SHARP 4T-C50FP6KL2AB 50 Inch Smart TV 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV with Google Assistant, Freeview Play & Chromecast Built In, Android TV, UHD Frameless Television, 4x HDMI & 2x USB…


  • SHARP 50″ smart television: A sleek 4K Ultra High Definition Quantum Dot large frameless LED Android 50 inch TV with exceptional multimedia functionality, and a silver finish, to complement any room
  • Wi-Fi connected smart 4K TV: Bluetooth and Chromecast are built in, so you can stream everything from music and photos to home movies directly from your smartphone or tablet to the big screen
  • All in one smart hub: Google Assistant on Android TV is just like the one on smart phones and speakers. Quickly access entertainment, get answers or control devices around your home using your voice
  • Home cinema inspired TV: Wall mounted or placed on the incuded TV stand, enjoy a fully immersive experience with UHD and HDR 10 support (High Dynamic Range) plus DTS Virtual:X audio post processing
  • Watch live, stream or catch up: Access Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video and more apps with internet connectivity. Screen share with devices and enjoy Freeview Play live and on demand
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2 AAA batteries required. (included)

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26.47 x 111.64 x 69.29 cm, 13.8 Kilograms

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1 Aug. 2023



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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Kanoobi

    I spent months researching what new TV to buy, looking at Amazon reviews and online articles. This set seemed to have good reviews on here and sounded very good from what I read elsewhere. It didn’t disappoint, the picture and sound qualities are extremely good, and there are plenty of options to tweak to your personal satisfaction.
    I don’t use conventional TV so it’s only for streaming purposes, and it was nice that a streaming only remote is included. A very nice remote too, no squeaks and creaks when you handle it, and the volume controls feel very nice and solid.
    Initially I set up my picture settings thinking that would be all I had to do for whatever I watched, but you have to set up your settings in all the modes. For example if you are watching something that is standard picture quality, you set your picture settings for how you like it, but if you then watch something that uses Dolby Vision, you have to set picture preferences for that mode. It didn’t take me long at all, once I got to grips with the picture settings the first time it was a case of replicating my choices. I didn’t change too much to be fair, I lowered the red component of saturation to stop ‘red faces’ and lowered back-light in Dolby Vision. It’s a nice experience to set things how you like them and plenty of options are there. One area I was confused with was Local Contrast and Adaptive Luma Control settings. Basically, Adaptive Luma Control automatically sets contrast as you watch, whereas Local Contrast is a setting where the TV dims darker parts of the picture without affecting the lighter parts. I turn Adaptive Luma off and have Local Contrast set to high. The result is brilliant.
    Some people don’t like the motion smoothing feature on TV’s but I took to it instantly. I have Motion Enhancement set to high. I was watching a film where the camera was panning across a scene, in this case the Rorke’s Drift military base in the film Zulu, and the panning motion was a little jerky, but with Motion Enhancement enabled it was super smooth. There has been the odd occasion when watching an old black and white film that certain motion seems a little too quick, but overall I like this feature and keep it on high.
    Films not in 4k such as 1080p HD still look fantastic as everything on this TV is upscaled to 4k resolution. Even old 1930’s black and white films such as Frankenstein look impressive.
    I was pleased with the sound quality, and because there is an EQ I was able to set it with higher top end for my preference. I don’t use my sound bar anymore.
    For those who use a Firestick, I recommend to keep using it, I plug mine into an HDMI socket on the TV. Firestick uses Dolby Audio by default, and I have found the listening experience better. For example if I use the Disney+ app installed on my TV and watch Star Wars The Clone Wars, dialogue is quieter than music and effects, which means you turn up the volume for dialogue but then get booming loud music and noises. On my Firestick version of Disney+ this doesn’t happen, the sound is quite uniform. Also, the top banners on Disney+ for the channels are slick and animated, yet static on the TV version, just like the Disney+ app on my phone. The Firestick also has options for normalising content across it (all sound is of a same volume). Another plus for using a Firestick is that you can use Alexa to turn your TV on or off.
    The Android TV’s home screen is good though, showing decent recommendations and such. Some good apps too, I particularly like a photo viewer that you can use as a screen saver. I have it showing my Google Photos when active.
    The fact that this TV has a central stand was a plus for me as I wanted to use my computer desk to mount it on which is of limited length, and it sits on it perfectly.
    There’s probably other things I could mention but in summary the picture and sound on this TV is excellent with lots of settings available for personal choice, and it looks great. I bought the 50 inch which is huge compared to my previous viewing options, and for the price… this is the droid you were looking for. I bought mine around Black Friday, I think initially it was £25 cheaper for me but I was soon given about another £75 refund by Amazon due to it going on sale, which I was very pleased about. But I do recommend spending the 400 odd pounds on this TV rather than going for another cheap brand at 2 or 3 hundred pounds, it’s very worth it.

  2. 06

    by A Serbest

    Bought to replace an LG TV that was nobody would repair. The QLED picture is great, the sound, for built in speakers, is superb, so much so I don’t bother with my LG soundbar/subwoofer setup. It’s an Android TV, so if you come from an Android mobile phone background, some things will be familiar, especially the apps. Supplies with two remote controls, one small and geared towards voice control, and minimal, the other full sized. TV occasionally gets confused, requiring a restart, nothing terminal, might rarely lose sound when switching between inputs, or lose the binding of the Amazon or Netflix dedicated buttons on the remote. Regardless, it’s a great TV, and excellent value.

  3. 06

    by Kanoobi

    The media could not be loaded.

     It is very stylish. Picture quality is great. Only thing that i can comment negatively is, its menu a bit slow. Would be faster. Price vs quality is great. Worth to buy.

  4. 06

    by A Serbest

    The picture quality is superb, as anticipated, and the sound quality truly impressed me. I was contemplating purchasing a soundbar, but with this remarkable sound (sound by harman kardon), it seems unnecessary. It’s genuinely a worthwhile product, and I highly recommend it.

  5. 06

    by Harsha

    If you don’t mind ads on your home screen then you will probably love this TV. The picture quality is fantastic as is the sound quality however the disgustingly greedy way they force ads onto your home screen is not what I want at all. Apparently there used to be a workaround where you could uninstall updates to the android TV home app then disable auto updates but this no longer works – you’ll see an ad free home screen initially but when you turn your TV back on again it forces the updates back on and you’re stuck with. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were relevant but they never are – I’m stuck with football banners across my home page despite never watching it and despising the sport.

    Combine this with the fact it comes with a bunch of apps that you cannot uninstall and it leaves me feeling quite sour. Having apps like BBC iplayer forcibly installed on this TV is annoying to say the least. I can adjust the favourite apps on my home page so it only shows what I want but that page has ads on it so my other option is to use the apps page which has a ton of bloatware on it that I don’t want.

    Whilst we seem to be lumbered with android TVs for the time being I can’t warrant giving them a good rating until we can move away from Google and their slimey tactics. It’s a shame really – good TV hardware spoiled by greed. Hell even the remotes have shortcut buttons on for “select” apps like Netflix – why not let those shortcuts be user created? It’d be fantastic if I had 4 buttons that I could map any app I want to as that’d be actually functional instead.

  6. 06

    by K. F. Moore

    Arrived on time, well packed to prevent damage. Easy to assemble and set up. Lots of features I haven’t used yet. But picture quality is great and happy with product.

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SHARP 4T-C50FP6KL2AB 50 Inch Smart TV 4K UHD Quantum Dot TV with Google Assistant, Freeview Play & Chromecast Built In, Android TV, UHD Frameless Television, 4x HDMI & 2x USB...


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