Sony BRAVIA | KD-65X85L | Full Array LED | 4K HDR | Google TV | ECO PACK | BRAVIA CORE | Seamless Edge Design


  • HIGH CONTRAST REALISM: Bring a slice of the stadium into your living room, with our Full Array LED display breathing brightness and contrast into every scene and making everything feel so real, Our X1 Processor is the power behind these bright pictures, with content analysed in real-time to reveal more detail and texture in every scene
  • DOLBY ATMOS SOUND: Dolby Atmos is the immersive sound to match, giving every sport you watch and every commentary you listen to the surround sound treatment, whilst our unique X-Balanced Speaker units maximise sound quality
  • DESIGN: Modern and minimalist to suit any interior, with a Seamless Edge Bezel to keep your focus on what’s important – the picture, The two-way, black, slim wedge TV stand offers ultimate convenience, designed to fit both wide and narrow furniture surfaces
  • GAMING FEATURES: With up to 120 frames per second (4K/120fps) for near instant on-screen action, the X85L is great for gaming too, Auto Low Latency Mode in HDMI 2,1 delivers smooth, responsive gameplay, and Auto HDR Tone Mapping reveals crucial details in the darkest and brightest parts of the screen, There’s even a dedicated Gaming Menu that includes our brand-new Crosshair and Custom Screen features – they could be the secret to your next win
  • APPS AND FEATURES: Access 700,000+ movies and TV episodes from across your streaming services on this Google TV, with everything organised to suit your personal interests, You can even set aside your remote and go hands-free with Voice Search
  • PROMO: Enjoy a 30-day Crunchyroll Premium trial on us *to access click “campaign offer” in the My BRAVIA app on your TV, available until March 2024
  • *5 Year Guarantee must be claimed by customer through dealer website
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Phil Kavanagh

    Bought this to replace a 14 year old Sony TV. Courier ‘lost’ it (not sure how you can lose a 50” TV) but there you go… Amazon sent a replacement out, picture quality is amazing! Sound is good for built in speakers. Built in wifi and pre loaded apps are great. Really glad I bought this tv.

  2. 08

    by Greatbuyer

    It is amazing with 4k 120hz. And the delivery is quick!

  3. 08

    by some guy

    SO good. Fast performance and perfect picture quality, even in bright surroundings. Seamless connection with Denon AV system. Comes with 2 remotes: old fashioned one or simplified one- both work well.

    Apparently it’s so good it still costs the same now as it did when I bought it a year ago (£900)

  4. 08

    by ◀Pugzu Daddy▶ 🇬🇧

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     Finally a tv that doesn’t take ages to load! It’s quite daunting how many tvs and types there are and generally speaking they all look great, but in my experience the smart apps never work as advertised. This tv for the price doesn’t have the fancier OLED or QDOLED but it has a processed that works and it works well. This is the first Google tv I have tried and it was a fast and seamless setup process and it does everything I need with simple menus that balance well between live and catch-up tv. As I mainly watch programs on the likes of Disney, Netflix and Prime this tv caters perfectly with the simple remote having dedicated buttons for each service.

    Getting it out of the box did take 2 people as 50 inches is quite large. I wouldn’t say the tv feels that rigid carrying it round, the plastics and flimsy screen don’t help, however, the stand is easy to install with 2 metal legs that just click into place, or a 200×200 vesa mount on the back with included stand offs to make it compatible with any mount.

    The picture quality is great, films load in 4k and look incredible. Blacks aren’t as deep as an oled however the HDR does allow for really good contrast in supported videos, it also looks normal on standard videos which is also an issue on others.

    The apple airplay works really well and allows iPhones to stream any video or sound to the tv. This is good because in the past I have only got it to work on Apple TV so that’s a big bonus.

    The sound is adequate and works well, it’s perfectly fine for general tv watching, although a dedicated sound system is much better. This tv has optical and audio over HDMI so should work with all sound bars.

    The response rate for gaming is pretty good, it doesn’t have any specific accreditations to say it’s designed for it, but it connects easy, and works well with fast responses.

    Overall for £900 at the time of review this isn’t a cheap tv and there are plenty of other with better picture for the same price. This one however is the first that has a proper processor in it so it works quickly in everything I have tried. Pretty good value for money.

  5. 08

    by Tony Ng


  6. 08

    by Sanders

    My daughter likes it!

  7. 08

    by ◀Pugzu Daddy▶ 🇬🇧

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     This is such an amazing TV. It’s hard to know where to start outlining how thoroughly good this is.

    The first thing to describe is the design and build quality of the TV. There’s barely any bezel around the edge of the screen, so the TV utilises the maximum space available over the 50 inches. The TV isn’t ultra thin, but that’s actually a good thing as it ensures it’s got a good stance and feels sturdy on its stand. The stand itself comes in 2 parts. They’re effectively 2 large feet that click into place on the bottom edge, but they stand solidly without any wobble.

    The screen itself is perfectly clear, with a slight Matt finish on it. The image is even, with no overexposed areas that some screens can get. Colours are amazing and there are plenty of settings to get the image perfect for your viewing needs.

    The TV comes with 2 remotes. One works as a standard infrared one. The other is a smart rf remote, with convenient buttons for Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and You Tube.

    The TV is extremely easy to set up, thanks to the Google Home integration. Simply sign into your Google account and the TV does it all for you. All popular TV and movie streaming apps are pre-installed, however you can connect to Google play store to download any other apps that you use.

    Audio is another important aspect when choosing a TV. I’m happy to say that the sound on this TV is more than adequate. It utilises virtual Dolby surround sound and you can alter the sound for different sources, etc. We’ve got it set at around 30% and it already sounds amazing; like being in a cinema. If you prefer, however, you can set it to balance sound over a fixed volume.

    This does have Bluetooth, in addition to WiFi. Connect a pair of headphones to it and they instantly transfer sound to them, cutting off the built in speakers. The headphone buttons also control the TV volume.

    Streaming via the built in apps is perfect. We’ve been watching movies on YouTube in 4k and Disney plus is amazing. You do need to pay a higher monthly fee for Netflix though for 4k UHD quality. The built-in software is lightning fast. Every app loads almost instantly and works without any lag.

    We couldn’t be more pleased with this TV, having upgraded from an 11 year old 1080p HD one. This is at the top end of the smart TV range and absolutely superb quality from Sony. I can highly recommend it.

  8. 08

    by Mr. M. W. Chitty

    What a disappointment. Can’t get BBC text service despite holding a TV license. Remote still has a text button but just to add insult to injury it does nothing. Sony, it seems know best. ITV Hub App does not update to itvx and it is impossible to download itvx app. Picture quality in 4k superb but otherwise particularly in dark scenes absolutely appalling. If I wasn’t 75-years old and it wasn’t physically impossible for me to return it I would do so and buy another, quite possibly cheaper make. It is far from smart, it is dumb. Don’t waste your money.

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Sony BRAVIA | KD-65X85L | Full Array LED | 4K HDR | Google TV | ECO PACK | BRAVIA CORE | Seamless Edge Design


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