.
  • POWERFUL SOUND, HEADPHONE COMPATIBLE – Equipped with HD speakers this system is able to capture everything from deep bass to detailed highs, for both music and radio broadcasts. Adjustable EQ options to fine tune music to your preference or enjoy a more private audio experience with the front facing HEADPHONE port.
  • DUAL ALARMS, SLEEP TIMER, COLOUR LCD – Wake up happy with multiple alarm settings and various time durations. When wanting to sleep, set your timer to switch off automatically. Latest Colour LCD display is able to pack Information and Menu choices into one interface. Customize your clock face from four different clocks available.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – British Designed Azatom products have over 30 year’s experience in the audio sector. Every product comes with guarantee of lifetime customer support here in the UK and a Premium 3 YEAR Warranty (Registration Online required).
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by CW64

    Most of these units (Majority, Soundmaster etc) are really copies of Ruark’s R4, since the Chinese don’t seem too troubled by intellectual property rights – probably made in the same factories too, albeit on a cheaper production line I imagine. Azatom though seem to have at least had some input into the design here. At first, before I even knew about Ruark, I bought a Soundmaster DAB950. It was a good unit really – solid Aluminium front panel and false wood veneer, with a metal plate on the back. But it didn’t have a line out, poor Dab reception and limited EQ settings. I then really really wanted the Ruark R4 but couldn’t justify the price for just myself.

    I returned the Soundmaster and after a lot of research bought this Azatom. The Azatom has uniquely (even the Ruark doesn’t have this) a small colour LCD that gives quite a number of extra settings, such as loudness, finer DAB control and details, and different themes (you can change that analogue clock, I must be the only customer who doesn’t care for it here). It also has a line out which means you can add better speakers for a mini hifi setup (I bought the great value Azatom SPX1000 soundbar too). Though, I use a great Golvely BT headphone transmitter from the headphone jack and use the line out to a reel to reel tape deck (the usb charger port allows it to remain on all the time too and the headphone socket makes sense due to the lag of BT). It’s then like a cut price basic hifi receiver of yesterday with the needed retro look. As someone else mentioned too, headphone and aux in on the front is very well thought out, as is all other inputs to the side. Bluetooth is quick to connect. It found 64 Dab stations immediately (The Soundmaster 4). FM is empty here but that doesn’t bother me as sadly it’s dying away. Nice non slip feet and great mercury powered remote with buttons on the unit in case you lose it too. Between EQ settings on the Trinity and the SPX1000 soundbar a very decent sound quality can be achieved. All in all, great value and well featured.

    Inevitably at this price it is not perfect: The build quality is quite good but the Soundmaster was better (30 quid more too) The front plate is a pressed aluminium rather than solid and the CD port seems to have no felt protection, with some worrying looking jagged edges (works absolutely fine though and your CDs will be safe). The rear is plastic but looks solid enough. The faux wood surround (walnut here) seems very good though. It has less amplification than the 32 watts would suggest, especially through the headphone socket for output to the soundbar – the Soundmaster’s 30 watts seemed more, but it’s more than adequate.

    I think it’s a total no brainer for the money unless you can afford, without blinking, a Ruark R4 Mk III (still want one). A 3 year guarantee and a better online support presence from Azatom seal the deal for me too.

    Edit: The jagged edges I mentioned earlier turned out to be no more than packing matter. This unit has been 100% reliable and a bargain, I feel. Totally reliable now in 2023.

  2. 06

    by Steve T

    Good volume clean sound, equaliser. remote, and feels like you have a solid piece of equipment,
    This is a steal , buy it.

  3. 06

    by Bill Clark

    This was easy to set up with a lot of features, a great sound. The remote control needs a hard push of the buttons to engage but it works well and not too fast, which is good.
    Good value for money and looks good.

  4. 06

    by John M

    I purchased this machine as a replacement for my Bose stereo clock radio CD that suddenly died, and which has now been discontinued, primarily for its fully-featured clock radio capabilities for a bedroom. This little device provides excellent value for money and delivers great sound quality. After tweaking the EQ settings to optimize performance across various radio stations, I found its sound quality to be comparable to the Bose stereo, which cost £599 back in 2013.

    The device features a vibrant color display, along with a flexible alarm clock configuration that can be customized to suit individual preferences. In addition, it boasts a fully-featured DAB radio. My only minor complaint is the need to extend the aerial to receive a strong DAB signal in my house, resulting in a somewhat unsightly appearance. Despite this, I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it. In its class, this model is among the better-looking options available as it looks better in real life than the photos and it certainly does not look cheap and cheerful. I couldn’t make my mind up whether to invest more and buy say a similar looking model at 200 pounds plus but this one beats on features as it has a colour screen, plays usbs (only mp3 and wma) and a fully featured clock that displays when turned off. I’m not disappointed with the sound and I’m someone who likes to buy Cambridge Audio products for my main hi fis. I made a good decision.

  5. 06

    by Alan

    I decided to order this item after reading the reviews submitted by previous purchasers and I have not been disappointed. The radio works well and looks good in our kitchen. We also enjoy being able to listen to cds. The only difficulty I encountered was when attempting to enter programme pre-sets but thanks to a previous reviewer who explained that you have to make sure you are on the pre-set store menu (not the pre-set recall menu) I was able to complete the operation. We have found using the remote control very easy and convenient. We just hope that the radio proves to be a good buy in the long term.

  6. 06

    by CW64

    I was looking for a DAB+ radio with a built in CD player and this fit the the bill perfectly. It’s really easy to set up. As soon as I switched it on the unit started scanning for DAB stations and immediately found and stored around 70 of them including the ones I’m interested in. I’ve seen reviews which say that the user manual isn’t easy to understand but I can honestly say that I didn’t find that to be the case. I was able to set up everything I needed to very quickly. The sound is very good and the CD player works very smoothly. I’ve not used the USB feature yet but I have connected my phone via Bluetooth, again very straightforward. The box doesn’t include batteries for the remote which is annoying but all in all I would say the Trinity D3 is a very good piece of kit for the money.

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DAB DAB+ Digital FM Radio, CD player, Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System, USB charger, USB MP3 player, Premium Sound, Alarm, Equalizer, Remote Control (AZATOM Trinity WALNUT)


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