Heromask PRO – Virtual Reality Gaming headset + FREE VR Games guide. Gamer button and fabric finishes. Compatible with Android Phone and IPhone 11, X, 8, 6… Samsung s10, s9,…


  • 😎 [HEROMASK PRO] Professional virtual reality headset with comfortable fabric materials and ergonomic grip. Perfect to enjoy VR games, 360º videos and incredible experiences for the whole family.
  • 🔘 [GAMING BUTTON] Built-in mechanical button that allows maximum performance for your favorite games. No need for additional controllers!
  • ⚙️ [INTERPUPILLARY ADJUSTMENT] Triple interpupillary adjustment for high quality vision and the most comfortable fit to the user. You can also use them with your prescription glasses so you do not miss a single detail of the experience.
  • 📔 [GAME GUIDE] Includes our guide with a selection of top games, videos and experiences in VR; as well as helpful tips to find them more easily!
  • 🛠️ [TECHNICAL SUPPORT] → All iPhone’s from version 5s are compatible with virtual reality (except if they have iOS 12 installed), but some Android smartphones are not. Comment below your Android model. We will find for you if it is compatible with VR or not. Shop with confidence!
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by M

    The Heromask PRO – Virtual Reality Gaming headset is a good, cheap starter set for those who want to experience VR for the first time.

    The landscape has changed quite a bit in the last few years and once upon a time this sort of phone VR was the only real way for most people to experience it without shelling out a fortune for a top end PC and expensive headset. Since then, we’ve had PSVR, Oculus Quest and a cheaper Rift S headset with PC parts also becoming cheaper.

    This sits at the bottom alongside Google Cardboard and the now defunct Samsung Gear VR. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get VR as long as you have a half decent Android or Apple phone to run the apps. The claim this comes with VR games or a guide is a little cheeky, it just tells you to look for VR games on the app stores. However, there are many apps available and most are free, so it’s still worth getting.

    The other reason to choose this headset for a cheap phone-based option is that it’s pretty comfortable. There’s a nice padded area around the headpiece that you don’t get on other cheaper sets. The lenses are clear and adjustable and it can fit most standard phones, though the Note 20 Ultra doesn’t fit and I believe the iPhone 11 Pro Max may be a little too big, too.

    Finally, this stands out as having a pretty good, easy to use button on the bottom, something a lot of headsets either lack or just supply some sort of basic metal slider. This makes playing the games easier though if you’ve experienced the Quest or Go you’ll know it won’t beat a proper controller.

    For the price, though, and as an introduction to VR, this is a solid headset if you have the phone to make use of it.

  2. 05

    by FamilyLife

    This is my first jump into the VR headset world.

    I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus for personal and an iPhone SE for work. I tried both of these on the headset and the S10 plus is by far the better phone to use, but that is expected due to the vastly superior screen quality.

    The headset seems relatively well built for the price and has adjustments for focus and headband. It also has a very clever button underneath that basically touches the screen to allow you to confirm things on the screen, if the VR you are watching doesn’t have the “stare to select” function.

    The headset works well but is lacking in visual quality slightly. Despite watching videos in the highest resolution (sometimes up to 4K) and setting my screen at the highest brightness and highest quality (WQHD+), I always found the image to be very slightly blurry. No matter how much adjustment I did on the focus, it just looked off.

    I think this is down to the optics used within the headset, as when taking the phone out of the headset, even though the VR image was split and inverted, it was sharp. So the only thing that could be the issue is the headset itself.

    That being said, it is still a good immersive experience, but the quality will frustrate you. It could be my eyes, but I have good vision and do not wear glasses, but maybe my focus is outside of what the headset is capable of.

    Instructions are none existent in the packaging, but it is fairly intuitive. The only think I struggled with is the “flap” inside the phone holder. You put the phone with the back against this flap and it presses it into place. Initially I thought this was a holder so slid my phone inside it and closed the window. My phone promptly got stuck! It took a good 10 mins of gentle prying the locking mechanism to get it out, so something to be mindful of.

    For a basic, cheap headset it does ok. The button is cool and the headset fits well. Does it deserve the moniker of “Pro”? No in my opinion. This is not a Pro headset at all, this is a basic headset that is a basic price.

  3. 05

    by FamilyLife

    This is really easy to use and comes with a bit of information regards to finding games/movies that you can use with this. The straps on the top and sides are Velcro meaning you can adjust these to each head shape and size which is great to make it comfortable to wear.

    Around the face part is a padded area but i did find that near the nose could do with a slightly bit more padding as after some use it did start to hurt my nose and become uncomfortable so i had to keep repositioning it.

    You place your phone in the front which flips down and then clips back up to prevent it dropping out, There is a great added feature which is the gamer button and this does come in handy sometimes. You focus the VR by the 3 dials on the top and this is really easy to do. I wear glasses and had no problems with this and still used it the same as someone without or you can not wear them and focus it to your eyes i found it worked fine both ways.

    Overall this is a great product and well made for its price.

  4. 05

    by Paul B

    This is a fun bit of kit, ive downloaded a couple of games from play store and im pretty impressed with this head set. Its really nice looking and looks alot more expensive than it is, the side and top straps are velcro adjustable and its padded around your eye and nose area. You can adjust the lenses really easily with the dials on top of the headset. Its quite comfortable to wear but you wouldn’t want to wear it for more than an hour as it does get a bit heavy depending on what phone you have. The front flips down for you to put your fone in and you just push it closed, my galaxy s10 with gel case fits in it with no problem whatsoever. Every one who’s has tried this out has had a massive grin on their face during and after, i can see this being a hit a Christmas too especially if people haven’t tried on before. Quality fun headset.

  5. 05

    by Lo84

    Works very well with my samsung s8.
    Quite easy to set up and they are comfortable to wear it.
    The vision is great, while watching film in them I feel like everything I see is reality.
    The headband is adjustable what is excally also nice. All my family members can watch or play with this headset.
    I think price is great for such qulity,
    And surely I do recommend them.

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Heromask PRO - Virtual Reality Gaming headset + FREE VR Games guide. Gamer button and fabric finishes. Compatible with Android Phone and IPhone 11, X, 8, 6... Samsung s10, s9,...