AZATOM EB100 Powered Bookshelf Hifi Speakers, 2.0 Active, Bluetooth, Wired, Wooden Enclosure, Perfect for Music, Vinyl records, Home Theatre, Gaming, Laptops, PC, 50 Watts (Oak)


  • ✔️HIGH END AUDIO: The EB100 Active Speakers come with its own specialized built-in AD Amplifier. Dedicated 4” inch woofer combined with a polished bass reflex port. 13mm responsive silk dome tweeter. All fine tunable with adjustable Bass/Treble dial controls and EQ modes which then delivers outstanding Room filling Acoustics.
  • ✔️MULTIPLE AUDIO CONNECTIONS: Simply connect to the Bookshelf Speakers via Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 or with cabled options, Digital Optical, Line-in 1 RCA, Line-in 2 RCA and dedicated USB Stick port that can play up-to 64GB of stored music.
  • ✔️CLASSIC WOOD FINISH: Carefully crafted wood cabinet with grained effect finish in optional colours (Oak or Black). Acoustically designed to maximize airflow. Removable Cloth speaker cover gives you the option to reveal the source of the sound and its movements.
  • ✔️REMOTE CONTROL: Sit back and relax with remote in hand. Adjust volume, Mute/Unmute, Play/Pause. Switch between EQ modes (Music/Movie/Dialog). Select play modes (Optical/BT/Line-in-1/Line-in-2/USB).
  • ✔️BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – British Designed Azatom products have over 30 year’s experience in the audio sector. Every product comes with guarantee of lifetime customer support here in the UK and a Premium 3 YEAR Warranty (Registration Online required).
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Amazon Customer

    Arrived the day after ordering well packed in a sturdy box. The speakers appear to be solid and well made and look good on the book shelf. Connecting up could not have been easier, as I’m using the blue tooth option I just connected the left and right speakers with the cable provided, plugged in the power supply and I was ready to roll. The blue tooth link up to my phone was as described in the manual and trouble free.
    The performance of these speakers exceeds my expectation, at 70 years old my hearing is not what it used to be, but after a few hours of playing both rock and classical in my opinion the high notes are clean and pure, there is plenty of power in the bass and I can’t hear any distortion.
    If you want blue tooth speakers to listen to Spotify these are definitely worth considering.

  2. 05

    by Amazon Customer

    Purchased these speakers for a specific place in my office and unfortunately the size is not quite accurate in the info. However I did test them, they are a good solid speaker with great sound for the price, lots of input options. I also wanted to pair my sky box with the remote but couldn’t find the correct code to pair to the sky box, I email support and they never responded.

    So on the whole if you’re not stuck for space these are an excellent speaker for the price. Sound and look great, unfortunately I had to return as they didn’t fit in my space.

  3. 05

    by richyt

    Having had a set of small powered speakers for my PC, I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little larger. Based on reviews, I opted for these and I wasn’t disappointed. I use them hooked to a Soundblaster ZE soundcard on a PC running Windows 11.
    First of all, the sound quality. I’d rate this at five stars; these are probably the best sounding powered speakers I’ve heard. Not true Hi Fi quality; very few of this type of speakers are, but these are more than good enough. The bass is good and the treble is crisp.
    There is a stereo amplifier built into the right speaker, which is fitted with bass, treble and volume controls. These are neatly recessed into the side, whilst the cable connections are on the back There are three separate inputs: two analogue, using RCA/phono plugs and an optical input for digital signals. There is also a Bluetooth connection, which I don’t use, but it’s handy to know it’s there if needed. There is also a USB input to access and play digital files directly, if that is what is required.; this is also on the side. A remote control is supplied. Not essential if they are used the way I do, as they are right in front of me, but again, handy to have, and a quick way to mute the sound if needed. It’s also required to play back files if used with a usb device, and there are some sound settings that are built in which are accessed via the remote. The remote also has a ‘Standby’ button, but there is also an on/off switch on the back of the right speaker.
    The built in stereo amplifier obviously supplies the right speaker directly, with a standard twin speaker cable to serve the left speaker. These speakers are intended to be used as a stereo pair, so they would not be suitable to use as a pair of mono speakers in different rooms (in Sonos style) if anyone is considering that.
    To sum up, overall performance is excellent and the build quality looks very good. Perhaps the only quibble is there is no balance control, but again, few of this type of speaker have one. It’s not an issue for me, but worth noting. For the money, these are good value.

  4. 05

    by timothydog

    I hesitated between buying these and Edifier 1280s but am glad I got these to use for playback from my PC. Obviously these are not reference speakers but, for the money, I don’t think you’ll find better value – I certainly haven’t. Well made, good sound, and with Bluetooth. Remote basic but functional. Overall, very pleased with my purchase and happy to recommend.

  5. 05

    by S. Davis

    The first set of speakers I’ve bought for many a year and I have to say I’m impressed by the quality. The units themselves are very stylish. Audio range is very good, deep bass and good tones. Currently using them via an optical cable connected to the TV. I have a flat screen TV and despite people moaning about the quality of sound from them, I’ve never found my particular TV to be too bad. The comparison between the TV and new speakers though is like night and day, so I’m quietly impressed so far.

    EDIT: I’m finding the volume level (it’s too low) and sound quality isn’t quite as good over Bluetooth but I think that’s an Apple iPhone problem. I’m using these speakers connected via an optical connection to my LG TV and the sound quality from the LG Spotify App is very good and much better in comparison to Spotify over Bluetooth from the phone. Why must Apple nanny us so much and reduce the volume on the phone via BT??

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AZATOM EB100 Powered Bookshelf Hifi Speakers, 2.0 Active, Bluetooth, Wired, Wooden Enclosure, Perfect for Music, Vinyl records, Home Theatre, Gaming, Laptops, PC, 50 Watts (Oak)