sephia SP3060 Earbuds – HD Bass Driven Audio, Lightweight Aluminum Wired in Ear Earbud Headphones, S/M/L Ear Bud Tips, Earphone Case, 3.5mm Tangle-Free Cord – for Music,…

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  • Wired in ear earbud headphones best for listening music while running or GYM, with 6 sets of ear buds (S/M/L), headphones stay in your ears while keeping surrounding noise out
  • A powerful 10mm Neodymium earbud magnet provides bass driven audio and clarity for all music genres; Together with the in ear noise isolating earphone design, these wired headphones reduces external noise and minimizes sound leakages significantly
  • Sp3060 wired in ear headphones featuring Y shape cord, 3.8 feet long tangle-free earphone wire, noise isolating ear bud tips, 3.5mm head phone jack, 20 hz- 20000 hz frequency range
  • Headphones closed back in ear design seal the sound in so they are also ideal for train, bus, commuting, school; Metal earphone construction and lightweight aluminum earbud housing generates pure audio, makes the bass more mellow and layered
  • Compatible with a range of electronics devices, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Sony Xperia, tablet, laptop, you can plug in these headphones into virtually any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack (some devices may require adapter)
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Is discontinued by manufacturer


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10.01 x 10.01 x 10.01 cm, 16 Grams

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22 Oct. 2015



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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Reece Brown

    I honestly didn’t know what to expect with these earphones. ‘Budget’ earphones are quite hit-and-miss, but since my earphones recently broke (and I rely on them), I needed to get a budget pair to fill the gap. Since these are well reviewed and looked great, I took the plunge.

    I only ever use earphones when sleeping and when out and about. I struggle to sleep, and when I finally do fall to sleep, even the smallest of noises will wake me up. So I listen to ambient noises while sleeping. So in either situation for me, noise isolation is a must. When I’m using these out and about, bass-heavy music is 95% of what they’ll be used for.

    I go through a lot of earphones because of both how they’re used (sleeping), and how long they’re used each day. I’m not happy about it, but most earphones get broken within 4 months. I’ll update this review when/if they break.


    So far, these are honestly fantastic. The quality of the earphones far surpass the £15 I paid for them.

    + Look brilliant.
    + Everything feels high quality.
    + Thanks to the cables being curled around each-other, they don’t often tangle.
    + Connections to both the jack-plug and earphones themselves feel very secure.
    + Sound is great considering the price.
    + Bass is very deep and clear, especially at higher volumes.
    + Great noise isolation.
    + Very little noise leaking when using the correct sized tips for your ears.
    + They’re much louder on highest setting than my previous earphones.
    + High quality carry pouch.
    + Amount of extra tips honestly surprised me. Overall, 6 pairs of normal tips of varying sizes, 2 foam tips (something I hadn’t realized it came with, very nice surprise).

    – Mids and highs can sound muffled, as can bass depending on the song.
    – Vocals can sound muffled/not completely clear.
    – Connections to the splitter in the middle still feel secure, but do not have the protective plastic around like the jack-plug and earphones themselves have (hardly even worth mentioning, but it is my guess this is where my pair will break).

    I am very happy with these earphones altogether, and I’m very surprised with how much they bring to the table for their cost.

  2. 04

    by Marc

    These headphones are excellent, the sound on the bass, mid and high range are very good across the board with no noticeable loss in any range. Often with cheaper headphones where there is a strong bass, it can dampen down the mid and high range, not with these.

    The cable is strong, consisting of woven material within a plastic casing rather than simply plastic coated. This adds to the resilience and durability which should ensure a longer life. The area that I wonder about in terms of strength is the jack. It is a straight jack rather than an L-shaped one and I find myself protecting it when it is my jacket pocket as it sticks out and feels vulnerable. I don’t know if an L-shaped jack is more durable as the internal wires will have to be bent when built. Time will tell and I am writing this review 5 months after purchasing them and they are going strong.

    They come with a bewildering area of earbuds (7pairs), designed to fit different ear shapes. Someone wrote a review saying they were too wide but worked well enough. I have a different problem, they do not seem wide enough and if I could change anything about these earphones it would be the buds. With a little effort, I can make them fit comfortably, but if I don’t then they will work loose and fall out. Once they are in there architecture isolate s the noise around me beautifully. If there is someone particularly loud on the train I can tune them out with these buds even if I am not playing anything!

    The silver colour stands out without being garish like the old hat white cables, but not as discreet as black ones. It has the effect of someone realising quickly that you have your phones in when trying to talk to you but not drawing attention to yourself.

    Be aware that these Earphones have only ever sold for £39.99 on the 29th February 2016. The rest of the time since the 21st November 2015 they have been sold at between £10 and £15 so you do not have to be in a hurry if you are afraid that the price will go up.

    Both pairs broke after nine months within a week of each other. I used both pairs every day, one on my iPod and the other on my laptop. The one on my laptop got bashed and bent the jack input. On both pairs, the wires came loose on one of the earbuds at the connectors. I have changed my rating from 5 to 4 stars because I think that they could be more resilient. For the price, I got good use of them before they broke and the sound was good. I do not feel like buying them again and have gone for slightly more expensive buds with good sound reviews instead.

  3. 04

    by Barry Wilson

    If you’re on the fence about buying these then you need to jump off that fence right now! Don’t be put off by the low price and think that their sound and build quality are as bad as your average stock headphones that come with your phone, or the cheap Skull Candy range, because they are not. I’ve owned Beats headphones in the past and trust me, these are literally just as good, if not better due to their affordability.

    These headphones are amazing, particularly at such a low price. I’ve been using a pair standard headphones that came with my phone for a while now because I lost my last pair of Sephia ones. That’s the fourth time I’ve lost them because I has the dumb. But pay day is around the corner and I’m ready for my fifth set!

    The bass is brilliant, the sound quality is superb. You can tell that these aren’t just a cheap pair of headphones you’d get from a random market stall. The metal finish feels sturdy and of professional quality, you can certainly feel the care that’s been put it for building these and the ear buds fit very comfortably and a ridiculously effective for their noise cancellation.

    They come in a stylish box with numerous different sized ear buds and a handy pouch for when you’re out and about and you want to put them away; no more tangled wires! I haven’t had any issues with these during the past few months that I’ve been using them.

    All in all they’re a top quality set of headphones that you will not regret buying, especially given the fact that they’re so cheap when compared to others of the same quality on the market, such as Beats. 10/10 would recommend.

    Take a leap, save some money and invest in a pair of these beauties. You definitely will not regret it.

  4. 04

    by ian coster

    Good quality, no mic ,lots of different size ear buds ,sound was good , good bass

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sephia SP3060 Earbuds - HD Bass Driven Audio, Lightweight Aluminum Wired in Ear Earbud Headphones, S/M/L Ear Bud Tips, Earphone Case, 3.5mm Tangle-Free Cord - for Music,...

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