sparefixd Water Condenser to Fit Hoover Tumble Dryer


  • sparefixd Tumble Dryer Water Condenser
  • Equivalent to Part Number 40008382
  • See description below for full list of models this part fits. The model number is usually found inside the door on the casing. If not, it’s likely to be on the side or at the rear of the appliance. The model number will usually be printed or stamped on to a sticker or plate and will consist of numbers and letters
  • ATDC10TKEBX-80, ATDC10TKERX-80, ATDC10TKEX-80, BHLC8LG-80, DMCD1013B-80, DMCD1013BC-80, DMCD1013BX-S, DMCD10AVB-80, DMCD10AVBB-80, DMCGD1013B-84, DNCD813B-80, DNCD813BB-80, DNCD813BC-80, DNCD813BXB-S, DNCD813BX-S, DNCD8513BX-AUS, DNCD913B-80, DNCD913BB-80, DNCD913BX-S, DNCD91B-80, DNCD91BBB-80, DNCD91BC-80, DNCGD813B-84, DNCGD913B-84, DXC10DCEB-80, DXC10DCER-80, DXC10DCE-S, DXC10DE-80, DXC10DG-80, DXC10TCE-80, DXC10TCEB-80, DXC10TCER-80, DXC10TG-80, DXC85TCEX-AUS, DXC8DE-80, DXC8TCE-80
  • DXC8TCEB-80, DXC8TCER-80, DXC8TG-80, DXC8TRGR-80, DXC9DCE-80, DXC9DCEB-80, DXC9DE-80, DXC9DG-80, DXC9DGB-80, DXC9DKE-80, DXC9TCE-80, DXC9TCEB-80, DXC9TCER-80, DXC9TCG-80, DXC9TCGB-80, DXOC10TCE-80, DXOC10TCEB-80, DXOC10TCER-80, DXOC10TG-80, DXOC8TCE-80, DXOC8TCEB-80, DXOC8TCER-80, DXOC8TG-80, DXOC9TCEB-80, DXOC9TCER-80, DXOC9TCG-80, DXWC10BTCEX-47, DYC169A-80, DYC169A-80N, DYC71013NB-80, DYC71013NBX-S, DYC710AV2BX-80N, DYC710AVBX-80N, DYC770NB-S … see description for more models
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  1. 01

    by dave paterson

    Simple to replace
    A little tight and took a little persuasion

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sparefixd Water Condenser to Fit Hoover Tumble Dryer