Toshiba 800w 23L Microwave Oven with Digital Display, Auto Defrost, One-Touch Express Cook, 6 Pre-Programmed Auto Cook Settings, and Easy Clean – Stainless Steel – ML-EM23P(SS)


  • Microwave Oven: Enjoy great results and an array of convenient features with this 800w solo 23L microwave oven from Toshiba, made to add modern conveniences to your busy life.
  • Express Cook: Start cooking instantly by selecting cooking time from 1 second to 6 min. The pre-programmed menu and procedural memory will allow you to heat your favourites in just one touch!
  • Handy Features: Defrost by weight/time, express cooking, and timer makes this a great microwave oven for busy cooks. Exterior: 48.5×39.7×29.3cm, Interior: 31.4×34.7×22.1cm (WxDxH)
  • Low-Noise Operation: Fitted with a 5 blade fan, this solo microwave is exceptionally quiet during use, great for new parents who want to let their baby sleep
  • Safety Guarantee: Child lock function prevents children from operating the microwave. The unit is protected by Toshiba’s 1-year guarantee
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Bet Lynch

    Good quality, easy to use, lots of functions … maybe more than we need but should we even have a problem with our main oven this would keep us going whilst we sorted it out.
    We will probably never need all of the functions that this microwave has but if we ever do …
    It also has a quick & easy ‘idiot’ function where you just pop something in and press one button to get 30 secs of full power microwaving … push it twice and you get 2x 30 secs (etc) … if you need more options it’s pretty easy to use although we haven’t used them all yet.
    It’s large and powerful so you may have to use just 80-90% to follow some packaging guides … or just reduce the time a little.
    We would buy it again and recommend it.

  2. 08

    by beki93

    I’ve stopped cheaping out on appliances recently and I am very glad of it, coming from a rubbish little 700w to this feels great, I’ve had some mixed results using the convection oven functionality but I have no doubt it’s all user error as I have only used a gas oven for the past decade.

    It looks good, feels sturdy and the manual explains how to use the functions simply. I’m also glad to report after bashing the front window a few times with the kitchen door before I installed a door stop it didn’t even mark it.

    The only thing I can point to and say I don’t like is the exhaust at the back but I have adjusted to it and accept it is a necessity only wishing a better solution existed.

  3. 08

    by Madmark

    This is a large unit.!

    When using the convection oven make sure you have plenty of space at the back (LHS when looking from the front). You get quite a fiery blast of heat coming out of there.

    The oven as a whole is solid, well made and I like the enameled finish inside which is easy to clean.

    I’ve had this unit for a month or so now and have used quite a few of the functions.

    For Microwave, Grill and Convection oven the settings are straightforward. However, I do find the controls somewhat odd to understand when you are using the combi functions – its not very intuitive.

    The only other niggle is the LED lighting is very yellow so can be difficult to see how well the food is cooking especially when grilling.

    It is good value for money compared to other units of a similar spec.

    Overall I like the oven and once I get used to the combi functions I’ll be well away.

  4. 08

    by The Professor

    So, the item in question was a microwave, plain and simple. It heats things up.
    As it has only just arrived, it is hard to say more. My problem is more with the way the review, and the description part of Amazon works.
    It is classed as a favourite in stainless steel microwaves. But only the front of the door is stainless steel. I was not happy about that.
    Others commented that the heating element was exposed….. Mine does not have a heating element, so therefore is not a grilling version.
    Others said there was no manual, but there was.

    So having got the rant out of the way, my last microwave was a Sharp, and it died, so anything that arrived was going to be better.

    The downside was not knowing what was arriving…. Did it have a grill? Was it an enamel interior? What was coming?

    To the item that arrived was an 800w microwave with a manual. It is a clear and concise operator’s manual. Setting the clock (12hr, not 24hr) took less than 30 seconds.

    It works, but rather than being stainless steel, it has a veneer on the front, and the rest is painted/enameled.

    No grilling element.

    But it works, it looks nice, and after all it is a Toshiba. So as far as the purchase is concerned, 5*

    As far as the information given to allow me to make an informed choice….. I would have to try and find a negative status. That is a fault of Amazon, not Toshiba.

    But I am overall happy with the price. It is more indicative of a non grill microwave. I am upset that it is not internally stainless steel, but my enamelled sharp has lasted a few years, so I expect at least as long a life from this.

    If it blows up, or burns my house down over time, or causes me to grow an extra head, I shall adjust my review accordingly 😂

  5. 08

    by Sarah

    Decent price and works as a regular microwave would

  6. 08

    by L. Button

    Replaced a long standing similar model whose door glass had cracked. Slightly larger inside than my old one. Easy big enough for dinner plates and plenty of headroom. I like the instant cook for 1-6 mins one touch buttons. The touchscreen works ok but does sometimes need another push. Thankfully the microwave is heavy enough to stay in place. My previous one was light so often moved. Cooks well and have never had an issue with hot spots or inconsistency. Saying that it’s mainly to heat beans up or a ready meal! Why pay more when this works perfectly well. Not bad looking too.

  7. 08

    by grump

    A very easy to use microwave, which performs well and is easy to use.

  8. 08

    by Hugh Jarse

    Easy to use , very quiet and compact. So far no downside s.
    Maybe could simplify operational procedures for the less technically abled among us ….

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Toshiba 800w 23L Microwave Oven with Digital Display, Auto Defrost, One-Touch Express Cook, 6 Pre-Programmed Auto Cook Settings, and Easy Clean - Stainless Steel - ML-EM23P(SS)