Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – 30 hours battery life – Over-ear style – Optimised for Alexa and the Google Assistant – with built-in mic for phone calls…


  • The new Integrated Processor V1 unlocks the full potential of our HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 to deliver our biggest step forward in our (already!) industry-leading noise cancellation technology.
  • Precision-engineered to deliver exceptional High-Resolution Audio quality. Our Precise Voice Pickup Technology with newly developed wind noise reduction will also ensure you can hear and be heard clearly when taking calls on these noise cancelling headphones.
  • Smart, intuitive, and intelligent. Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts the sound settings based on your environment and activity, and Speak-to-Chat automatically pauses the music when you want to have a conversation, without you having to remove the over ear headphones!
  • For total convenience, these Bluetooth headphones can be paired with two devices at the same time. Fast Pair will help you locate the WH-1000XM5 if you can’t find them and Swift Pair makes pairing with your PC or tablet simple.
  • With up to a huge 30 hours of battery life, you’ll have enough power, even for long trips! A collapsible case is included with these Sony headphones for easy storage and travel.
  • Age Range Description: Adult,Kid
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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



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27.62 x 21.67 x 7.59 cm, 250 Grams

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12 May 2022



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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by A. R. Watkins

    Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones are quite simply – SUPERLATIVE! Pretty Expensive but well worth the Extra Money in my View. I have enjoyed the use of the Right Phone/Speaker to Control, Volume, Track Movement, Pause/Play etc…clever Stuff and make them very Controllable. To Test NOISE CANCELLATION, I set up The Joshua Tree Album and played at “Loud” Volume through my two Desktop Logitec 2.1 Speakers from my Laptop via Amazon Music. I paired the XM5’s to my Samsung SE20 and played The Beatles – Abbey Road. You could not hear anything of U2 from 2 feet away. I then did my Standard Test playing Led Zeppelin II at Volume – It was a Whole Lotta Love for sure! Quite Perfect, Vocals, Lead, Bass and Drums. Bonham has never sounded so Good!! RIP John…It looks to me like they would blank out any Road Noise etc…not sure i would wear these in the street or underground etc…makes you such a Target for Idiots? These are valuable, sought after Phones for sure. Quite often you need to hear road noise etc anyway?..But the Noise Cancellation is Brilliant that is for sure. The hidden benefit was I couldn’t hear a word better half was shouting at me!!! lol.. SOUND QUALITY was in my view quite Superb, Stereo Separation was Perfect, Lovely Balanced Bass Note without trying to Skullcandy your eardrums out! There is no Better Test than listening to Macca at his peak with the Beatles if you like Superb Bass play, the Sound was Superb. Vocals were so True to the Original Vinyl Release, quite Perfect. Whilst Playing a Ballad by Bruce Springsteen i could actually hear him pursing his lips as he started to sing. I never heard that really fine detail of sound – Ever. To get down that close is Phenomenal. The Treble/Percussion came across Perfectly. The XM5’s are “Dynamic” in their Delivery all the way through the Range. Childs play to pair, even Better Half Managed it..oops.. Just get a QR Code Scanner on your phone for the Help Notes, they are also very well Documented. I can’t comment on Alexa, Voice Assitant. I haven’t Tested at all. Given the overall quality of these HPhones I am sure it is Perfect. BATTERY LIFE I am up to 25 or so hrs after full charge and they are still Banging Away. I am confident they will do what they say on the box, 30hours plus. I have found the over ear pads are brilliant and dont grip your head at all and i have a big head. I have found them incredibly easy to wear over a period of several hours. The ear pads swivel 360 degress and store really well. When you remove them they shut off Automatically which is a nice feature to preserve the Battery. All in All, Expensive BUT GREAT VALUE! SOUND QUALITY SUPERLATIVE. I am quite thrilled with these and would recommend to anyone who really Appreciates Real Quality Listening. I am going to go to my Study Turn the lights off, Shut my eyes and play “China” by Vangelis! Welcome to a whole new world with these Headphones. The “Long March” will Test any Balance, Percussion and Separation. This evocative Album took me through my Commando Training when i was in the Marines but i never heard it like this before! Thank you Sony!

  2. 02

    by D. Long

    I read and watched a lot of reviews about ANC headphones and the Sony XM5s kept coming up as one of the top picks. Even though I was tempted by cheaper, but still highly rated headphones this seemed to be the best.
    Now that I have used it for a couple of weeks I can say I am really happy with my choice.

    COMFORT *****
    This is one I can wear all day – the soft headphone cups are very comfortable and I do not feel the strap at all and I have very short hair. The headset is adjustable and it even comes with a tutorial in the app that shows you how to set it. If you don’t follow this I can see how some people could squeeze it on and feel it’s too tight or sore on the headband but just following in the instructions there is nearly no weight on the headphone strap and it is padded well enough.

    SOUND *****
    The sound quality is excellent. Out of the box it sounds good but with the app provided fine tuning the EQ it is exceptional. For music you really can hear the detail in songs. The base is super clean with no distortion and plenty of depth and mids are clear and full, not the hollow scooped out sound you get from some other headphones. The highs are crystal clear without being tinny.

    Movies are great to listen to. Even without APTX low latency it has no problems with delays or lip sync on anything I have tested on Phone (Android) or desktop (Windows). Movies with great sound design like A quiet place 2 are incredible. Note I am using the Alternative A2DP Driver from bluetooth goodies on Windows so that I can use LDAC codec for higher bandwidth and quality and Tidal for high quality music but it works very well with spotify and standard windows bluetooth connection.

    Gaming – if you really look for it you can notice a slight delay but nothing that affects gameplay for me. Explosions, atmospheric music, dialogue all sound fantastic from Single player story driven games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake to competitive multiplayer like Naraka Bladepoint or Apex legends.

    Connectivity ****
    With support for Bluetooth 5 and LDAC connection should be solid. Never had cutouts or distortion when within the advertised range even through walls. It support multi device which allows you to connect to your tablet or PC while still controlling EQ, ANC and switch between devices from your phone which works well. Sadly if you use multidevice it prevents using LDAC so I leave this feature turned off as it is still really quick and easy to switch between devices – as soon as you hit connect on a paired device it takes over the connection, you get the ding and it’s ready to go. It also remembers which of the devices it was last connected to when you turn it on.

    ANC *****
    The Active Noise cancelling is S tier – it really does work well. Cancelling out much more background noise than expected making it a dream to use in a noisy office or café. The way they have implemented pass through is really good so you can just hold you hand to the right ear to lower the volume of your music and have the 8 mics pass the outside sound to you and amplify it so you can quickly talk to someone. I don’t use the automatic pass through when you start talking feature but I could see it being useful for some people. It also has good noise cancelling for the mic so making a voice/video call in a noisy area still sounds great for both you and the person you are calling.

    Of course there are some negatives but thankfully they are relatively minor.
    Firstly, they do not fold down as compact as other headphones. You’re not going to fit this into your pocket or even want to throw it into a bag but it does come with a nice case and so constatly wearing it or take a big enough bag for it in the case.

    The other is that although the soft touch material on the cups feels way better than plastic or metal and transfers a lot less sound if something rubs against it like a hood or your hand it does leave unsightly greasy marks. I am experimenting with skins for it from xtreme skins as you can see in one of the photos which solves the problem but I didn’t find the skins a good fit for the curved sides but your mileage may vary. I probably will put up with the greasy look to avoid the extra weight and faff of the stickers.

    The battery life would fall into this category as while very good it is not as long as some cheaper models offer. I can still run it all day with no issues of comfort or battery but I do find I am topping it up every other day instead of once a week as I have done with previous headsets. It’s understandable with the relatively light weight and constantly on HQ ANC or pass through (I never use ANC off completely).

    Not really a negative as I didn’t expect this from it but this is not a headset to wear while working out, jogging or in the rain. It has no water resistance. For those purposes I prefer to use earbuds anyway and find the Pixel Buds do the job just fine but of course the sound quality and lack of ANC mean it does not compare when you have the option of the Sony XM5s.

    Overall an excellent headset if you can appreciate great sound quality even if not an audiophile, with top notch noise cancelling and comfort.

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Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones - 30 hours battery life - Over-ear style - Optimised for Alexa and the Google Assistant - with built-in mic for phone calls...


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