Thinlerain 20 inch PC Monitor 1600×900 LED Display Monitor with VGA/HDMI/AV/BNC/USB, Build in Speaker, 5Ms Response Time, 60 Hz Refresh Rate, VESA Mountable


  • [Professional Monitor] 20 Inch Professional Security Monitor Screen with 1600×900 Resolution. LED backlight source for long time continuous working and the requirement of 24/7 operation for surveillance application.
  • [PC Monitor with Multiple Port] have HDMI, VGA, AV, BNC, 3.5mm Audio Input/Output and USB. This Security Monitor comes with 2 built-in speakers. With built-in USB port and media player. It can play movies or videos simply by USB disk. Great for Home/Office/Store Surveillance Camera and Other Video Equipments.
  • [Great for Home and Office]This pc monitor have stunning 20″ display with 1600×900 resolution delivers excellent detail, making it perfect for widescreen HD gaming, multimedia and productivity. An ideal all-around display for desktop, or laptop.
  • [Slim Design] 20 inch LED Monitor with clear image and slim design. The housing made of ABS material with low temperature ductility and impact resistance.
  • [Return Policy] Thinlerain Customer service: We have provided one year warranty and lifelong customer service. If you have any problem when use the monitor please contact us ( )
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by A. Lee

    Everything is fine except the size, a bit bigger was what we were looking for. But it’s difficult to get such with BNC connection

  2. 08

    by mike dillon

    I got this tv monitor for my children to play games and it’s a disaster.the screen is all fuzzy on top of the games and the screen keeps going blank in the middle of games saying hdmi and you are killed by the time it comes back on.waste of money and so furstrating for the not go near this tv.

  3. 08

    by John

    We can’t afford much but what we do want to do is make sure that our son enjoys himself especially when it comes down to one of his favourite things to do and that is gaming. We can’t allow ourselves to get the latest curved screens but what we can do is make sure that he has a sizable screen which he does not complain about the quality or lag on

    This screen seems to have a decent size to it, we have added it on next to another 20 inch screen and although they’re not the same brand they match up reasonably well, well enough that he has a seamless play from one screen to the next without any complaints. Colours seem to be very sharp and detailed as well as having a nice refresh rate.

    On a design level these are sleek thin and have a very minimal stand to them which keeps his desk looking neat and tidy.

  4. 08

    by John

    i bought this monitor to use with a firestick in my lorry.. it’s 12v with a great picture the speakers are not that great so using a bt speaker and its perfect

  5. 08

    by RosieSq

    My partner wanted a larger screen to use with his laptop; we already had a 17″ monitor that he used for gaming, but instead of moving between to sites, he’s bought this one.
    It is very easy to set up; the adjustable stand is screwed to the base, a Phillips screwdriver is required for this; before we tried it out using the BluRay player, before he installed it with his laptop. This just involved attaching the device with the HDMI cable provided, and then plugging in the mains lead, all cables fit neatly into the back of the monitor. Now using the remote control, settings can be adjusted; colour, resolution, volume etc. We are taken into the on-screen menu as soon as the remote control is activated, 2 x AAA batteries required for the remote. All setting very easy to follow; well just like a TV set up really, instant response from the controls as we had expected.
    The screen resolution perfect, colour, and picture quality sharp and clear. When set up with the laptop, he was able to gently tilt the screen, without causing any balance problems. The speakers are built in, and also offer a good clear sound quality, and if required, high volume without distortion.
    The monitor arrived well packaged, a clear screen cover to prevent damage; the cables, remote and stand, all individually packed, and with protective covers over the HDMI cable ends.
    We are very pleased with this monitor, the larger 20″ screen actually makes a big difference. My partner has found the clarity excellent especially when looking closely at intricate detail; so highly recommended.

  6. 08

    by Saaruns Retail

    CLarity and definition of cctv footage is perfect. I use this solely for cctv display. The definition is amazing and perhaps the recorder is set specifically for cctv use rather than colour balance, etc. Perfect number plate clarity and facial detail so just right for the job in hand.

  7. 08

    by A. Visconti

    If I was buying again I would spend a bit more and get a better one…….it’s ok and it’s serving the purpose for now…’s takien ages to get the colour right lol… a monitor….I like the wide screen…I had to use my old monitor lead cos the one that came with it was rubbish n the picture was blurred….but it works fine as a monitor…… a TV….(I have firestick plugged in) …the colour balance is wild….took ages to get it right…..also you have to face the screen head on or it looks like a negative….so you have to tilt ….don’t know how you’d do this if it was wall mounted……the inbuilt speakers are awful….very tinnie….luckily there’s audio out…the sound is great through my system though……the remote is cheap n flimsy ……plus side….reasonable price ….lots of inputs and outputs that others didn’t have… well though….picture is clear with a better lead…..don’t think I would buy again…..I’d pay ABIT more

  8. 08

    by RosieSq

    Normally my laptop screen is large enough for most applications. But while I’m working in another country for six weeks I had to work on an accounting program and the screen was too small (at home I use a 27″ screen in tandem with my laptop). I purchased the Thinlerain 20″ after reading many reviews and it seemed to be the most reliable monitor in the size I needed. I’m using it with a Mac laptop and had to use an HDMI adaptor to make it work. Instantly it worked, and I just had to make a size adjustment on my Mac to see everything in the same ratio as my laptop screen, only bigger. I’m not using mirroring, this is separate screen real estate and it works great. I’m not a gamer so I can’t add anything about that aspect. The colors are very good. I can keep my laptop screen open for email and texts at the same time. The monitor has built speakers but I don’t need them.

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Thinlerain 20 inch PC Monitor 1600x900 LED Display Monitor with VGA/HDMI/AV/BNC/USB, Build in Speaker, 5Ms Response Time, 60 Hz Refresh Rate, VESA Mountable