Beeline Moto GPS Computer – Black | Worldwide Route Planning | Weatherproof & 30 Hours Battery Life | USB Charging | Sat Nav for Motorcycle & Scooter with Strap Mount Included |…


  • EXPLORE WITH CONFIDENCE: Our computer has intuitive route navigation to find & follow routes effortlessly, even when you lose signal. The motorcycle Sat Nav has been rigorously tested & is constantly updated to keep you moving the right way.
  • TRACK YOUR ADVENTURE: Our GPS has easy to follow directions with intuitive turn-by-turn directions all the way to your destination so that you can stay safe whilst riding. You can also connect to Strava to monitor your stats, get maps and log rides.
  • RELIABLE OFFLINE TECHNOLOGY: With fast rerouting, get back on track in seconds. Even in the wilderness with no signal, our motorcycle GPS will point you back to your route safely without any distractions.
  • EASILY PLAN ROUTES: You can plan & build the best routes for you by choosing to avoid motorways, tolls or ferries. Ride with a clear & simple arrow to navigate that can be mounted on your handlebar which is instantly readable.
  • HIGHER LOCATION ACCURACY: The sensor fusion improves ride-data quality & reduces dependency on an unreliable signal from phones. It works with a free companion app on iOS & Android, for route planning, route import & ride tracking.
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613 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by lance prince

    Well works well done over 300 miles so far smilp to work do not need a degree to work it out

  2. 01

    by Nick Hadley

    In theory, this is a great item. Light, pocketable, simple to mount on a motorcycle. The style of navigation is less distracting than a full size satnav and fits well with someone going on fewer longer rides who likes exploring. If you are an around the world biker, then this probably isn’t the satnav for you. The problem for me, and the reason for my poor review, is that I have a 2 year old non-flagship Android phone. The Beeline paired with this no problem when I took it out of the box. The first time I used it to go for a ride it wouldn’t pair straight away. After 20 minutes of messing about with settings everything seemed to work, taking me to the location I needed and home. A few weeks later, I’ve gone to turn it on and again it would not pair. After an hour of messing about with resetting, etc everything seemed to work again. I clicked on “where to” on the app and it crashes… no amount of reinstalling software seems to fix this.

    Updated 17th July 2020
    I originally gave this 2/5 but I have since bought a new phone with the latest version of Bluetooth and everything is now working as it should – it is only fair to Beeline that I improve the rating. Now it is working properly, I’ve used it to navigate to places I wasn’t quite sure of and recently I’ve had the chance to use this to find a few locations where I had no clue where I was going. The Beeline got me there, but it is more difficult to follow than a regular Satnav where you can glance at a map. If is great on fast A or B roads with large clear junctions, and likewise it is good where there are lots of roundabouts – these instructions are easy to follow. (I managed to find a location in central Coventry with only a couple of wrong turns; this might sound bad, but it actually my best result with any Satnav in Coventry!) It is trickier to understand where there are junctions close together. If you have a vague idea where you are going it does make things easier, so studying the route for a few minutes before you leave is good advice. The App that runs on your phone is excellent, but not entirely intuitive. It is essential to watch the videos on Beeline’s website to get the best out of the App. It does let you include waypoints on routes and import gpx files, which are both handy.

    I can confirm that the unit is entirely waterproof in torrential rain (thank you British summer) and I don’t know how long the battery lasts because I’ve yet to run it flat, even when using it all day. It charges quickly.

    Sorry Beeline – you still lose 1 star because I needed a new phone to make the Moto work. I would now highly recommend it.

  3. 01

    by Sy Hashmi

    I was puzzled how such a tiny thing could do what they claimed it could do, but I was really surprised when it worked on a motorcycle. in a car and what was even more surprising, was that I fly a Helicopter and a Airplane , and in the sky it still worked it pointed the way. Amazing, I wish I could have more ways to fix it to a bike as handlebars on modern motorcycles will not allow the one band to fit all makes. This is actually Brilliant.

  4. 01

    by iain brown

    This Beeline was faulty. Refused to pair to my iPhone 13 pro. Beeline support is only email based and wasn’t any help. They deemed it to be a software fault and I returned for a refund. I wouldn’t recommend this system until they sort out their quality control. I wasted a lot of time tying to get it to work and it also means my road trip will be minus sat nav as I wont be able to get a replacement system in time.
    All in all, one extremely unhappy customer (ex customer).

  5. 01

    by Nutmeg

    Very intuitive, reroutes very quickly and battery life seems excellent.

  6. 01

    by Paul B

    As a motorcyclist that didn’t want to spend a King’s Ransom on a motorcycle GPS or ruin the aesthetic of a classic bike, the Beeline is perfect.

    It is small, easily set up through the app (which you must use but very intuitive/user friendly) and quickly removable. It comes with a basic mount, which is perfectly suitable (although upgrades are available).

    Directions are basic but very clear. I led a ride out in Wales on unfamiliar roads and only had one slight hiccup with a newly installed mini-roundabout not yet being on the mapping. Otherwise all good, no issues and no unexpected/unplanned diversions! Directions are clear without any distracting, superfluous info that a regular GPS has. Missing speed limits, but this encourages more mindful riding! If you are a cyclist, the motorcycle version can switch between the two modes, which is a huge plus.

    Really impressed with the Beeline and will use on my adventure bike, which has in-built GPS. It is unobtrusive and basic but really nicely balanced between informing but not distracting. Easy 5* award!

  7. 01

    by David

    Bought the Beeline some weeks ago and wanted to see how it was before reviewing. It’s brilliant! Been on numerous trips to try it out and have enjoyed them all. Battery life is superb too. Visual instructions are straightforward and clear. Options for different routes add to the enjoyment. Highly recommended.

  8. 01

    by Timsuvun

    It’s chunky, solid and safe on the mirror clip I bought with it and it work so well with a battery charge that will last any trip you want to do. It takes a bit of getting used to but the designers have really thought through exactly what you need to see for directions on a bike. Finer details like navigating to an exact house are tricky at first but keep practicing because it’s perfect.
    I had a bit of trouble maintains the Bluetooth connection when I stopped for breaks but I learned not to bother pausing it and to un lip it from the bike when popping into a cafe or something. It was me not the device so stick with it. This is an excellent product.

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Beeline Moto GPS Computer - Black | Worldwide Route Planning | Weatherproof & 30 Hours Battery Life | USB Charging | Sat Nav for Motorcycle & Scooter with Strap Mount Included |...


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