Panasonic NN-ST45KWBPQ Microwave Oven, 32 Litres, 1000W, Turntable, Easy Operation LCD, Touch Control Panel, 21 Auto Programs with Junior Menu (Puree & Porridge) LED Interior…


  • The smart Genius Sensor ensures excellent cooking and reheating results for every meal. An advanced sensor detects the amount of vapour released from your food and automatically calculates the perfect cooking time and power that is required
  • The convenient pre-programmed Junior Menu makes it easy to conjure up delicious meals for little ones. With three automatic programmes for vegetable puree, fruit puree and porridge ensuring that even picky eaters enjoy healthy delights
  • The new way of cooking. Maintains perfect power control to ensure your meals are cooked gently and evenly retaining essential nutrients and vitamins. The smart Inverter technology saves time and energy and guarantees your food is cooked faster
  • The new minimalistic design is perfect for any kitchen and encases a large 32L interior providing more usable space for larger dishes
  • With a wide variety of 25 auto programmes available to choose the right cooking method for you, your daily routine becomes fairly simple without you having to work out times needed making for effortless cooking
  • Unique to Panasonic this function reduces the defrosting time dramatically, at the same time eliminates the problem of partially cooked food. Helping thaw that frozen meal for dinner quickly that you forgot to take out of the freezer
  • Makes the control pad inoperable ensuring your little one doesn’t interfere with the microwave programming and protecting little fingers from harm
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Wardleone

    As usual Panasonic is easy to use, easy to clean, and reliable

  2. 08

    by DJA

    Good microwave. Easy to use and has a large interior. Like the led light that shows you what’s cooking. Totally met my expectations.

  3. 08

    by Mr. Davide Mazzetti

    I bought this after my previous Microwave Oven became a bit long in the tooth and needed replacing. This is a brilliant oven with a comprehensive set of options. It’s a big oven with lots of space inside and easily accommodates a standard dinner plate. The instruction manual is comprehensive and needs to be read carefully to get the most out of this appliance – it also contains a lot of very good and easy recipes. Some have complained that the buttons don’t work/are hard to press to get a response. This just shows that they haven’t bothered to read the instructions. You press the TEXT on the buttons, not the icons and then they respond instantly. I’ve had this oven for just over three months and have had no problems with it. A really good purchase.

  4. 08

    by Technogeeks

    Purchased this for my main source of cooking. Was an awesome experience using this, cooking was drastically reduced for cooking with its auto function for detecting moisture and cooking time.

    Highly recommended.

    Unfortunately it failed within one year of owning.
    Amazon was happy to return for a replacement – only the replacement wasn’t fit for purpose, and smelt like burning first chance I got to use it. So re-boxed it and sent it back.

    The only set back was the poor service from Royal Mail tool 5 days to collect for a refund- after which Amazon tried to take the full amount from a a linked account twice, even after notifying amazon after the first attempt.

  5. 08

    by Barry Probert

    Have had my old Panasonic for over 20yrs and it still works! This purchase was purely cosmetic the old one was looking a bit tired on our worktop.
    The new one is brilliant white and has many useful features and is easy to use.
    Excellent purchase worth every penny.

  6. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    We have used microwave ovens for many years, not only to reheat food and drinks, but my wife makes great desserts and cakes in it. When my old one died we looked around and found this one which had good feedback so took the plunge! It’s great with a much bigger turntable than our old unit and it’s easy to use. So far nothing to complain about, so worth a look if you are looking for a family size oven

  7. 08

    by B M Robinson

    Very pleased with this product. We prefer the white model as the black one has what appears to be a mirror on the front door. The microwave is easy to use and has just the right features for us. We can clearly see items being cooked through the transparent door window and the internal light is helpful. We are both pensioners and don’t always adjust to technology! But we have no problem with this product. pleased to recommend it.

  8. 08

    by Cayde / max

    After donkeys years we had two old panasonic geniuses die in the family both refused to heat food but would still do everything else, so we had to get a new one, this was the closest in internal size to them but in a modernized more advanced lighter package.

    The buttons seem a bit tempramental with how much effort they require to activate, which is a wierd half way point on the text / number and a silver line to seperate them from each other. might take a bit of getting used to but we have.

    cooks well so far at 1kw it’s quicker than our previous 800w so 10 to 20 seconds off the usual timing seems to work fine.

    The only reason for -1 star across the board are as follows –

    front facia front edges could be considered a bit too sharp when you accidently hit them,

    the door is lower than older models so you could potentially hurt your hands and fingers made worse by the aforementioned edges.

    inside there is a ‘wave guide’ plastic cover that frankly looks out of place like a packaging protector for transit purposes and the instructions to ‘ leave it alone’ aren’t very clear, thankfully i did leave it alone 😀

    and at 160 quid it feels pricey but for a higher wattage and large capacity it is fair and good value compared to many others.

    This mirco wave uses the inverter tech and is not a combo of grill / heating element.

    will it last several decades like the others ? who knows ‘touches wood’.

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Panasonic NN-ST45KWBPQ Microwave Oven, 32 Litres, 1000W, Turntable, Easy Operation LCD, Touch Control Panel, 21 Auto Programs with Junior Menu (Puree & Porridge) LED Interior...


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