Hoover HLEV10DG 10kg Vented Tumble Dryer, White, Digital Display


  • Large capacity – The large 10 kg capacity makes the Link HLEV10DG Tumble Dryer ideal for family households. You’ll be able to dry even larger items, like curtains, sheets and tablecloths.
  • Control the appliance from your phone – You can manage your laundry directly from your phone. Simply touch your Android phone against the Hoover Link HLEV10DG NFC 10 kg Vented Tumble Dryer like you would with a contactless payment system. With the Hoover Wizard app, you’ll be able to control, monitor and manage the tumble dryer, no matter where you are.
  • START DELAY – The Start Delay option gives you the choice for the best starting cycle time, according to your needs. The drying cycle can be put off for up to 23 hours.
  • Range of programs to suit your needs – If you’re not sure what settings to use, there are 4 Sensor Dry levels to help you achieve the ideal levels for every load. The tumble dryer will automatically switch off at the desired level, so there’s no risk of over-drying your clothes. In a hurry? Use the Rapid 45-minute program to get everything dry in less time. There’s also a Pre-iron cycle to relax folds and creases.
  • Dimensions – Product height with worktop (mm) 850 Width of the product (mm) 596 Product depth (mm) 585
  • Energy consumption per full load – 6.03 kwh
  • Energy consumption per partial load – 3.03 kwh
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Additional information




‎Hoover HLEV10DG

Product Dimensions

‎58.5 x 59.6 x 85 cm, 33.5 Kilograms

Standard Capacity Cycle

‎10 Kilograms


‎10 Kilograms

Annual Energy Consumption

‎697 Kilowatt Hours

Noise Level Drying

‎67 dB

Energy Consumption per complete standard program

‎6.03 Kilowatt Hours

Noise Level Spinning

‎67 dB

Installation Type


Part Number


Form Factor

‎Front Load

Special Features

‎4 Drying Levels, Vented, 14 Programmes, Sensor Dry, Anti-Crease, Rapid Cycles, Wi-Fi Connected



Access Location

‎Front Load

Door Orientation


Included Components

‎Standard Vent Kit (Includes Vent Hose)

Batteries included


Batteries Required


Manufacturer Warranty

‎1 Year Labour, 10 Year Parts (must be registered within 28 days of purchase)

Item Weight

‎33.5 kg

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by TVH

    The people who installed my new dryer were super professional, quick and nice. Thank you, worth every penny.

  2. 08

    by Jean

    I have only had this tumble dryer a few days and have only used it twice so far. On both occasions I used the ‘Whites’ setting which enables the facility of setting the dryness level to it’s dryest possible setting, the first time I was a bit cautious and only filled it half full, the second time I put all that my 8kg capacity washing machine would hold(although i’m pretty sure it is much more than 8kgs) in it….The second time the load INCLUDED a bath sheet, 2 single duvet covers and 2 single fitted sheets and it dried them to bone dry without tangling them….the sensor dry function kicked in successfully on both occasions…the only thing which I would like to establish now is how long it took to dry them as I was not near it when it finished(it must have been much less than it’s estimated original time)….once I know the drying cycle time I will be able to experiment with other settings to see if there is one that will dry them quicker….btw the fluff filter only had 75% of the fluff on it that my previous tumble dryer used to have which I am thinking is a good thing as the mesh is finer….the noise level is not important to me because it is situated out in my garage but it does seem reasonably quiet, slightly quieter than my last dryer….overall I’m very pleased with it so far but I will come back and ammend this review if something happens to the contrary.
    UPDATE: Although I have not actually seen it doing it(because it is situated out in my garage), I think it does reverse occasionally because I can hear it pause for a couple of seconds every now and again, which indicates to me that is what it is doing, I still have had no tangling issues. I have settled on only useing the ‘Whites’ setting with the shortest(2hrs 40mins) cycle time which always dries the washing perfectly well.

  3. 08

    by Liraz Rahav

    I purchased this dryer as I wanted a large capacity vented dryer. The machine has a decent build quality but is not fit for purpose. There are a large number of drying settings and dryness level options, none of which actually dry the laundry. As other reviews state, there is no reverse cycle so sheets roll up in a ball and remain wet. Any mixed load with heavy cottons such as towels or t-shirts will dry the lighter items but leave the heavier fabrics damp. I tried every recommended ‘fully dry’ setting but ended up putting items on a heater to dry.
    After 4 uses I returned the machine to Amazon who kindly accepted the return for a full refund as the item is not fit for purpose. Thanks to the excellent Amazon refund/return service I was able to buy another dryer (Hotpoint) which is a more basic model but actually dries the clothes.

  4. 08

    by Stephen Wright

    Does what it says on the tin. Far noisier than my previous Zanussi and does not reverse tumble so large items such as duvet covers tend to ball up.
    On screen menu not the easiest to comprehend and the actual drying times are far less than what is displayed on screen.
    Great pity that vented dryers are getting scarcer as In my experience they are more efficient that the modern condenser dryers.

  5. 08

    by Nurse Edith

    Great size drum. So far so good. Can’t fault it.

  6. 08

    by Stephen Wright

    Vented tumble dryers are not the most energy efficient these day, but the vent for our old one was already in place, and other types of dryer seemed to suffer with condensation issues so it made sense to stick with what we knew.
    Also, it’s a shame that there seem to be fewer built-in options these days. I wonder why that is?
    Anyway, although I’ve only had it a day I have used it four times already, so for what it’s worth, this is what I have found:
    1) Not particularly energy efficient, but it is a vented tumble dryer, so never going to be the most energy efficient out there. We can live with that.
    2) Not very easy at first glance to decipher the various settings. No ‘low, medium and high’ here. We have many confusing options such as ‘Small’ ‘XXL’ ‘Mix & Dry’ ‘One Touch’ ‘Sport Plus’ and so on….. (see pic)
    I’m sure it will all make sense after studying the instructions for a year or two. I’ll come back to you on that one……….
    3) On the plus side, it is a relatively compact machine, considering it is replacing a machine that was about the same physical size, yet it takes 10Kg of clothes, 2Kg more than our old one!
    4) Another plus, it is much quieter than our old machine. I’m sure our neighbours three doors away will be much happier.
    So, in summary, for a low priced machine with a fair few features, it is well worth considering. Once I get to grips with the menu options, I’m sure I will settle on two or three regularly used settings. We have yet to try the app, but doubt that we will be using it much, if at all.
    Would I buy it again? Yes! Very pleased so far.
    Also, the seller, Crampton And Moore, were most efficient. Their delivery estimate was spot on, and their driver phoned me twenty minutes before delivery so we were all psyched up and ready for when they arrived.
    No issues whatsoever with the machine or the seller. Recommended!

  7. 08

    by Magichat

    Not good for drying large items I.e bedding it rolls up into a very tight ball even after shaking each item and using dryer balls which have been recommended. Not happy.

  8. 08

    by Kindle Customer

    The Bluetooth feature is next to useless. Range is only touch distance and then very hap-hazzard. The ON button does not work for my wife all the time. It does for me. This is always an issue with these capcitive touch buttons. It furstrates the daylights out of her.
    The actual drying ability is good, which is why we kept it.
    It does not have WiFi, which it hints it does have in the advert, which would have been more use. The washing machine we also bought, a month later, has this feature, which we find handy to remind us to set another load going.

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Hoover HLEV10DG 10kg Vented Tumble Dryer, White, Digital Display


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