LQWELL® Projector, Mini Projector, Supports Wifi 6, BT5.0 With 11.0 Android OS, Automatic Keystone Correction, 180 Degree, 130 Inch Display For Phone/PC/Lap/PS5/Stick, 4K Home…


  • WiFi 6 & BT5.0 Mini Projector: HY300 projector adopts WIFI6 technology, which has faster transmission rate and lower transmission delay , realizing screen synchronization in seconds. The built-in BT5.0 chip can connect to various Bluetooth devices
  • Multiple Interfaces: HY-300 smart projector has HDMI, USB and audio ports, which can be connected to PC, laptop, Firestick, TV box, Xbox, PS5, U disk, DVD and other HDMI compatible devices
  • Smart Projector: Support connecting Android or Apple mobile phones. The projector base has a 180° rotating stand that can be used as a projection screen from floor to ceiling. The 130″ large screen offers you a clearer watching experience
  • Automatic keystone correction: The projector has a built-in high-precision sensor that automatically calibrates the four corners of the projection surface. The focal length can be adjusted using the focus wheel on the front of the projector
  • Native 720P, Supports 4K: The projector’s native resolution is 1280 x 720, it supports 4K high-definition video and can provide clear and bright images in dark environments, which is suitable for home theater, entertainment and video conferencing
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Honestly so impressed!!! The screen fills the whole wall! And so easy to set up my 11 year old did it herself!!!

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    My experience with the LQWELL Mini Projector was notably disappointing, marked by several critical issues that significantly impacted its usability and effectiveness.

    Remote Control Functionality:
    A major concern is the remote control, which consistently fails to perform as expected. The remote’s efficacy is hindered by an impractically positioned infrared sensor, necessitating its use from behind the projector, a design choice that is both inconvenient and illogical.

    Automatic Keystone Correction:
    The advertised “Automatic Keystone Correction” feature is misleading. It is essentially a nominal feature, lacking the functionality and effectiveness present in other projectors. This results in a subpar experience, particularly in aligning the display correctly.

    Picture Sharpness:
    The image sharpness, or lack thereof, is a significant letdown. The projector struggles to produce a clear image, irrespective of the size of the projection. This issue is critical, considering that clear imagery is the fundamental requirement of a projector.

    Built-in Stand Design:
    Adding to the projector’s shortcomings is the built-in stand design. The stand, meant to be a feature for easy adjustment and setup, instead presents a challenge. It clicks from one position to another, lacking the smooth transition necessary for fine-tuning the projection angle. This design flaw makes it difficult to set the projector at the correct angle, impacting the overall user experience.

  3. 08

    by Valy Moise

    If you want to connect to it with an iPhone, do not buy this product 👎 It does not connect to any iPhone in any way
    Very weak sound 👎
    Very low light even in very dark environment👎
    You can’t watch the movie in the browser because it has copyright and it will be cut off!
    I think it is a toy that is not worth buying at this price!
    I really regret buying it and unfortunately I gave it as a gift and I was embarrassed.

  4. 08

    by Valy Moise

    Exceptionally good value

  5. 08

    by deano

    I unpack the projector, very cute. Set up is another story, there is no Software, other than a pointer that operates like a mouse, not worthy unless you use it with some other wireless device like fire stick or Google device.
    Image is good, sound not bad, although Bluetooth recommended.

  6. 08

    by Sean

    Just as described, working perfectly, fast delivery, thank you

  7. 08

    by fiona milton

    I like it. We use it in a different room then living room and is a lot better then instaling a tv on the wall. Picture is a bit darker so it needs to have the curtains on. Netflix app works perfect however Disney or Amazon is not working properly as picture doesn’t come on, just the sound. Didnt try HDMI connection as we have it in the bedroom and we don’t like to many wires. Sound is ok, however I tried to connect to an Bluetooth speaker and it doesn’t see it. On the other hand the phone is visible and can connect both android and iphone (android is easier to connect)

  8. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Airplay didnn’t work some of the time, bluetooth or the casting feature didn’t work. So you’re left with the app on the device. Netflix it occastionally loaded media but Prime video never worked. The picutre quality isn’t the best as even in a pitch black room the video quality was quite dark. Also the 4k quality when using Airplay didn’t look very hight quality as I found myself trying to adjust the lens focus thinking it was that.

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LQWELL® Projector, Mini Projector, Supports Wifi 6, BT5.0 With 11.0 Android OS, Automatic Keystone Correction, 180 Degree, 130 Inch Display For Phone/PC/Lap/PS5/Stick, 4K Home...