Beeline Bike GPS Computer – Velo 2 | Wireless Global Navigation Map | Weatherproof & 11+ Hours Battery Life | USB Charging | Sat Nav for Cycling with a Strap Mount Included |…


  • EXPLORE WITH CONFIDENCE: Intuitive route navigation to find & follow routes effortlessly, even when you lose signal. Rigorously tested & constantly updated to keep you moving the right way. Ride roads that have been recommended by thousands.
  • TRACK YOUR ADVENTURE: Easy to follow directions. Monitor stats, log rides & share to Strava. Intuitive turn-by-turn directions, all the way to your destination.
  • RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY: Fast rerouting to get back on track in seconds. Even in the wilderness with no signal, the Velo 2 will point you back to your route. Connect to mobile devices & ride outdoor with ease.
  • EASILY PLAN ROUTES: With compass mode, you can ride with complete freedom of choice over your route with a simple arrow that directs you to your destination. Clear & simple navigation mounted on your handlebar & instantly readable.
  • HIGHER LOCATION ACCURACY: The sensor fusion improves ride-data quality & reduces dependency on unreliable signal from phones. Works with a free companion app on iOS & Android, for route planning, route Import & ride tracking
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by D. Eves

    Bought this for cycling around London because we were gonna rent bikes and didn’t want to take my phone out every 5 mins or at a junction. This was easy to attach on my rental, it was really easy to read and use for navigation. Absolutely recommend this and since we can use this internationally, have every intention to take this with me cycling abroad.

  2. 08

    by Chris Red

    The media could not be loaded.

     This product doesn’t do much, a few readouts and navigation in urban environments which your phone could do, it does nothing other than that so for £80 you’d think it was a high quality well made item, after all, that’s how much a Fitbit or smartwatch costs and a phone mount is only about £10.

    This product is not well made at all, it feels like a toy and is made entirely of plastic, to even mount it properly to your stem you need to by a whole separate stem mount that costs more than a phone mount, it runs out of power faster than my Pixel 7 (which has battery drain issues showing how bad the velo’s battery life really is) and mine stopped working after about a month, probably from vibrations caused by using it on a mountain bike, by the way, it’s not warrantied for normal bike usage (ie water, moisture, dust, vibration)

    I can’t see any reason to buy and use one of these, when your phone is likely more durable and has more features, buy a £10 mount and a years phone insurance, you’ll be better off.

  3. 08

    by Anon

    I’m now on my second of these. The first one went back after two weeks. Soon after buying, it developed a weird blemish at the bottom of the screen, or at least where the bezel is. It looked like air getting under a screen cover (no, I removed the paper one it comes with and there is no other). This got worse, spreading across the bezel and getting close to the screen. However, I liked the device and thus decided to return it and get a replacement. The replacement is better, but it too has started to develop the same blemish, although this time at the top of the device. This however has not got worse and I have simply decided to stick with it. However, I think this does indicate how cheaply built this is – it is not in any way robust and I would hate to think what might happen if you drop it. It’s a pity as the version for motorbikes – which I think can be used on bikes – is built much better and only costs an extra £60 – still meaning this thing costs hardly anything in the world of Garmin, Wahoo, etc. That version does not have the slightly better than breadcrumb map this does and retains the original’s arrow pointing you in the right direction.

    Apart from this, at least up to the most recent firmware upgrade, this works well. Well, when I say well, it does what it’s supposed to do, and the app to plan your route is also easy to use. I have, however, had to turn off auto-pause. If you pause for too long, it can take ages to start up again. I have cycled for miles and this thing thinks I have not moved. And no, there is, as far as I can see, no way to unpause the device.

    Worse though, the recent firmware update seems to have broken it. Over the past two days, I have planned my routes and followed its instructions, or at least as best as I could. It continually thinks I am not cycling along the route it suggests, yet I am. It would be easy to think that this might be a GPS issue with the phone – if that is what it is using – yet if I open Google Maps at the same time, that places me in exactly the right place. Indeed, so bad was it yesterday that I simply ignored it for about 20 miles until it eventually sorted itself out. In that case, it seemed the app had stopped communicating with the device or was putting itself to sleep. When I opened the app, paused and restarted it jumped forward to my real location – yet the device did not! And yes, I have removed battery management from the app and given it all the permissions it needs. As I say, this started after the most recent device update. I hope that this is sorted soon with an update.

    So, overall, a useful device when it works but is cheaply made and structurally flawed. I also notice that new devices, with navigation, are coming out at the same price point. I bought this because I was tired of Garmin’s buggy routing – anyone that has ever owned one – I have three – will know how slow they can be to route/reroute. I may give one of these ago also. Certainly, if this doesn’t improve I will be giving it to a roadie, who all love these, due to their weight – or lack thereof. Battery life is impressive though

  4. 08

    by ComfyWomfy

    I have this attached to my Brompton Mid handlebar and it is a wonderful solution to not having your phone mounted to the front of your bike. It’s safer, less expensive to replace and the battery lasts so much longer. The app is great, also.
    If you don’t need all the statistics that a Garmin provides, and you are ok with navigation, current speed, elapsed time, distance traveled and distance left until destination, this is a worthy purchase.

  5. 08

    by DIBRA

    I had bought the original Velo device and found it unhelpful to the point where it was clear the device wasn’t working correctly so returned it. I recently bought an e-bike so plan to commute. The Velo 2 is exactly what I am looking for. Simple, clear navigation and low power consumption. A major improvement on the original and I’m delighted with the device

  6. 08

    by DIBRA

    Plasticky but nice build, you can control the brightness and the sound quite loud, easy navigation and user friendly, the minus part is you need the app to start the journey.

  7. 08

    by Heraclitus

    Considering it’s under £100 this is great for anyone looking for simple but effective navigation. I use it for a long commute in London and it’s perfect.

  8. 08

    by Mr. Thomas A C Corbett

    This is a great product for what I needed. I don’t want heart rate, power, cadence, calories blah blah blah. I just want a cycle computer that I can use to navigate and tell me my speed and time. This does exactly what I want and for a great price – much cheaper than Garmin etc alternatives.

    The app is easy to use. The app can choose a route for you or you can upload your own gpx file. Works best when it chooses the route, but satisfactory when you upload gpx file.

    The device is also easy to mount on your bike and very easy to use while on the move.

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Beeline Bike GPS Computer - Velo 2 | Wireless Global Navigation Map | Weatherproof & 11+ Hours Battery Life | USB Charging | Sat Nav for Cycling with a Strap Mount Included |...