Samsung MC28H5013AS Combination Microwave, 1400W, 28 Litre, Silver


  • Healthy cooking – choose from a variety of healthy pre-set ‘cook with ease’ Menus
  • Power defrost – the power defrost feature lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly so they’re ready to be cooked
  • Eco mode – reduce the use of your standby power with Eco mode to help save money on your energy bills
  • Fermentation function – “try your hand at bread making or start the day with your own yoghurt with these easy to Use innovative features.”
  • Color: Silver
  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Ceramic enamel Interior – it’s exceptionally smooth surface makes it easy to clean. It is also highly dust and scratch resistant so it won’t discolour over time
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Roe256

    This does what it says – microwaves, convection oven upto 180C and grills. Saves on energy bills. Great for heating smaller amounts. We use it for rice, casseroles, my husband’s lunches and currently grilling sausages. Well worth the effort of learning. May need to think about what containers if microwaving as well as grilling or oven and microwaving the item. Make sure you have space as biggerthan most microwaves. Also side heat vent (left when looking from front) puts out a large moist output which steamed up a large window the first time we used it. Needed more space and then never happened again.
    The downside is the interface and has to be laboriously learnt and is not very intuitive. A key pad or turn dial would improve matters. Needs time and in our case our own quick reference guide. Well worth the effort as rarely use the main oven these days. That is what resulted in 4*.

  2. 06

    by Sal

    Superb. You do need to commit t getting to know how to use this oven but it is well worth it. There are many functions and as such, the instructions are lengthy.

    I roasted a chicken larger than the auto cook timings so I had to work out how to add some time (auto for the biggest chicken size then hot blast micro and oven about 5 mins extra, then micro and grill about 5 mins for the extra browning). I’ve made yoghurt which is really good but does take 7 hours of very gentle tick-over electricity so I must compare that to a pot from the supermarket. Next time I do yoghurt I will put much more in than the 5 pots suggested, and there definitely is room for more.

    Boiled potatoes in a few minutes – excellent. Non frozen pizza – a touch overcooked on auto but v close to the mark. Rice gets a tick.

    Roasted half peppers filled with basil and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil did not hit the spot. I used the straightforward oven feature. Some things like a good time to develop maybe?. I will stick to the real oven for those.

    ordinary microwave use is easy… and so on.

    I am measuring the electricity consumption and will have to report back to you in a while with the full details. I’m using a clamp meter so not very scientific, but a smart meter is due end of November. At the moment though, just that magnificent 1.7kg roasted chicken in half a hour plus a few minutes final faffing makes it worth every penny.

    The white is rather good by the way. I am glad it is all they had at the time of my purchase. This is not a plastic coated microwave, it is powder coated metal.

    Pleased with this and I do recommend. Yes, this is a genuine review.

    Edit March 2022. The bread proving function is amazing. Pop the covered bowl in the oven and leave it on auto for an hour. I use a no knead 500g flour recipe most often (James Morton’s Brilliant Bread, which I bought on Amazon), and that has three proves – two on auto for an hour in the bowl and one in the pan it will be cooked in for a further hour. The oven warms very slightly and the plate rotates. This is a revolution for my bread making and I’m no longer chasing spots of sun around the house with a bowl of dough.

    On the down side – I struggle with the oven/baking function because the heating element is exposed on the roof of the oven. So, there’s direct red heat on and off during the cooking process and a combination of microwave and grill or the hot blast functions on things like macaroni cheese leave a cellophane browned texture on the top and not the normal browned bubbles I’d get from the big fan oven. I’d not use this for entertaining.

    Warning – the heating element I just mentioned is touchable and I’ve burned myself once trying to turn toast over on the high rack. As such, I will not be buying one of these for my elderly parents and I’d not want children to use it.

    It is still great and I’m happy with this item – please could we have a recipe book for it.

  3. 06

    by Ian W

    I’ve had this product for 18 months. You might see a common thread coming…
    When I received it, it felt a bit plasticky compared with my Panasonic (just a still working microwave I’ve had since 2006) but I thought newer machine, lighter, cost; there will be a trade off. The instructions are fairly extensive but NOT user friendly in their layout or description. I used to run restaurants so I’ve used a few microwaves over the years. Through trial and error I worked out enough for me to use it however as a result I definitely didn’t use all the, probably useful, features that are apparently available AND you are paying for. So … this machine feels cheap, is comparatively expensive, has a range of features with poor instructions and after 18 months, has stopped working!
    Firstly the digital display lost two of its lines so a 9 looked like a 4 and so on. That was a bit of a guessing game for two weeks. Then the lines came back! Great. Then the microwave button stopped working. But you could circumvent this by just turning and pressing the dial as needed and pressing the start button. Everything else was working as should so, OK. Then the start button stopped working! That was the end of that.
    There seems to be a number of reoccurring faults to this machine that all seem to crop up around the 18 month mark. Unsurprisingly just after the 12 month warranty period expires. My suggestion… buy an extended warranty and catch Samsung out. Or better yet. Buy a Panasonic NN-CT55JWBPQ. And cut Samsung out. Model has a proven history, it’s cheaper and Panasonic are a go to supplier of microwaves in the catering industry. Decision made.

  4. 06

    by JD

    Our last Samsung Microwave lasted 12 years before the controls stopped working. This one has more advanced features which are useful. All-in-all not a bad buy and we have come to trust Samsung products, TV’s Sound-systems, etc…

  5. 06

    by standalone8

    Good points- fast, even cooking on convection. Powerful microwave, easy to use.
    Bad points – Even after downloading the instruction manual, I had trouble with setting the timer. I have now found out that I need to press the Up button harder, and the time sets quickly. When I did not press hard enough, it only went up by 10 seconds at a time !
    Overall, this was a good buy, particularly as it came at a much lower price from Amazon Warehouse.

  6. 06

    by Andrew

    Excellent product at a great price

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