Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass Cleaner, Outdoor Wet & Dry Vacuum For Cleaning Astroturf, Patio, Decking and Other Outdoor Areas, 1250W, 18 Litre

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  • DESIGNED FOR OUTDOORS – Built with an extra-long 10m cable for easy outside use and wide-stance castors designed to prevent tipping and to provide stability while in use. Perfect for uneven surfaces like astroturf, decking or paving slabs – for best results always dampen the grass first
  • WET & DRY FUNCTION – The WD 18 AG Vacuum Cleaner has both a wet and dry cleaning function. Clean up mud and dirt from your outdoor space without the need to change filters. This model comes with an additional Nylon Pre-filter for additional filtration
  • SPECIALIST TOOLS – The artificial grass tool is manufactured to be tough on dirt and gentle on your synthetic lawn. The moulded combs lift debris and dust from the grass, while the nylon brushes drive out trapped dirt. The brass brush tool dislodges moss and weeds from stone patches. Also supplied is a universal floor head for cleaning indoors
  • BLOWER PORT – Turn your Vacmaster into a powerful air blower by re-attaching the hose to the exhaust port. Not only is this function great for leaf blowing, but it also acts as an inflation device for paddling pools, airbeds and other inflatable devices
  • VACMASTER BY CLEVA – We use the latest processes and highest engineering standards to create powerful products inspired by your needs. The result is a wide range of products with exceptional output and durability
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Georgie Webb

    I had to write a review because after reading all of the glowing recommendations, as I was convinced to buy after seeing them and I don’t want others to do the same.
    The suction is honestly the worst I’ve ever seen. I suppose it cant be too powerful as to not suck up the infill but honestly I expected it to be a lot better than it was! I’ve given up using the ‘artificial grass’ attachment (don’t let that lure you into buying this either!!) and now I just use the tube without anything on to suck up anything I can see. This obviously leaves anything which was nestled between the fibres, and takes me a fair few hours for a 35m2 garden.
    I have to constantly unblock the pipes too as no matter the size of what it’s hoovering it always gets blocked.
    The storage for this item has to be a joke too. Everything is lose, apart from a few points to attach the attachments, and as far as I can see you just have to throw the cable on the top! Looks very messy and takes up a lot of space this way.
    Personally, I wish I’d spent a bit more and got something half decent.

  2. 08

    by D FREAR

    …and blows.

    Great for those extra dirty cleaning jobs that you might not want to use your general household vacuum cleaner for. Plenty of suction and relatively light weight and easy to use.

    It will happy suck up the odd leaf, however if the leafs are large and numerous they will block the hose, so quickly blow the leaves into a pile and pick them up before you vacuum the lawn.

  3. 08

    by Phil W.

    Works fine for the price

  4. 08

    by Julie M.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Arrived today earlier than expected…bonus ..
    Easy to assemble took about 5 minutes
    Only tried the artificial head for now which was why I got it
    My grass looks brilliant . The hoover is like a Henry type hoover but it’s very light weight and easy to manoeuvre
    Would recommend this product

  5. 08

    by ryan

    Very impressed with this. I use it for cleaning artificial grass. Hovering out the pool and in the cabin.

  6. 08

    by debbiel

    I didn’t think this would work as I’ve bought other machines to pick leaves up, but this worked! My garden looks amazing, it was so easy to use. I read all the reviews and wasn’t sure if it would work but I am so glad I bought it, I would 100% recom
    mend this

  7. 08

    by Mrs H.

    I do not like to write negative reviews and am only writing this as I feel extremely mis-led by the few great reviews I have seen and the claims made in product description.

    Firstly, let me say, if you are happy with the suction provided by a leaf blower / sucker then you will be ok with this. If you are looking for something more (which I was led to believe would be provided with this product) then you will be very disappointed. I am now left with the choice of a hefty return fee, which the supplier has confirmed will not be refunded, or keeping an under-par product.

    The suction on this product is poor. From a standing height, it is possible to see a lot of bits that are disturbed by the brush head that simply do not get sucked up and are instead just flung around due to there not being adequate suction. From a standing height it is also possible to see bits in the fibres that the flathead brush does not even reach. It certainly does not get deep in to the fibres of the grass as advertised. When asked to describe my issues to customer services I was asked / advised to try using the new brass brush tool – The surface of this brush is a 7cm diameter circle! I feel this is just a completely inappropriate expectation of the head to use on a vacuum and surely is supposed to be used for smaller problem areas? I have a 15ft x 10ft lawn for goodness sake, which I’m sure is a pretty average size. Is this really expected? On top of that, I can confirm that I have tried the smaller diameter brushes and though the bristles are a lot longer and may well be provided with the intention of being able to get deeper in to the fibres, they are still useless. It is not possible to put adequate pressure on the pipe without it buckling to make use of the longer bristles, and adequate suction definitely does not reach to the end of these longer bristled brushes, as it doesn’t even reach the end of the flathead brushes.

    The extendable pipe is made of 3 different tubes pushed together. These make a very feeble pipe which buckles under pressure. I also believe this set up probably does not help with the suction issue. I am told by customer services that this is provided instead of one long tube to save on costs when dispatched, with no mention of how this actually affects the product.

    The storage of this product is also shocking. I am not surprised that on all of the available photos of the product, it is shown without attachments. All attachments (3 pipes, 1 handle, 1 long tube, 4 brush heads and the extra long cable) are balanced around the vac itself. It looks a real mess and is completely impractical as they fall off very easily when moved. I can’t actually find anywhere that the power cable is supposed to go other than balanced on top, though in all honesty I have given up looking through the booklet for solutions to my problems with this product and there may well be an easy answer to that.

    Honestly, the only positive I can give on this product is that the wire is a good length for garden and the contact at customer services was very professional and tried their best to help – though could not agree to refund return costs even though product did match up to it’s claims as advertised online.

    I am extremely disappointed and honestly would not recommend this product to anyone.

  8. 08

    by Leonie

    The hoover is very light weight but not easy to pull around and fulls over a lot, the suction isn’t great and you have to go over the same spot several times to get it to pick the bits up

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Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass Cleaner, Outdoor Wet & Dry Vacuum For Cleaning Astroturf, Patio, Decking and Other Outdoor Areas, 1250W, 18 Litre

£76.00£77.10 (-1%)

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