Zybervr Controller Extensions Gorilla Tag Long Arms for Meta Quest 3, Enhance VR Gaming Accessories, Handle Sticks for Oculus Quest 3 Beat Saber Golf Club Baseball


  • 3 IN 1 Controller Extensions for Meta Quest 3 Controllers: Featuring three use modes – Double Stick Mode, Golf Club Mode, and Long Handle Mode – that allow you to choose the best option for your VR gameplay needs
  • Patented Quick-lock Buckle Design: With a quick-lock buckle design, this gorilla tag long arms accessory is easy to set up and securely attaches to the Quest 3 controllers for a hassle-free setup process
  • Do Not Block Signal and Enhance Protection for Quest 3 Controller:The all-round and cut-out design offers better protection and helps avoid signal interruption. Ensure your quest 3 controller is protected and its signal is not blocked while you immerse yourself in the world of VR gaming
  • Enhanced Comfort and Grip: The foam covers, which are soft and non-slip, offer a premium and comfortable grip during prolonged gaming sessions
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND SECURE: Setting up our Meta Quest 3 controller extensions is a breeze. Simply attach the extensions to your controllers. The quick-lock buckle design ensures a secure and stable fit, so you can focus on your gaming without worrying about the extensions slipping or moving around
  • Compatible with Meta Quest 3: This accessory is designed specifically for Meta Quest 3 controllers and is not compatible with other VR headsets or controllers
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by AndyU

    At £32.99, at the time of writing,
    These :

    Zybervr Controller Extensions Gorilla Tag Long Arms for Meta Quest 3, Enhance VR Gaming Accessories, Handle Sticks for Oculus Quest 3 Beat Saber Golf Club Baseball

    are a pair of extension arms, that add plenty of fun, and loads of realism to some games.

    The extension arms fit easily and comfortable onto the controllers, and are very easy to fit.
    The instructions are well written, and aid you in the operation.
    Once in place, they are tight and never feel like they are going to come off mid game.

    The build quality is excellent, and they are well made, with good quality materials.
    The extensions are built to last, and they will be able to play for many years, along with the rest of the console equipment.

    The extension arms are well priced, and I would happily pay the asking price.

    Overall, these are great.
    I enjoyed playing with them, and they made my golf swing much more realistic.
    They also made some other games truly exciting.

    I can happily recommend these extension arms.
    They are very good fun.

    Four stars : ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

    I hope you enjoyed our time together 🤎🤍🖤.
    Thank you for reading my review 🤗.

  2. 08

    by AndyU

    Makes tennis game etc more realistic great weight and feel to them, can use on numerous games in different ways so very versatile

  3. 08

    by Adam

    Firstly i will say i think the price is a little high at £32.99 at the time of writing this review.

    The meta quest 3 controllers fit the sections very well and you feel confident that they are safe within the handles when fitted. the controller fit into the top section which then fits into the handle section very nicely and securely.
    I use these for the golf games which isnt quite as frantic as beat sabre etc.
    This does add a more realistic experience than just holding the controllers in your hands.
    I would say again that i feel the price is a tad high but it really does add to the overall gaming feel.

    I would definitely recommend these.

  4. 08

    by The Moog

    Easy to assemble and feels very secure and comfortable in the hand/s. Great for golf games and Kayak, probably great for Beat Saber but I’ve never tried it.

    Quality is good and everything feels sturdy, the grips are nice (not too soft and not too hard) and the included instructions are easy to follow.

    Overall a great addition to your VR accessories!

  5. 08

    by Adam

    This is one of those VR accessories, you don’t realise you need until you actually have a chance to use it. This really does help to take VR immersion to the next level. Its very simple to connect the ring area section to the top of the Quest 3 controllers, and there are cut outs to allow IR led pass through so there is no occlusion when gaming, and it works as expected. You can then secure the foam pole handles on the Quest 3 left and right controllers, which gives better grip especially when playing intensive sports and rhythm based games. There is also a middle foam section that can connect both ends of the poles together, which is great for games if your in a kayak racing along water ways. This accessory works so well and is such an affordable product for a variety of VR titles.

  6. 08

    by Garry

    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ll do a summary first then on to a more in depth review in case you just want the headlines.

    They feel great on Beat Saber.
    Well made and tactile.
    Easy to take on and off.
    Clear instruction manual.
    Clever design.

    The controllers kept losing tracking with them on. Take them off, fine again.
    You have to take the wrist straps off to put them on. If you don’t they’ll cover the IR sensors.
    There is play between the controller and the handle and I worry they’ll scratch.
    On Walkabout Golf the stick made the club too long.
    Not that easy to get to the buttons and sticks when using them.

    Initial first impressions weren’t amazing as the box is ordinary and when I discovered you had to take the wrist straps off the controllers I wasn’t too pleased. Luckily it is dead easy on the Quest 3. The battery compartment pops off and the straps slide out so it wasn’t that bad in the end. Still a pain.

    Once they were all set up I played Beat Saber and fell in love. Twirling them around like swords felt so much better than the handsets on their own. The problem is that after playing for a couple of minutes I kept losing tracking. The saber would jump all over the screen and I’d lose the game. I made sure the firmware was up to date. Reset the controllers. Took the batteries out. Tried again. Same thing. Then I took the controllers out of the extensions and no problems. Maybe when flailing them around the covers move over the sensors. But whatever it was it happened every single game and I tried for 3 hours. I didn’t give up lightly. This is singularly disappointing as it ruins the game.

    I also tried it for Walkabout Golf. The problem is that when holding the long stick, the golf club on screen is too long and goes through the floor. You also need the buttons so have to keep pulling the controller back up so it was less fun.

    It’s a shame. If these had worked I’d have given them a 5* mostly because of the transformation of Beat Saber. But as the tracking kept dipping out and Walkabout Golf didn’t work either I won’t end up using them. It made the games more stressful. Also you need to take them on and off for certain games and I’m not wild about reattaching the wrist straps each time. So for me 3*.

  7. 08

    by The Moog

    Perfect as described and fast delivery

  8. 08

    by Bara

    I’ve been using these controller extensions for my VR gaming sessions. The different modes are useful, particularly the golf club mode which added to the immersion. The grip is comfortable, reducing hand fatigue during longer sessions. However, the quick-lock buckle, while secure, can be a bit fiddly to adjust. It’s a decent upgrade for a regular VR user, but not revolutionary in terms of gameplay experience.

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Zybervr Controller Extensions Gorilla Tag Long Arms for Meta Quest 3, Enhance VR Gaming Accessories, Handle Sticks for Oculus Quest 3 Beat Saber Golf Club Baseball