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  • ✅【Large Capacity Dryer】All of our metal poles have been strengthen, the metal racks can hold upto 18KG weight. Kieely dryer uses flame retardant material and provide extra large capacity for cloth, towel, quilt and so on. Our portable dryer is also ideal to be used as wardrobe when clothes are dried, help you to save effort for laundry!
  • ✅【High Output Dryer with Timer】Kiseely portable dryer uses high output drying machine, which can dry clothes faster than most of other portable dryers in the market. Timer function allows you to leaver the dryer running without worry waste energy
  • ✅【Maximum Efficiency & Minimum Noise】Experiment result shows our portable dryer consumes 30% less energy than normal dryer while drying clothes, it is time to save bills! We know machine noise can be annoying, our portable dryer also makes much less noise than normal dryer, offering you a quiet environment
  • ✅【Best Care and Protection for Clothes】Thanks to the hanger drying design, you don’t need to worry clothes will get wrinkle while using our portable dryer for drying. Moreover, hang drying method is more hygienic and able to remove peculiar smell
  • ✅【After Sales Service】If you’re not happy with our product, just feel free to return your order within 30 days and we will issue full refund. If You have any questions regarding our product, you can contact us any time and we will give quick response
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Heather Humphreys

    Takes a life time to dry anything get a condenser tumble dryer it will save you going out without underwear

  2. 07

    by Grace

    Very useful in the wet weather. Making good use of it.

  3. 07

    by Miles

    As Autumn and Winter draw in, there’s no chance to air dry clothing and we have to hang our washing up indoors. We already have a large airer, but you also need to heat the house for clothes to dry on it. So, when I saw this drying unit I thought it was a great idea! It was quick and easy to put together – literally, 5 minutes – and we had it up and running quickly. Lots of hangers/racks to use, so good capacity. The heater unit sits under/through a hole at the bottom of the cover, and you can set it on a timer to only run for the time you need it. This is really good for my heavier cotton t-shirts, and is certainly cheaper than having to put the heating on – quicker too. Very pleased with it.

  4. 07

    by Cirus

    I liked the view that the product was easily put together and works very well

  5. 07

    by Miles

    I bought this airer for my daughter. She is very pleased with it. She said it is so useful especially when you have children and ironing is a chore she avoids. It has cut her load of ironing. Dryers are so expensive to run but with this she just hangs the clothes up and leaves them to dry and is cost efficient.

  6. 07

    by The OP

    This is the only way we found to be able to keep up with the washing that is needed to be done for a family of six people, there doesn’t seem to be enough space within the house to dry everything for long enough so as it rains we no longer able to use everything outside and we’re turning to different options like this close dryer which allows us to put all of our clothes hang up inside of a sort of clothes rail then turn on the blower which in turn heats up the air and dries the clothes a lot quicker than you would expect it’s surprising how quick it goes through everything.

    When it’s turned on it does do this weird sort of thing where it blows out the sides a little bit looking like it’s being inflated and there is a slight hum but it really isn’t too loud at all and it doesn’t even use a lot of electricity although with the speed that it’s going through the clothes it’s well worth it as it mentioned before it’s the only way of getting through all of the clothes to keep them dry on time.

    So apart from the fact that it is drawing the clothes as I wanted it to you have the added bonus of the fact that it’s warming up your room as well so you’ll be turning the heating down a lot more especially if you have it in a room that you’re spending a lot of time in you could potentially have the heating turned off and just have this turned on in that room.

  7. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    Instructions not the best took me couple of hours to assembly, heater is not very stable sitting on the base, and the cover is damaged in the black area of fabric that I want replaced, I don’t want to dismantle the frame again just send the new cover. Apart from that it is a mini sauna…do not leave unatended.

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Clothes Dryer, Portable Drying Machine with Timer, 60inch Laundry Drying Wardrobe with Large Capacity, Electric Dryer/Rack for Home | Appartments