TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Discover, with Traffic Congestion and Speed Cam Alerts thanks to TomTom Traffic, World Maps, Quick-Updates via WiFi,Black, 6 Inch

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  • Most up-to-date TomTom world maps (EU maps pre-installed), updated wirelessly and effortlessly: Drive with total confidence with the freshest maps which are smaller in size and faster to update, via Wi-Fi, at no extra cost
  • Trusted TomTom traffic and speed camera alerts: Stay relaxed and in control with time- and fuel- saving traffic congestion avoidance, reliable arrival times and 1 year speed cam alerts.
  • Largest HD 6”screen and powerful speaker: Safer driving with crystal clear route guidance via your TomTom sat nav’s screen and speaker – smooth motion, exceptional picture clarity, and vivid voice.
  • 1-year live fuel pricing info: Save money with live fuel pricing information. Your TomTom GO Discover sat nav finds the cheapest prices and the best stations along your route.
  • Highly responsive: Swipe easily through your TomTom GO Discover GPS sat nav’s settings and zoom in and out on the display smoothly, swiftly and distortion-free. With 2GB RAM up to 4x faster.
  • 1-year live off-street parking info: Spare your time with your TomTom sat nav showing parking availability for carparks and if it’s freeing up or filling up before you arrive.
  • Note-Please perform a software update through the computer.
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‎TomTom GO Discover 6"

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‎16.4 x 1.8 x 10 cm, 270 Grams

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Mr. M. Price

    Once set up this unit works well but there are design failings primarily with the Mydrive app connection.
    If for any reason the personal hot spot is turned off (while not using the satnav) the communication with the Mydrive app is broken, with regards to ‘Send Destination’ and the satnav has to be started from the ‘Shut Down’ status for the My drive app to be fully functional again.
    After an update to the Apple iPhone, which can be quite frequent, I had to remove and re-install the Mydrive app to get it connected, nothing else seemed to work.
    On the 5″ screen the positions of the sound and map zoom icons are too close together for the sound ‘Alert, Mute’ to be changed with a finger and require a stylus to hit what is required.
    I am still getting used to this unit but then I am 80 years +

  2. 05

    by M. Webster

    Every time I buy a new sat-nav, I wonder if this will be the last one and should I be shifting over to apps on my phone instead. I have been using TomTom since the very first Go model and for various reasons, I like having a dedicated, seperate unit for naviation. My car has an out of date, rubbish system built in (no apple / android support) – my phone has google maps and Waze, but when it comes to long journeys, I just like to have a proper sat nav that just does it’s thing.

    My previous model was the 6″ TomTom Go 6000 – it was good – served me well – although it was getting a bit slow but most importantly the battery was no longer holding any charge. I needed it for a holiday trip and the replacement battery I’d ordered hadn’t turned up in time, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to the 7″ TomTom Go Discover. There were a couple of things that attracted me – my eye sight isn’t what it was, so the extra inch sounded like a positive (as well as the higher res screen that enabled) and the 4x cpu performance also sounded like a good upgrade considering my 6000 was often slow at places like large roundabouts where you don’t know where to exit.

    So, the device arrived and in many ways it’s identical to the 6000 – the main thing being that any routes or places synced with MyTomTom are all present on the new device which is great.

    The sharpness and size of the 7″ model’s screen are a great improvement – not only is it easier to read the extra features such as traffic updates / POI’s on the map, but you can see more of the surrounding map without having it blocked by the side bar etc.

    Yes, it no longer has it’s own sim card for live updates but it’s a simple matter to link it to your phone via bluetooth (you need to turn on internet sharing over bluetooth) and it then gets its live updates over that connection.

    The other new thing for me compared to my 6000 is that you no longer need to sync with a PC for updates – it has wifi built when it’s on and in range of your SSID, it will update it’s OS / maps automatically. This is a welcome addition for me.

    The OS has also been tweaked since my previous model – I don’t know if it is specific to the Go Discover models but I had no issues shifting from the old GUI to this version – the main parts are the same and the new things are logical and easy to work out – I did not need to read any instuctions or researchign anything – I was fully configured and up and running in a few minutes. It took me loonger to work out how to turn on internet sharing over bluetooth on my phone.

    The mount is good and the sucker is large and feels very secure on the windscreen – connecting the device to the mount is slightly more fiddly than the 6000 as the connnector isn’t at the bottom but is on the back so you need to slide it around until you’ve worked out exactly where it is – similarly the magnet holdign it in place is stronger than the 6000 so taking it off the mount also requires a bit more force but once you’ve worked out the best way to do it, it is not an issue (for me, it requires holding it from the top and pulling it down and forward).

    The functionality of the device is the same as any other TomTom if you are famiilar with it so I won’t cover that – if you like TomTom’s, you’ll like this.

    Whether the screen size or cost can be justified is a personal choice – for me, where my windscreen is quite far from the driving position, the extra screen size is worth it and physically it is not much bigger than the 6000 so it didn’t change anything for me in terms of storing the device or blocking my field of view etc. If you don’t need / want a 7″ screen, the smaler screen sizes would be just as good and cheaper.

    I did eventually get the replacement battery for the 6000 (you can find it on Amazon) and it was a very simple job to open the device and swap out the batter (you can find how to video’s on youtube). That fixed my charging issues with my older device, however now I have used the Go Discover, I won’t be going back to the 6000 so will pass that on to someone else.

  3. 05

    by Des Williams

    When i first got the unit i was not 100% happy. I connected a few devices to it and it had issues with connectivity. The trick was only connect one device. Once that was resolved i got to say its the best unit to have. The screen is massive and very clear. The processing speed is unheard of. (Really fast)

    There is no built in sim so for traffic updates and petrol station prices you will need to be connected to a phone for the data. But it does work.
    Would I recommend that’s a 100% yes.

    It’s the best Sat Nav out there in my mind.

  4. 05

    by icymike

    Much more readable, the GPS has evolved and is really good. No jerkiness, easier to follow in complicated junctions. So far no bad surprises such as turning off at a critical moment.
    I really like that updating the Europe map when the GPS received, it divides each country up and updates each also separately, instead of one giant 8 Gb download as it was previously.
    I drove 250 miles in the UK than today 1100 km in Spain and all the speed cameras were exactly as indicated.
    Downside: it’s very large and I wish I’d bought a smaller size. I’m tall so I can see over the top of it without a problem but it blocks the view for a shorter person when positioned on top of the dashboard.
    Pity also the travel bag ordered separately didn’t arrive at the same time as I had to travel.
    I also don’t see other world maps that I use such as Africa so I guess these have to be downloaded and installed.
    Very satisfied with the product and much better than using Google maps or Waze.

  5. 05

    by ncb

    Navigation not as good as the earlier models. Choice of route ok, but used to have a go via choice if needed to have slight detour. Also using Bluetooth on phone not as good as when always live via satellite. I know it means more map up dates, but in my area several routes have changed from 40mph to 30mph and 60mph to 50mph. Which is not nice driving when the map states one speed and it has changed meaning constantly watching speed signs and cameras. But still prefer tomtom to any other make.

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TomTom Car Sat Nav GO Discover, with Traffic Congestion and Speed Cam Alerts thanks to TomTom Traffic, World Maps, Quick-Updates via WiFi,Black, 6 Inch

£234.60£252.70 (-7%)

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