Samsung Odyssey Neo AG95 LS49AG950NUXXU 1000R D QHD Curved Gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1-240Hz, 1ms, 5120×1440, HDR2000, HDMI 2.1, USB Hub, Displayport


  • Quantum Mini-LED, which achieves next-generation depth with Quantum HDR2000, delivers exceptional picture quality, placing Odyssey Neo in its own class.
  • HDMI 2.1, 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time – Supreme speed in every scene. Industry-leading 240Hz refresh rate eliminates lag for exhilarating gameplay and ultra-smooth action scene-by-scene. With 1ms response time and blur-free frames, players have a competitive edge with optimized technology – every playthrough.
  • Revolutionary Quantum Matrix Technology with Quantum Mini LEDs creates controlled brightness and perfect contrast for refined definition. Local dimming zones were increased to 2,048 and combined with the highest 12-bit black levels to create unmatched picture quality.
  • Quantum HDR 2000 – See every detail in all its glory. From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes, 2,000 nit peak brightness and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio enable enhanced color expression and depth. Get a competitive edge while playing Ray Tracing games by spotting hidden enemies using their reflections.
  • The 49-inch DQHD resolution brings you a display as wide as two QHD monitors sitting side by side, with incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images. Experience a more encompassing view with maximum space to take in all the action.
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by J Wallace

    I was concerned by the profusion of articles across the internet about Samsung’s Quality Control, but still decided to go with this as I wanted a high refresh rate 4k monitor with good HDR capabilities without dealing with any of the OLED burn in drama (old enough to have dealt with that from CRT screens, no interest in repeating the experience) and VA panels have always been considerably easier on my eyes than IPS ones.

    My unit has no problems whatsoever. The colour balance is superb, the contrast is excellent, the picture and motion clarity are both exceptional. I have seen no scan-lines in any content, there are no dead-pixels, and the local dimming feature works properly. I actually had to turn DOWN the brightness in HDR content as the display is quite capable of creating genuine glare, which is a new experience for me from a computer monitor.

    The curve is slightly disconcerting for about half an hour then becomes imperceptible but it does create a slight oddity. I started out with the monitor as far back on my desk as possible—which is fine, but the typical “touch the screen at arm’s length” advice makes for a much better experience.

    As mentioned by others, the stand itself and its connection to the monitor, while perfectly secure, wobbles when using the controls (or dropping a reference book on your desk) due to the swivel/adjustment mechanism. The only other minor quibble I have is that the “mood lighting” feature of the back LED which is supposed to colour cycle to match whatever you’re viewing simply doesn’t work and will always show some variety of blue. You can pick your own static colour perfectly fine though, and I honestly wouldn’t have noticed this at all if I hadn’t seen it mentioned elsewhere and chosen to check my own unit.

    I’m more than satisfied with my unit and would recommend it to anyone. I will note that I did make sure to buy from Amazon themselves as I was sufficiently concerned by Quality Control horror stories to want the peace of mind, but it proved unnecessary.

  2. 05

    by DadOfTeens

    * It’s lovely.
    * Incredible for gaming.
    * Awesome and helps you be more productive. That’s not a throw away comment. I provide network / server / infrastructure support and it’s an amazing screen to use to manage my customers networks and systems. The ease at which I can move my open applications around, and have the main app in the middle and the supporting apps each side, makes this screen a real benefit .

    * It’s so expensive! It took an age to build up the courage to buy it.
    * Make sure your equipment is compatible.
    * It was a pain to set-up.
    * Windows 11 is a must to get the best from the HDR.
    * My other two screens are suffering from contrast / brightness issues since I added this. Tweaking their OSD has made no difference, although I have not had time to have a more in-depth look. I had no problems when I had four separate screens (but I still would not change the current set-up with the Neo).
    * I thought the screen was broken as I couldn’t get it to work, until I found my graphics card has a Primary DP socket I needed to plug this into. I also have a primary HDMI – who knew!

    Overall, and despite the expense, I think this was a great buy. I’m not a massive gamer any more, but I still dabble and love playing on it. However, the improvement in productivity and sheer pleasure I get from using it, is more than I expected. I assumed it would be good, but it’s actually great! I would love a second to go above it, but I think that would probably be excessive, and I don’t think I could find an arm to hold it up that high.

    With that in mind, I got the Ergotron HX for screen size up to 49″, and it is worth the extra money.

  3. 05

    by Amazon Customer

    This monitor is probably good for gaming but unusable for home office working. Here a list of issues which are unacceptable given the price:
    * It has coil whine problem (for me at least): It makes popping noises every few seconds which is very annoying because you sit directly in front of it
    * No Thunderbolt port which charges your laptop. Only DisplayPort.
    * No P3 colors support. You fall back to sRGB color profile which is not looking good at all.
    * The 5k resolution pixel density is not as good as I thought given the size of the screen.
    * The general build quality is cheap. The plastic is very prone for scratches.
    * The cable management system is poor. It is almost impossible to fit the cables through the hole because it is too narrow.

  4. 05

    by DadOfTeens

    Incredible product.
    The screen is very easy to set up, but also has a lot of settings to get into to allow for customisation.
    You can connect multiple devices at once, I personally use my computer and Samsung Dex at the same time in the split screen view.
    It’s fantastic for both games and work as you’ve got plenty of screen real estate to work with.
    The picture quality is brilliant and colour accuracy is more than enough for what I do.

  5. 05

    by C.G

    The monitor is really good, the brightness of this monitor and the HDR is amazing. I didnt have any issues with the quality of the product, it is really good, no dead pixels. Deep blacks, and the HDR 10 is amazing, the monitor is so bright. Comparing to my previous BENQ 4k monitor is night and day, the color is amazing, especially after monitor calibration the color is great.
    Moving to the negatives of the monitor, does the monitor has scanlines? Yes it does have some scanlines if you set it to 240Hz, however there are no scanlines at 120Hz. The scanlines are not noticable in games, you can see the scanlines in the static images (especially in blue logos or buttons), but in games it is not an issue. I use 240Hz in games, and 120Hz for desktop usage.

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Samsung Odyssey Neo AG95 LS49AG950NUXXU 1000R D QHD Curved Gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1-240Hz, 1ms, 5120x1440, HDR2000, HDMI 2.1, USB Hub, Displayport


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