RiderMount Sunshade GPS Case with handlebar mount (Large)


  • Integral built in Sunshade
  • Well made case with waterproof zip
  • Cable port on bottom edge
  • Robust handlebar mount with swivel ball
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Is discontinued by manufacturer


Product Dimensions

21 x 9.5 x 11 cm, 300 Grams

Date First Available

3 Oct. 2016



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Country of origin

United Kingdom

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by T GOMEZ

    I really liked this bike sat-nav holder from the start, it is fairly sturdy and bolts onto the handlebars really neatly and was easy to install. The only issue I had was, when going at speed (i.e. on the motorway) it tends to flop backwards with the wind pressure. However, I soon solved this by threading a strongish (medium size) cable tie through the exit hole meant for the sat nav power supply cable at the bottom of the case, and in-between the two thoughtfully provided zips nearly joined together at the top. This held the sat nav in place 98% of the time so I could see the screen. There were no issues with water ingress, even with the zips not quite touching at the top (to allow the cable tie to thread through the case and round the handlbars), and whilst going at maximum speed in torrential rain for hours on the motorway.

  2. 08

    by Mr. Christopher J. Hudson

    Came ready to fit onto a Ram ball mount, quality looks good.

  3. 08

    by Dr C Rickards

    Case a bit bulky on the tank , needed to secure HPS inside the case

  4. 08

    by michael denton

    Product ok but not enough mounting options. Mounting low on the bars means it is at an angle. Vibrates a lot but that would be expected as it isnt a solid bracket but a swivel. Good points it fits a 5inch garmin satnav well and can still be used easily through the plastic cover. Also feels good quality and is probably waterproof.

  5. 08

    by Kenneth Lee

    Clever design. Enabled a TomTom car SatNav to be used on the motorbike. The handlebar attachment could be fitted in to the extremely small length of handlebar that was not already occupied (Tracer 700). Nice cable port at the bottom. Once on, it was secure and stable – and angle of view easily changed with one hand.
    Water stayed out even in heavy Welsh rain both during riding and when parked.
    Modest glare when sun shining strongly. Case misted up when first setting out in heavy rain – BUT on analysis this was because I had got the SatNav wet when programming it. As it turned out, you could operate the SatNav through the protective screen anyway.

  6. 08

    by mary minahan

    My Tom Tom via62 fitted exactly into the case ,I had to extend the wire to fit my Harley the only problem is the case moves about on the linking stalk this could be made thicker it has not been used in heavy rain yet so can’t really pass comment over all I’m satisfied so far .

  7. 08

    by T GOMEZ

    I’ve used this on my 2019 CB500X. I bought this to hold a GPS for longer journeys and tours, I don’t have the cash for a full motorcycle GPS so opted for this and a secondhand tomtom. I did use my phone for a while but on longer journeys my battery would eventually fail on me.

    The case sits well on a dedicated GPS bar on the bike, I did use an old bicycle inner tube to make the bar wide enough to take the case as the fitting does not go that small. I believe its made for a standard handlebar.

    The tomtom is a 5inch screen and fits in the case very well, the padding that came supplied with it meant I could snugly fit it with no movement. I did, however, have to cut the foam to fit the charging point and the waterproof wire exit meant the charging cable would hang over my speedo. The wire now hangs out the side through the zips, it does not seem to have greatly impacted the water resistance though.

    Overall the case is really good, I will say that in bright light there is some glare, but that could be due to the position I have it in. I would also say that the touch screen cover has meant I can use this with gloves and that’s a big plus. If you don’t have the cash or willingness to spend the money for a dedicated motorcycle GPS this is a great way of setting it up.

  8. 08

    by Cailean

    It’s simple to fit, secure and solid. After 750 plus miles over all roads it still sits just where I put it.
    The only problem I’ve noted was a very slight ingress of water, either that or condensation formed inside. That was just the once
    My bike lives outdoors, no cover or shelter. It’s a form of transport in every weather, it needs to live where it works. Outside, in every weather.
    The case is easy to use, once you have the viewing angle sorted it’s good. I could have gotten away with the next size down, my phone is 6.5x3x0.5 inch in it’s usual case. The inserts are simple to remove as needed, or as I did, just slice a piece off of one to keep the phone higher in the case. There’s plenty of room for me to add a brick (2 inch thick) battery pack to keep the phone charged as it’s running google maps as my satnav. (I use the brick to charge my mobile, camera and lights when hiking, so I wanted a case that could hold it as well as my phone)
    All in all, it’s good enough.

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RiderMount Sunshade GPS Case with handlebar mount (Large)