BOBOVR BD2-P4 Twin Battery Upgrade Combo Compatible with Pico 4 Pro VR Headset, Recirculating Power Supply System,Magnetic Charging Dock,VR Headset Battery Pack Accessories for…


  • BOBOVR specially developed a Strap upgrade kit for Pico4, which can improve the battery life and comfort of Pico4. It includes a circular power supply system composed of 2 magnetic suction battery packs and a charging stand, and upgrades the back of the head cushion and the top Strap.
  • Using BOBOVR’s innovative magnetic design, the battery pack can be quickly replaced with one hand at any time during use to keep the battery fully charged.
  • Each battery pack has a capacity of 5200mah and provides 12w discharge power
  • The magnetic charging stand does not include a USB charger, please use Quest2 or other standard USB-C chargers
  • The matching B2 battery pack weighs only 140g and has a capacity of 5200mah. It can double the battery life of the Quest2 when fully charged, and can provide unlimited power supply by changing the battery.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Matt VRT

    My sister has a pico and she had the original bobo battery dock for it but to be honest it wasnt very good as it would wobble around (and is annoying especially when playing games with a lot of inertial activity). This one however becomes integral with the back of the head cup so it is held in there solid. I have these same batteries for my quest as well so now i have 4 batteries in total so is great for keeping everything the same. The batteries themselves dont seem to last that long but so long as you rotate them properly and keep the headsets charged inbetween plays you shouldnt have an issue. Can highly recommend this.

  2. 08

    by Dunc

    The replacement strap and back piece are a major improvement over the original Pico parts, making the default facial interface feel like a much better fit. If it weren’t so expensive, it would even be worth considering purchasing this product just for those aspects alone!

    Anyway, the battery system works quite well, and the whole kit feels well designed and of a high quality.

    If you buy one accessory for your Pico 4, you could do a lot worse than getting the BOBOVR BD2-P4.

  3. 08

    by Glen Harrison

    Best vr accessory I have bought absolutely top quality.

  4. 08

    by O. G. Millin

    I was really looking forward to getting this, as the battery life on the Pico 4 is pretty bad. This looked perfect, with the added benefit it has what looks like a more comfortable back padding with thicker top strap. The good news is that it is way more comfortable, but there is a huge downside. No matter how tight you wear it, to the point it’s hurting your face, because of the way the back is, it slides the front of the headset from left to right every time you turn, causing it to knock against your nose. I have swapped between this and the original countless times, and this does slide around way more, and because of the added weight of the battery, it makes it worse. I’ve tried the rubber velcro straps instead but makes no difference. The reason is because the padding sits in front of where the original padding block should be, so the Pico presses the back of your head harder, making the headset sit still and not move.

    :edit: Second problem. Even with the headset switched off, the battery continues to drain. Each battery lasts around 1hr. Last night when I switched it off, the battery was showing the full four lights and the headset itself was on 100%. This morning, the battery has dropped to one light.

  5. 08

    by ArtFlyer

    Two rechargeable batteries on unobtrusive charging plate complete with Pico 4 conversion kit. Well designed and easy to use.

  6. 08

    by Glen Harrison

    This is one of my favourite bobo product its comfortable batterys last long and charge fast

  7. 08

    by philip smith

    If it was just about the comfit then I would give this 5 stars, the padded rear section is great, it slips lower down the back of your head and holds the headset snugly in place.

    However, the batteries are total rubbish, they add around 1 to 1.5 hours to your game play or viewing and yet they take up to 5.5 hours to recharge using the provided charging dock so if you really want continuous play you would need about 5 of these batteries on non stop charge.

    I would love to keep the back pad for the added comfort but can not justify paying £99.99 for it when the batteries are so poor so I will have to return it and hope that somewhere down the line they bring out just the padded part of the set up with forcing me to pay over the odds for totally useless batteries.

  8. 08

    by Matt VRT

    So with this accessory you’re definitely getting extra battery life which is great.

    What I have found is that the headsets battery remains at 100% while playing, unfortunately the battery pack does not automatically switch off when headset is powered off and headsets internal battery is at 100% unlike it does on the Quest 2. You will have to manually switch battery pack off or remove it, this avoids draining the battery pack when not in use.

    Comfort… its definitely now back heavy I really didn’t like it being so heavy at the back and found the headset trying to lift up from my face even after making it tight but then uncomfortable on my face with the original facial interface. Perhaps this will be something to get used too, or made better with a softer pu leather foam interface… hurry up VR cover !

    Foam is good and helps to add some comfort but means more movement with the headset seeing as it’s heavier at the back. Comes with honeycomb padding too which I would definitely be using as seems more stable and less movement.

    Overall build quality is amazing, well done to that and looks fantastic.

    With it being back heavy, perhaps they could look into making the battery packs as light as possible or produce a counter weight to attach to the front 🤔

    Is it worth £99 … short answer no it’s not. Although you do get two battery packs and a charging Dock which is decent. I would see £75 being a better price to pay.

    Thanks 🙂

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BOBOVR BD2-P4 Twin Battery Upgrade Combo Compatible with Pico 4 Pro VR Headset, Recirculating Power Supply System,Magnetic Charging Dock,VR Headset Battery Pack Accessories for...