Dyson V8Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


  • Direct drive cleaner head : drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt. 150 percent more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 Animal vacuum.
  • Whole machine filtration : captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air you breathe.
  • Up to 40 minutes of suction : powered by a new Nickel Cobalt Aluminium battery to deliver up to 40 minutes of suction (up to 25 minutes with motorised floor tool attached).
  • Hygienic dirt ejector : ejects dust from the bin in a single action.
  • V8 Animal comes with : Direct Drive Cleaner Head, Mini Motorised Tool, Docking Station, Combination Tool, Rigid Crevice Tool
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Pollie08

    It has taken me a while to take the leap and purchase this dyson mainly the cost. But I am so pleased I finally done it, it has change the way I hoover and believe me when I say I look forward to doing my chores. It’s quick to get to work no more lugging around a hoover up and down stairs. It take me around 20 mins to hoover upstairs and the stairs. A little less for down stairs, so maybe 40 mins and the battery does last that time. So I have to charge it up after every use. I have dogs so it comes out every day to hoover the spaces that the dogs use. My old hoover only came out twice a week it was a Henry also a great hoover I had to sweep most days. But not any more my dyson does it every day and it’s light weight got heaps of attachments not sure what all of them do yet. I do charge it quite regularly as it’s used quite a bit. Only thing I would say is that the long tube at times does feel a little flimsy. Plus the bit that store all your dust and fluff I empty after every use, it’s plenty big enough for my whole house. Happy customer 😀

  2. 04

    by B. Richards

    I’ve given it 2 months or so beside writing this review to make sure my initial opinion stuck. And it did. I blooming love this vacuum! So much better than my Electrolux upright, which is now never used, and much better for the stairs especially. The suction is awesome as is the powered head attachment – especially when I have to dogs with longer fur, a fluffy cat, hair down to the middle of my own back and a messy partner.

    There are 2 or 3 draw backs. One + Two – trigger finger and battery life. I have a small 3 bedroom on 3 floors. I tend to split up the house and do a floor a day then repeat. By the end of a floor, using the vacuum on max with the powered head , it’s ready to be recharged and my finger is sore. I think dyson should consider a button lock like on an extending dog lead so it’s not necessary to always hold it in. As for the battery life, this doesn’t bother me as it fits with my routine and me using it as a main vacuum, but it would if your house was larger. It life is typically 10 minutes or so on max with the powered head but upto 40 minutes on min without the head. Problem Three – excellent suction so not good on rugs. I have a heavy rubber backed doormat by the back door to stop dog mud. The vacuum is too powerful for it on max or min with the powered head so have to swap attachments which many would be annoyed by.

    Still love it overall and is excellent in my lifestyle and house. The pros for me far, far outweigh the cons.

    *edit – about 2yrs 4 mths in, the battery went. Although outside of warranty, Dyson customer service were the best and sent me a new battery free of charge!

  3. 04

    by Mac2

    easy to use as you would expect. the hand unit was heavier than i anticipated, but using the normal long extension tube and floor head – it is a matter of rolling the wrist to guide the unit rather than actually lifting it – so it is fine, you just need to “go with it”. As a standard replacement it is easy and flexible. the tools that come with it. The charge time is fine for our standard UK house (2up 2down semi) on standard power mode. The Turbo mode really chews up the battery power though if you need it.

    my only complaint – and this is really quite picky, is that the cable length to mount the recharging cradle, is not long enough. Where management wanted the cradle and unit located, did not have a close enough power socket – and lovely though the design is, my mgt wanted it mounted in a corner “out of the way, but convenient”. there was more than enough space in the cradle body to store excess cable if it had been longer.

    other minor gripe – if there are going to be more than 3 tools supplied – the cradle should have enough slots for them. the animal came with 5 “bits” but only storage slots for 2 (plus 1 on the unit in storage)


  4. 04

    by Iki

    This was bought to replace a Dyson roller-ball vacuum of some age. The handheld vacuum has impressed. We found a suitable place to wall mount it. It easily slots in and out, so easily that it is frequently taken down for just a quick scoot around, or a once-over clean up. Instead of the heavy corded rollerball being used once or twice weekly we now find ourselves using the handheld a dozen or more times a week, resulting in carpets which are constantly looking good and wooden floors which are no longer accumulating enough dust to start to be an embarrassment. This means that it rarely works for longer than half a hour at a time, and is almost always found in a fully recharged state. The greatest convenience, apart from the above and its light weight and easy handling, is that it runs easily under our slightly raised furniture allowing proper cleaning. Our resident dog does shed hair, which this vacuum handles easily and effectively. The attachments provided with it are adequate for most tasks. Stairs are also easy to clean. We had expected a reduced suction with this vacuum, but the results don’t show this. And I have to mention QUIET, another good feature which in one small way is a drawback! With the roller-ball vacuum the dog would bark at it, back away and bark again and so on; not what you really want to hear. Now, with the much quieter handheld, the dog remains sprawled in the middle of the carpet and we hoover right up to him from all directions as he silently watches! We have to move him to finish the job! Overall, an effective and convenient appliance.

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