Candy Smart Pro CSO1493TWCE, Free Standing Washing Machine, WiFi Connected, 9 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White, Amazon Exclusive


  • Amazon Exclusive Feature Steam Function The Steam Cycle treats the wash load with a blast of hot steam, relaxing creases in your clothes and linen and cutting down on the ironing. This process also refreshes and revitalises the fibres of your laundry while removing any odours.
  • Amazon Exclusive Feature = WiFi Connected This high-spec, high-tech appliance connects with your WI-FI network, giving you the option to control the machine remotely via the mobile app. You can also run diagnostic checks, download extra programmes, receive notifications and maintenance reminders, plus access guides to washing and troubleshooting.
  • Wash a full load in just 59 minutes. This programme delivers a full-capacity wash load in less than an hour. This is a convenient option for daily washing such as uniforms and any other laundry that does not require a high intensity cycle.
  • With KG Mode, you can cut down on costs. This smart appliance weighs the load during the first four minutes of the washing cycle. It then adjusts the duration of the selected programme and water requirements to match the weight of the laundry.
  • The Stain Level feature adjusts the intensity of the wash to impact on stains. This setting gives you three options to choose from, depending on the size of the challenge
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Chris

    I love my washing machine. Sometimes I just look at it for ages, admiring its shiny door and understated aesthetics and then I give it a little cuddle. It cleans beautifully in a quiet and sophisticated manner and I appreciate its desire to go unnoticed. In an age where everyone seems to be clamouring for attention, Candy quietly goes about her business with zero fuss or bluster. Like I said, I love my washing machine.

  2. 08

    by Dom & Anne-Marie

    Fast delivery. Can connect to your phone. Door opens immediately after cycle completion. Does what it’s meant to do. Happy with purchase.

  3. 08

    by Chris

    fantastic Washington machine and had a 14min quick wash Which temp & spin can be adjusted and this is a great feature and money/electric SAVING and we all need this in these day’s, APP is so eay to use

  4. 08

    by Panda

    The media could not be loaded.

     First new washing machine since 2012… heard alot of great reviews of washing machines from ‘candy’ and i gotta say… im NOT disappointed 🙂

    Have to admit, as its been so long since having a new washer, i was confused to how to work this one 😂 , it was more my nerves getting better of me, cause its new….as its so simple, that even my 15 year old son can work this!

    Ive not used the wifi settings yet.

    I live in a 2bed flat and this is Very quiet, compared to my old washer.. like sometimes have to go check that its actually on!

    i have to say, i love the weighing of the wash load at start which then adjusts the timer… so far ive not reached the timer setting, even tho i have filled the drum, like… FULL.. makes me nervous how much i can fit in it 😂

  5. 08

    by cristian

    Easy to use, very silent

  6. 08

    by Phoenix Benham

    As two machines now delivered damaged I have to seriously question quality, packaging and logistics. 1st time, standard delivery used – machine was lifted into kitchen, but left with the covered damaged face against a unit. Mmm that was unlucky! (I recommend you check and question any pierced cellophane before delivery team leave). 2nd one I added the unpack option – when undressed, this machine had major buckling on the side and a dented front. In the impersonal shopping world It must have been a rogue robot that rolled this one over and then repackaged it without noticing. Separate vehicles also used to deliver 2nd machine and take 1st away? At least with my free voucher, that covers the unpacking only, I feel blessed as I go run the bath to wash more clothes… In fairness, Amazon are usually spot on, but not this time. So to sum up. Easy to use – I haven’t needed to press a button yet. Good value – three for the price of one. And easy to install (maybe in a skip). I hope others have better luck and service!

  7. 08

    by stephen hedley

    This washing machine is not only beautiful, but it’s super economical and is a dream to run. Also super quiet as well, so I am SUPER happy, as I like to do washes in the evening when the babies are asleep, so this is a huge plus for us.
    The service was incredible as well. The two men who brought our machine could not have been more helpful, there was another massive lorry in our close in front of another house so their van couldn’t get to our house, but my partner explained this to them and they worked with the other lorry driver and his colleague to get out of each others way, so they could both do their jobs, they then brought our machine in, unwrapped everything and took the wrapping away. They were really happy and pleasant and friendly. Definitely the best appliance delivery people we have ever had! Thank you so much!

  8. 08

    by Panda

    Easy to fit, not sure about all the features yet as more complicated than previous machine.
    Not as quiet as expected but I’m lucky in that it’s in utility room out of way. Larger drum means less washes so that is welcome. Pleased with it so far

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Candy Smart Pro CSO1493TWCE, Free Standing Washing Machine, WiFi Connected, 9 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White, Amazon Exclusive


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